Kurdish Mamusta: Attacks Khamenei

"We are God's servants, not yours"


Rostam - e - zaal

Why did no one ask this question?

by Rostam - e - zaal on

I am very surprised no one has asked yet why this man who is speaking of his pain and of of his people's suffering and in general referring to the suffering of the Iranians speaks of Khomeini the great?

Jeesh Daram

آدم یاد خمینی میافته

Jeesh Daram

درست یاد نطقهای خمینی میافتم در عراق که خطاب به شاه میکرد و بعد از روش کاست میزدند.  یکی نیست بگه،  وقتی آقا آمد آنجا و با آن  حالت کبکبه و دبدبه از آن تپه بالای شهر سنندج با آن عبای سفید بالا میرفت و ژست حضرت موسی را گرفته بود،  چرا یکی از آن پیشمرگها و پژواکها بمب انتحاری بخودش نبست که بره و بزنه کون چهل پنجاه تاشون رو پاره کنه و خیال یک ملت را راحت کنه؟ همه نشستن تا اسرائیل و آمریکا کارشون را راه بندازه؟  از همه ستم کشیده تر و مظلوم تر بلوچ ها هستند 


زنده باشی


دمت گرم ولی این آخوندها پول جاکشی و مرده خوری رو خوردند و از این حرفها حالیشون نمیشه. همون کاری که با افغانستان کردند و باعث جدایی آن نواحی سنی نشین شدند حالا دارند با کردستان می کنند. این دین مثل سرطانی است که به جان این کشور افتاده و تا آن را از بین نبرد ول کن نیست.

Ari Siletz

Heartbreaking appeal.

by Ari Siletz on

This mamusta's rights to physical safety and free speech being a given, he is not advocating freedom for everyone in the secular sense, but a more inclusive and united Sharia front. This comes from his reference to "maktab e Sied Qotb." If secular opposition to the IRI doesn't match this level of courage in rhetoric, the mamusta types will frame the struggle. The video (regardless of date) suggests that the the Arab Spring can create an opportunity to pull a united Islamic coup against the IRI.



Seems to me that the conflict at the top of regime

by Disenchanted on


      i.e. between ANejad and Mullas has created some breathing room for the opposition. What do you think? 

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

You said it best. It reminds me of an epithet-- a Shia refrain codemning YAzid's action related to his cruelty to imam Hussein -- having Hussein and his companions slain so heartlessly. It goes like this: YAZID KE BAA MAADARESH ZENAA KONAD, BAA DIGARAAN CHEHAA KONAD? These Shia creatures, the scourge of Iran, as you point out commit the most heinous against their own Shia. What can be expected of them in treating kafir and MULHED?

Mona 19

Bravo to our brave Kurdish countryman ...

by Mona 19 on

May God bless & keep him safe



Would it be fair...

by darius on

Would it  be fair with having so many brave Iranian,    Jebhe Meli, Nehzate Azadi ,MKO and other claim to be freedom fighters.

Would it be  fair tomorrow when the Bastard IRI gone, these people  to  be forgotten again and see Mosadegh, Bazargan ,Rajavi's  or Kazemzade's  picture hanging  on  the walls   as liberators?

Would it  be fair soon, chartered airplanes full of Iranian Chalabi's go back to Iran  to claim be like this brave Kurdish or other Iranian ?

Yet , after 32 years  have no courage to admit  they are part of IRI crime and responsible for aftermath.Still got their big mouth wide open waiting for the opportunity to grab.





I am so sorry. The honesty

by vildemose on

I am so sorry. The honesty in this man's voice is so powerful.


A state of war only serves
as an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born December 11, 1918


قطره قطره جمع گردد، وانگهی دریا شود!


IRI may not think much of the sporadic dissent here and there, but it'll only be a matter of time for all the drops to accummulate into an ocean tsunami that would wash it away, and potentially the entire nation along with it!


یاسین به گوش خر خوندن


ین وحشیها به یار غار خودشون رحم نمی‌کنن دوست ساده دل‌ من چه برسه به شما ها

این‌ها موسوی و کروبی رو ماهاست که از زندگی ساقط کردن  فقط به خاطر یک اعتراض 

به مردهای و زنهای  شیعه معترض تو زندون‌هاشون تجاوز میکنن ،

شما که دیگه سنّی هستید و ملحد از نظر این گاگولها  .                                                       

Shifteh Ansari

We don't even know the half of it

by Shifteh Ansari on

The youth of Kurdistan continue to be systematically threatened, coerced, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and executed by the IRI. There are untold stories of horror happening inside Sanandaj, Marivan, and Kermanshah official prisons, Intelligence Ministry detention centers, and unmarked, unidentified IRGC/Intelligence prisons. Dissidents have been shot in broad day light on the street, and entire families have been imprisoned and occasionally executed. People have been prosecuted for crimes they did not commit, some executed. The injustices in Kurdistan under the Islamic Republic rule never end.

The pain this man is talking about is now palpable all over Kurdistan, and the shame of it should be unbearable for any true Iranian. Enough is enough.

Jahanshah Javid

ghorboone dahanet

by Jahanshah Javid on

Every word, painful and true... the suffering in the name of Islam.

Real brave man. and he's not alone.