Russia seizes radioactive objects from Iranian passenger

Sodium-22 is exclusively used for medical and scientific research

CNN -- Russian authorities seized radioactive material from the luggage of a passenger on a flight from Moscow to Tehran on Friday. The luggage, belonging to an Iranian citizen, contained 18 metal objects packed in individual steel cases, Russia's Federal Customs Service said in a statement. The agency said the material, the radioactive isotope sodium-22, can be obtained in a nuclear reactor. The Russian atomic agency Rosatom said sodium-22 is exclusively used for medical and scientific research and does not have a high radiation level. Rosatom contradicted the custom agency's claim that the material can only come from a nuclear reactor >>>


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Thanks Darius

by divaneh on

I understood all of it. I think I now know enough to start enriching Uranium in the kitchen. I have concluded from what you said that if I fry it, its positrons come out.


dear divaneh

by darius on


Many research reactors job is to produce pharamacuetical or sometimes is used as a forensic tool.( discovering the origin of an explosive material or where it was made , which country).In this  case Na-22 is nothing  but a pure low beta emitter( positron) that is dangerous in case of  direct skin contact, inhalation or  ingestion.( it can deposit lots of charge in cell that has water and kill the cell by producing hydrogen proxide).To create an image cyclotron  emits electons  which are  negatively charged and the Na-22

decay  create a positron ( beta+) that by colliding to each other can create a pure enrgy  or gamma ray of 1.22 Mev. The  gamma ray by passing through NAI ( sodium iodide) create instances  of lights, these light then is passed through a photocathode that  causes electon ejection.

Amplifying or populating these electrons can be then  processed by a computer to create an image of what the gamma ray has gone through. This is how  Pet or  photon emission tomography works .

The infamous glow is usually inside the reactor cavity and also where the spent fuel is kept to cool down. The man who explained the theory of blue light is Cherinkov .

the glow is   due to release of energy from the electrons that 

are moved from their shell and release  visible light in return to their ground state.

The radiation of a uranium out of  pool( water that acts as a coolant and also a moderator , reducing the energy of neutrons and also a sheild) will be in millions rad and can kill a human being if exposed to it  within few hours or days.


I fully agree with Darius

by divaneh on

Although I don't know what he is talking about. I only know that's what you get when you buy scrap metal from Chrnobyl merchants.

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

خودشون میرفوشن!  خودشون هم دستگیر میکنن!  همینه که روسها توی کاسبی عقب موندن دیگه 



by darius on

Na-22 can be used in medical scanning device like PET. The colision of a positron  from Na-22 with electron from a cylotron create a gamma particle(anhihilation process) that is detected by a scintillator and processed as an imaging signal. In USA most common isotope is Flourine 18 also a pure beta emiiter.

Na-24 is a tagger, in nuclear reactor it is injected to the reactor cooling system to measure the flow of  the water ( coolant) .

You never get a chance to  glow  if you ever get that close, you will die

shortly due to acute radiation.


Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

No sushi palladium?


He Looked Radiant!

by Faramarz on

The guy must have have been glowing!