Emam Zaman Leading Mideast Revolts

Mohammad Mehdi Taskhiri's view of Middle East crisis


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With all the stupidity of

by Delavar1 on

With all the stupidity of mullahs in Iran  I  still think that Kaddafi of Libia is even more crazier than the Islamist terrorists ruling Iran. Latest report says that Libyan fighter jets and helicopters reportedly fired on protesters in the capital Tripoli, with indiscriminate bombing runs leaving 'many, many dead'. In Iran that hasn't happened yet. Although they have killed demonstrators in Iran but no Aerial attacks yet. One might says the Islamist terrorist regime in Iran has raped political prisoners Yet libian govt doesn't rape prisoners but that is a totally different story


YMEA Revolts

by Tavana on

The revolts are all about the Young Middle Eastern Arabs rise up against their Corrupt Dictator Rulers for lives. About time  for the Young Iranians to join the crowd! No "Mehdi" is coming!




by KingReza on

Who ripped this footage? And why is the buffer/loading also included in the clip?


The Wizard of "IZ"

by Demo on

No way watching 10 mins. of "Jahl" by this commentator. Just to remind this Jahell though that only a tiny portion, between 2 to 10 per cent, of "Wishful Thinking" & misguided Muslims believe in the Story of IZ ("Imam Zaman") & the rest are "Realists" & not to be exploited as Iranians did in 1979.

PS: Not only such story is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran, the creator of Universe does not need to hide a human in wait to bring justice to this world.


Couldnt khamenei

by choghok on

start to give all his talks in arabic and leave persian language alone? 

what a funny clip, where he mentioned all these countries that revolted from a monarchy to republic to be dictotarial, one could not say the situation in iran with better words.