Jannati Spits on Opposition

Friday Prayer reaction to 25 Bahman protests


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The problem with Islam goes back 1400 years. The IRR simply opened our eyes. That along with exposure to religious freedom of the West. Opposing Islam is not extreme. It is common sense. 

Do you think opposing KKK or White Superacy is being extreme? Sometimes you need to stand up to evil and take an unambigous stance. Otherwise we are going to be asking for another repeatition of the same.


From one extreme to another

by choghok on

Unfortunatly extremism feeds extremism even on its oppposite side. So these guys who run Iran are total dictators and stupid and very bad, why some people take it as excuse to make these people to become the islams best examples? I do not beleive in that religion myself, but saying that this guys are bringing Islam to Iran and such things would give them some legitimity to people in Iran that are beleivers but not necessarily IRI supporters.


is it just me

by MB2 on

or does this guy look like a khargoosh?


نتیجه ناشکری سلب نعمت است


در حالی که بسیاری از مردم معترض در روز 25 بهمن علیه آیت الله خامنه ای رهبر ایران شعار داده اند، آیت الله مصباح یزدی گفته است: "متأسفانه برخی از حسودان، جاهلان یا مغرضان در مقابل نعمت عظیم وجود مقام معظم رهبری بسیار ناشکری کرده، در حالی که باید بدانند که نتیجه ناشکری سلب نعمت است."


I don't know about you

by pas-e-pardeh on

... but I just love listening to ayatollahs, ahmadinejad and pasdars these days.  It's like I am a paleontologist and I've just come across a living dinosaur!  Not only that, I can even see the reasons clearly why this creature will be extinct shortly.  Just love it. 

IRI is a train wreck these days.  Something to behold and study. It's not a revolution or even an ideology anymore.  It's a relic.  


what people did after the

by norooz on

what people did after the election of 2009 was not right, but IRI had since June 12, 2009 to peacefully resolve the issues, set the political prisoners free and unite the country, but instead they have used the same old force, threats, imprisonment, torture and execution tactics. These tactics will not stop a movement forever. Now IRI is directly responsible for any bloodshed and there is no one else to blame. Most of all individuals such as Jannati, Larijani, Ahmad Khatami and a few others who are spreading violence with their speeches and actions. If such individuals are out of the system, the violence will stop drastically.

There is a rumor that IRI will not shoot protesters. Doesn't that mean they are allowing the demonstration and getting ready for it? then why not issue a permit as it was requested and stay out of the way or provide unarmed security from police or army to keep it peaceful? this way if there was violence from protesters, they will be to blame.  Why take the hard way?

Could that be because they sense that demonstrators might come armed this time and want to disarm them with such promises?  Civil war will not benefit the government for sure, So, come to your senses and start acting civilized before you force people to take arms!!!



by yolanda on

I recall that he celebrated his own son's execution!

He is merciless, heartless, and ruthless!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is a criminal and an utterly evil man. A true Islamist son of Khomeini and follower of Mohammd. He should be tried and given the ultimate punishment. This is one person where no mercy is desrved. 


The revolt of people in ME

by Bavafa on

The revolt of people in ME against dictatorial regimes has shaken the pillar of IRI as they are, along with Saudi Arabia, the true representative of tyranny and dictatorship. I don't believe I have ever seen the IRI regime as scared and nervous as now and I hope Iranian people don't allow fear and intimidation deter their goal for bringing democracy and freedom to their land.



Jannati is the defintion of repression and dictatorship

by AlexInFlorida on

No one deserves this nonsense.  We deserve better and want a better Iran, free of your islamic chauvanism, intolerance, corruption and tortures.

He has o idea the rage he is creating.  Such a fool.

Artificial Intelligence

Their end is near and they know it

by Artificial Intelligence on

They don't dare touch Mousavi. If they make that mistake it will just add more feul to the fire.

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

بخدا قسم این یک نمایشنامه ای بیش نیست.  هدف از این بازی ترساندن مردم است و ایجاد خوف که ما حتی "رهبران" شما را در زندان میاندازیم و خودتان هم اگر بخیابانها بیائید تکه تکه خواهیم کرد.  این یک بازی است درست بهمان سبک خود ما ایرانیها.  انقلابیون ایران رهبری ندارند و خودشان رهبر خود هستند.  سعی کنید این فکر را تقویت کنید و منتظر این و آن نشویم. مگر آلمانها هنگام فروپاشی دیوار برلن رهبر داشتند



by aziz on

My 6th grade teacher used to throw "TOF" to those "shologh" kids sitting at the last rows in the class. Guess what, pretty much all the tof would spread on those sitting in the VIP rows. LOL

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

A senior official of a country openly, publicly, calling for the house arrest and total isolation of opposition leaders who have done NOTHING wrong or illegal.

AND spitting on them.

The arrogance... The DESPERATION.

Mardom khedmatetoon miresan.