British Staff Leave Abadan

Dispute over oil nationalization, 1951

British Pathe: Abadan oil refinery British staff having their bags and papers checked as they leave. Mr Makki, Chief of the Persian Oil Board, walking. Persian Prime Minister Dr Mossadeq sitting with two other men. Sir Gladwyn Jebb at the Security Council United Nations. British delegate Sir Gladwyn Jebb speaks. Sir Gladwyn Jebb speaks about Abadan and the dispute with the Iranian government.



Why is everyone so anti

by Khebedin on

Why is everyone so anti Brits?. To be fair, I consider them better than any other country when it comes to their relation with Iran, or any other country. Uk is the only country who plays by the rules, where others don't have this ability hence fight you. They are good Chess playes, if you want to win them, learn to play better. Throughout history they have always respected those who played the game better. India ( Gandi), Africa ( Mogabe) and so many other places. They accept to be beaten throgh the game of law.

Jeesh Daram

نگران نباشید بر میگردند

Jeesh Daram

بر میگردند، و این بار با یک سیستم دیکتاتوری جدید و متفاوت.  احمتالا اینبار بخاطر تقاضای عمومی ممکن است الکل را آزاد کنند، کشف حجاب کنند و تعداد ویزای انگلیس را دوبرابر نمایند.  نوع و عنوان رژیم بعدی بیسابقه است (مثل همه چیز ایرانیان) و آنرا با رفراندوم عمومی  "جمهوری سلطنتی ایران" خواهند خواند


I like British

by عموجان on


Over all effect of relation between Iran and England been positive for Iran. It is not their fault we have betrayer among us, they are only after their own interest. Aren’t we? I know Mullahs are.

Western influences on Iran always help us to move forward than Arab influence, they even try to change our langue, remember. 

Most effected by this new event is Mojtaba, he can’t get to his money,he got to look for job now, I feel bad for him.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Good points JJ

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree with Shah; nuclear; isolation; Khamenei. But there are a few things I don't agree with you.

  • Oil should not have been our most essential industry. Reliance on oil is and was a mistake. Iran achieved greatness without oil many times. You win by work not by pumping goo out of the ground and selling it. Oil is worse than opium. 
  • Ahmadinejad is hard for me to read. I am not sure if he is a maniac and a servant of IRI. He may be up to things we do not know. Maybe someone should write an analysis of him.

Having  said these I would be happier if both Khamenei and AN were gone.


2011 vs. 1951

by comments on

Our main problem is that IRI sustains its stability because of its isolation.

The concept of dictator in 2011 is different from primitive 1951.  The similarity is minimal.  Human rights and rights of women/wives had almost no meaning in 1951.  World has changed and also scientific research in humanities.  Shall we remember the position of black in the US and less intelectual individuals in Germany at the time? 

As well, Pahlavis are not the same.  The Pahlavi family are more experienced and understanding of human/Iranian needs.  I personaly don't believe that they are looking for power.  They care about Iran and Iranians. 

"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments

Jahanshah Javid

1951 is not 2011

by Jahanshah Javid on

Things looks eerily similar to 60 years ago. If we go beyond the similarities, though, there are important differences. Khamenei is not Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Ahmadinejad is not Mossadegh. Oil is not uranium.

Khamenei is a religious dictator who hates Western powers and thrives in isolation. Pahlavi was a secular dictator installed by Western powers and developed strong international ties.

Ahmadinejad is a maniac who is ultimately a loyal servant of the Islamic Republic. Mossadegh was an aristocrat who tried to steer Iran towards a democracy.

Oil was and is Iran's most essential industry. Nuclear power is not essential. Unless the true aim is to build bombs.

1951 is not 2011.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

کاش به قُربانِ  عمّه جانِشان رَفته،در آن جزیره‌ صاحب مُرده مانده و دِگر به ایران زمین باز نمی‌گشتند که اینها آفتِ  روزگارند و هیچ کس در این دنیا زِ دستِ  اینها آسایش و آرامش ندارد.