Hassan and Hossein Wrestled

... in front of Prophet Mohammad, says wrestling federation official


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Right, Muslims are used to being in power and unchalaenged. The whole system is designed for it. I know; I was raised as one. Muslims consider non Muslims najis and are in general intolerant of other ways.

Westerners specially liberals do not get this. They think Islam is a "religion of peace" as G. W. Bush put it. We know better; because we lived throug it. If they get their "freedom" we are all doomed.

There is no point debating them as they are beyond reason. Just like any other fundamentalist will just refuse to listen. The real fanatics will go violent.


Muslim self victimization (VPK)

by IranFirst on

Dear VPK & other Friends

Iagree with you about Free Speech. When Muslims talk about being "disrepsted" it is mostly the self made victimization game they paly . Muslims like to play victims. Naturally the best way to justify hate is
to pretend to be a victim. You cannot hate someone unless you feel that
he or she is oppressing and victimizing you. If you want to rally the
proletariat around you, you must instill in them the hatred of the
bourgeoisie. If you want to make whites hate the immigrants you must
convince them that the immigrants steal your job, If you want to make a
nation hate other nations you got to make them believe that they are
being victimized and their rights are being violated. Feeling victimized
is essential for hating, without it hatred will not occur (enough). 

As a matter of fact Islam and Islamists are the ones that have disrespected Iranians and the rest of the humanity for the past 1400 years by imposing their barbaric cult (Sharia, beheadings, stoning, imposed hejab, lashing,....) on the rest of the humanity by force (since they can never win any arguments by logic)




کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Profanity is well within democratic norms

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Choghok I agree with you completely. Profanity; in fact any speech should be free in democracy. Unfortunately many Muslims do not understand this. To them anything that criticizes their religion is off limits. So they get angry and kick and spit like children. The one nation that has stood its ground is USA. The Europeans unfortunately have caved in and are on their way to losing their democracy.

You are also right about Kasravi. To see a man of his caliber murdered by a bunch of ignorant fanatics. One hair of Kasravi was worth more than all the Mollah and Ayatollahs combined.


Profanity is well within democratic norms

by choghok on

Democracy is not confined within nice rooms, it is forr all and every one. It is within right of anyone to use profanity not just criticism. The word nigger is used for hatred and racial discrimination and that is why it is not tolerated.

I can give you an example, it is perfectly legal in all Democratic countries to use profanity against all the men in power and people in their history and religion. You can organize a group and go and write what ever you want about Jesus in USA and no body could do anything about it. The same thing in Europe. But in Europe if you start a group and go around and use profanity towards a group of people like say muslims then you probably do a time in jail because of you try to wake hatred and violence.

If you think that it should be illegal to use profanity against "holy" stuff then you should really think if you beleive in democracy.

Also in some circles being critical of religious people is to be blasphumos. See how Kasravi lost his life. Kasravi was critical towards religious leaders and mullahs and was branded as "kaafar" and killed. So who is going to put a clear line to what is criticism or profanity/balsphemy?


How about Sport of Beheading the innocent

by IranFirst on

 One look at Ali's picture


 and based on thi sthug beheading many many innocent people, just because they did not want to beleive in Barbaric Islam, tells you what these beast's favorate sport was



کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند


How about weight lifting ? Ali was a weight lifter

by jasonrobardas on

Even though he ate "Naano namak" , he would lift excessively heavy weights  to strengthen his muscles .  Eating bread and salt was part of the essential diet That was recommended to the weight lifters of the Arabian penninsula .Weight lifting is truly an islamic sport .In fact religion and weight lifting are inseparable .



by Doctor mohandes on

We are talking Liberal and Popular style democracy not Zoorkhoone / chale meydooni Democracy, so on that basis anyone who uses Profanity in any shape or from has behaved undemocratically.

Pay attention: I said "profanity" not Critcism.


Democracy or De-Mock-Racy

by Demo on

Is mocking of the people of the past like one’s family ancestors & labeling them with such fancy labels as “whores” is a progressive Democracy or a race in straight characters’ assaults? What does "Democracy" have anything to do with calling a religion with whatever one's heart desires? The US democracy allow for example to call blacks as "Niggers" but how often do people there call blacks with such names?

PS: This commentator is @ any way interested to get into debate with a pseudo name on blogospheres as had clearly stated before. Go ahead then & defame GOD/Prophets/Religions anyway your heart desires, MG.  

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

mahmoug has evrey right to call these clowns whatever his

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

hearth desires! Your religion Is-Lamb is sacred for you not the rest of us! Get that!


