Sarah Shahi: Bikini

At the beach in Santa Monica, California


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Oh..... here is hot. need to call fire department

by Siavash300 on

So sexy.. glamorous. It is good to have a Iranian sexy chick on this site. It is refreshing. We need it after all those serious discussions.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Faramarz is how old??? Is that old with capital OOOOO??:))

Ey baba... Is he hen o henning  already? Khoda Ghovat Mashtii...

Souri jan;

Roll up the sleeves aziz and find him and me a nice Montrelean/Quebecian/Canadian "temporary" wife. Well. Get him a nice and "permanent" one. But you know what my story is:)))




by Souri on

You talk like you are an eternal young !

You forgot that when you were watching the young Maddona, you were almost 25 years younger too!

So what is with a 50 year old man with white hair (or no hair :)) complaining about Sara's breast? Eh?


بخند قربونت برم بخند


بخند درد و بلات بخوره تو سر توانا، بخند. :-)

Dr. Mohandes

How about Keep-your-religion-to urself-ocracy??!!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Will This be the Culmination of all the Bickerings and Arguings and Cravings for Democracy, Seculacracy!! Aristocracy, non-religious..privatocracy?

Are we gonna see such sophisticatedly delicious contests/ showings/ poses/ scenery on our bbeeeechezz??  


Dr. Mohandes

come on ... do it... dooo oit

by Dr. Mohandes on

COme on Faramarz...

This is Doctor mohandes... I mean... Sara shahi... inviting you to realize your wildest, wettest, craziest, fantacies... in watching my photoeszzz...

don't turn me down... no. no... give it a chance... you won't regret it..

come on big boy... doo it... doo it...

Happy birthday mr. president... happy birthday ... too... youu.... 


Sorry, I Have Kind of Moved on!

by Faramarz on


Looking at Sarah Shahi's sexy pictures is like looking at Madonna's bare breasts in the 90's! After a while they lose their glamour! So with a sincere apology to her, I will have to admit that, "I have kind of moved on!"



by Tavana on


Just how many videos of this 'L Woman' posted here on IC to date?

'Ghajari' connection, perhaps?

Her TV show; Cancelled! FYI



That is very nice beach

by عموجان on

She is too,

what happen to her show?