Refugee in Italy


Alice In Wonderland

Well nowadays there's a big

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Well nowadays there's a big economic crisis everywhere so I guess anywhere you go you have to handle those kind of issues....

My dad moved to Italy more than 30 years ago, he was a student in Paris and went once for vacation to Italy and fell in the time there were really less immigration to Italy, therefore I grew up as an Italian and always was the only one with the strange name lol ...but my parents never had any of those issues, they studied here and started their own business and step by step grew up and gave me a decent life to let me study what i like and do whatever i wanted to do.....but still at the time maybe the situation was much better than now. Now Italy with Berlusconi is a total mess and there's much more corruption into the institution; since they had never so much immigrant as they are getting now since the mid 90s, they are not able to handle this situation. They cannot organize in order to let the immigrant to stay in Italy and having a decent life. Also the immigrants don't want to integrate themselves to the italian/west culture and there are so many issues on that matter especially with the muslim ones.

Anyways now even the italian young generation, like the young graduates like me are escaping from there because there isn't any possibility to improve a career, there's too much "party bazi" to get any job....I am one of them: graduated in 2009 and just moved to US in order to have the career that I deserve to have. I love my country but how can an immigrant suppose to improve when even an italian young graduate can't have a decent life there? Sadness! 


It is sad but as Iranian we cannot blame Italians

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It is very sad and I hope our Iranian friend will success to move from Italy to another place more adapted for him.

We cannot blame Italian because our country is worse. I would like to watch a video maden by an Afgan refugee in Iran!

Sweden was the most progressive country in Europe for refugees, may be the reasons was that they are very farther than Africa. Now they start having social issues and refugees are no more welcome.

North cannot absorbes all refugees from south. we need find a global solution and make life easier in South to let people stay at home. Middle east is starting next wave should be Africa.


Am I becoming unfair or selective?

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Please don’t be unfair.  His English is pretty well as a refugee, and many successful people are not/do not need to be English masters in developed countries. 

I think his problem is not with Italy.  He is becoming familiar with the culture and the real life in the world.  He seems a healthy and energetic man.  What social facilities does he want?  Minimal governmental income? 

Honestly, many people don’t understand the real life in Iran.  All are kind of spoiled and stay in their parents until they become 30.  Don’t you have a suitable lifestyle if you chose to stay here and do not return to Iran?

I know many refugees who were not satisfied with their life, applied for passports and returned to Iran.  They did all their education with governmental loans in here.  Unfortunate those who are real refugees and do not have the option of returning to Iran.  Am I becoming unfair or selective?



so sad

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He's just come to the inevitable realisation that the grass isn't greener anywhere else. The Italian government has NO obligation to provide anything to people illegally coming to their country. If they did, they would get flooded by third-word people from Africa and Mid-east, even more than they already are. Also what makes him think think life would be any better in New Zealand? His broken English? He would still get job washing dishes, if he's lucky that is

Esfand Aashena

Wasn't Berlusconi's 17 year old mistress Mubarak's niece?!

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Or was she Qaddafi's niece?  I think Mubarak's! 

Everything is sacred

Jeesh Daram

Refugees in Italy

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On the other hand and sadly,  their prime minister Berlusconi is quite supportive of 17 year old Moroccan immigrant girl (named Ruby) and perhaps other nationalities: 





and now he has his eyes on this Ruby from Egypt:


Did you know that in Egypt a belly dancer can dance in cafe and restaurants, as long as she does not touch her thighs with her hands? That was the law and to be compliant with Islamic codes I was told.


Jahanshah Javid

Tough life

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It's hard enough to be a refugee, anywhere. But I'd heard stories that it's especially hard in Italy where the government makes it very difficult for refugees to start a new life. They don't like to encourage more refugees to pour into the country. And they don't like dark skin. Middle Eastern? Forget about it!

Good luck in your planned move to Canada or New Zealand.