A Provocative Sex Act

by Tavana on

OK’d by Prophet?? This old Hajii must be kidding us. Is not ‘the wrestling’ a provocative sex act after all & especially in our country where the opposite sex relations are so restricted among the young? Has not such sport been causing sexual lewd acts among the male teenagers in our country for ages? Of course IRI would shamelessly deny such known facts as per AN’s claim there were no homos in Iran! How about ‘Mud Wrestling?’ Ha. Perhaps such sport is only allowed between the prison guards & the inmates in the regime’s prisons?    


Demo you are wrong

by choghok on

I do not defend mahmoud since I think his actions are counter productive and not polite. But it is within his right to use profanity to who and what he likes, that is within every ones rights. In a democracy people are entitled to opinion and to express them, the only place where it is not accessible is if you by your speech want to awaken hatred and violence.

Think, does mahmouds talks takes anything from your god or prophet. If yes then maybe your god is not worth that much, and if no then why bother.



by Demo on

Thanks much for both your understanding & your support. And sorry all readers much for rush to post my comment unedited. The aggrievated assault of a known repeat offender on IC cornered me first time ever. Hope JJ would take a note of the situation. 


I agree with Demo's comment...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Really, what is to be gained from hurling profanity at pur own compatriots religious beliefes and hurting their feelings? Do you guys realise that the vast majority of opponents to the islamist regime are indeed devout muslims? 

BTW, as an aethiest, my own  principal guidelines on religion is: Dont believe, dont insult.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Hatman aval fitileh pich kard, baad zarbeh...

by KB on

Its just like what is told in Rozeh khooni, tekieh etc., they just make it up as they go along.

All you need is yek ghiafeh hagh be janeb and an ignorant audience. 



کشتی گرفتن چه ربطی به دین دارد


۳۲ سال است که دین را در وطنمان به بازی و به مسخرگی گرفته اند و اینهم نمونه دیگر ازآن. شرم آور است. اولا که اکثر جانوران با همگلاویز میشوند و کشتی گرفتن چه ربطی به دین دارد ؟ اصلا شاید بهم درآمیختن دو بدن نیمه لخت مرد جنبه سکسی و جنسی بخود گرفته و درست نباشد!! دوما مذهب ساخته  واختراع ملایان و خواص است و دین اسلام بر طبق قران اصلا و مطلقا از مذهب ذکری نمی کند. و بر طبق همان قرآن ملیت تمام مسلمان فقط و فقط بر اساس یک ملت واحد وآنهم  <ملت ابراهیم> است و بس.

mahmoudg: You absolutely know nothing about Islam. Stop once for all writing about a subjecr you know zilch about 

JJ: How in the world you let this man calls the wifes of a prohet "whores" & you let to be posted as such????????????? A BIG SHAME INDEED! 



Ayeshe and Khadijeh

by mahmoudg on

were more like whores, from what i know about Islam.  So wrestling would be of the "mud wrestling" kind.  Complete with bikini and boob jobs, (Oh I forgot Islam was not ahead of its time back then to do these kinds of surgeries), so just the bikini is all they had. 

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

You are correct, and that is how mud wrestling started.

hamsade ghadimi

این که هیچی‌،

hamsade ghadimi

این که هیچی‌، عایشه و خدیجه هم کشتی‌ میگرفتن.

Jeesh Daram

رئیس فدراسیون

Jeesh Daram

یکی باید به این رئیس فدراسیون بگه اگه راست میگی ویدیو یا عکسشو نشون بده که باور کنیم که اون دوتا هم کشتی گیر بودند.  وگرنه هر بجه ای جلو ننه باباش با داداشش کشتی میگیره و این دلیل کشتی گیر بودنشان نیست.   این مثل اون دروغ دیگشونه که زمان شاه هو انداخته بودند که خمینی هفت تا زبون میدونه،  که بعدا فهمیدیم فارسی یکی از اون زبونها نبوده

Jahanshah Javid

Yes, they wrestled

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hassan would beat his older brother who always played the martyr.

You see, in Iran it doesn't matter how ridiculous you sound. As long as you tie religion -- Islam -- to whatever you are doing, you're safe. You're back is covered. You will win favors from the religious establishment. This guy is doing what every person would do to hold on to his job. If you want to succeed in the Islamic Republic, and don't care how pathetic and idiotic you have to be, this is the way to go.


Hmm but grecoRoman?

by choghok on

Funny thing the commentator said at the end "Wrestling is an Islamic major indeed". What does it mean? I knew that in Hozieh elmiye mollahs use to do some stuffs that look like wrestling with their pupils that had to do with something greek but did not know it was greco roman.