Davood Samadi Amoli

Music is haraam, he says


Jeesh Daram

سوت زدن چی آنهم حرام است؟

Jeesh Daram

ما از اولش دنبال همین یک آلت مو سیقی بودیم و سوت میزدیم و آنهم تماما کلاسیک،  آیا آنهم حرام است؟   پس اگر حرام است چرا آقای احمدی نژاد سورنا را از طرف گشادش میزنه.  حالا سوت زدن هم حرام است پس قاشق زنی چی؟  اگر قاشق زنی کنیم و لی قیافه غمگین و عوضی بگیریم آن حلال است یا نه؟  لطفا هرگونه اطلاعات در مورد زنبورک و حلال و حرام بودن آن دارید عنایت کنید به همشیره بفرمائید تا بما اطلاع دهند

Ali P.

We believe in democracy

by Ali P. on

Hazrateh  Hojatoleslam:

You want to pray to your Allah, 5 times a day?


You don't want to (openly!) watch R-rated movies?


You want to go into the bathroom, right foot first?


You don't want to marry a woman who thinks she is equal to you?


You want to spend your life , reading unreliable,inaccurate, stupid, made up religeous books?


You don't want to touch religeous minorities, because they are unclean?


You want to believe 12th Imam went into a welle, just to reappear 1200 years later?


And, You don't want to play music or listen to it?



But keep your idiotic opinions to yourself, and don't shove it up our butts!

Live, and let live!


آن روزها گذشت


خوب معلومه نمی خواهند، دکّان شان رو به کساده



by alx1711 on


Speak, listen to music, drink, eat pork, speak another language beside barbaric arabic, drive a car made by non muslims etc, show your hair, wear shorts, wear T shirts, wear jeans,



rape, lie,marry 9yrs olds,eact camel testicles, worship arab leader, rude goats, eat lizards, kill & terrorise in name of islam...



همه شو ول کن دقیقهء ١:٤١ رو بچسب!




والله حاج آقا ما هم سی و دو ساله همینو میگیم!


This guy is funny

by azadi5 on

I had a good laugh at his stupidity.


They make money by

by norooz on

They make money by making people cry, not laugh.  He is promoting his business.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

hee heee

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


I believe....

by Benyamin on

Iranians must declair "mollahs" haraam and anyone become a mollah is a fascist and a racist. "the mollahs are racict against Iranian people of all walks unless they(iranians) submit to them entirely"

It is time to show them the door, we are not less than the Egyptians.


Why the mullahs are against happiness.

by KingReza on

It's very simple.
Happy and content people are less likely to give up their lives for the supreme leader. They trump up a happy after life and make sure your current life is as miserable as possible. This is a basic recipe for a self-sacrificial soldier.



by comments on

I never understood what entertaining or interesting is about these psycho clips.  Don't we know what's going on in fanatic and religious minds?  They always escape of something or want someone to tell them what to do. 


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This guy brings up a key point. First of all he says the only musical instrument that is allowed in Islam is the ney, and only if it is played for the purpose of mourning or crying or... some tragic religious occasion.

Happiness, joy, laughter... these guys hate it. They actually enjoy misery. And you see similarities between these Iranian clerics and clerics from other religions. Grim... serious...


The question is...

by B-Naam on

...what is NOT haraam???