Naked Dancer

Can't resist showing off her breasts at Tehran party


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it is not

by rtayebi1 on

my business what they do in their home. Don't like it don't go to these parties

hamsade ghadimi

well said parviz

by hamsade ghadimi on

well said parviz.  the party seems to be in iran and the naked dancer seems to be female.  look at her body (not just the breasts!); it's a woman's body.

Anahid Hojjati

What a hilarious comment MB2

by Anahid Hojjati on

If that is the case, then it is another sign of "pasraft" in society. 100 years ago, men would dress as women for entertainment so we are back to that, still better than stoning of women that dates back to hundreds of years ago.


this is a man dancing

by MB2 on

to get around islamic code, men dress as women and do whatever,and technically, they get around the law.

Basically what im saying is that this guy still has, let's just say koobideh, in his pants, which makes it ok for him to entertain others under IRI laws.



Live and Let Live

by Maast o Deevaane on

The day you can't handle "different", is the day you must say "good bye" to your delusional desire for "freedom" and "democracy" and hang on to your sacred morals, enforced by police state. Revolution should happen in the mind in form of evolution, not chaos and bloodshed on the streets. Practice it 10 minutes day "Live and Let Live" :) If we can manage that, the state will take care of itself. Az maast ke baar maast...

Anonymous Observer

Are you sure this is Iran?

by Anonymous Observer on

The girls are blond (I know, it could be dye job--but they don't look Iranian) are wearing shorts and the guys don't look Iranian either.  The music could be recorded over.  I've seen these types of hoaxes before.  



by comrade on

Things have changed a lot since our time, we used to celebrate our victory differently.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Iranian in the western world

by Khebedin on

Some sadly progress this way. But mostly Iranians in the West acheive real progress. Looks like JJ is short of good videos, or may be he wants to show the ugly sides too 


Don't do drugs

by پیام on

They ruin your life. Here is the living prove of that.


Thank You PARVIZ!!

by Shokaran on

If all of us could think and act like Parviz... Iran wouldn't be like today!....Remember "Nothing is sacred"


The only problem is...

by comments on

Maybe Daadaash is right.  She looks like a transvestite.  It really doesn't matter, but I am impressed with his good eyes.

In my opinion the problem is not with having fun.  The problem is that people in Iran do not know what they want because of the limitations.  Those faces do not look people who look for strippers or stay in a striper party if they come out of Iran and get familiar with the real world.


Quoting "When Harry Met Sally"

by deev on

"I'll have what she's having"


Lighten up people!

by PArviz on

What is wrong with you people? What kind of "morality" police are you? Who the hell are you to call people names? You do not even know this person. Aren't you ashamed of lowering yourselves down to the level of a Pasdar or Basiji?

Why shouldn't people get together and have "fun"? This might not be your or my idea of fun but they seemed to be having a good time and that is all that matters. They were not doing any harm to anybody. Nobody had forced these people to take part in this party/event. They should not need to answer to me or you for doing what they do.

You do not have to watch this clip if it makes you mad. You can keep your ideas of "chastity" or "moral values" to yourselves, because other people have the right to have their own behavioral codes and standards according to their own beliefs and values.

I'd rather see this than a filthy akhund preaching bullshit to the people or idiots hitting themselves with a knife on the head.

Isn't this just one of the things we blame the Islamic Republic for? Forcing their own backward values down people's throat? Restricting and dictating people's activities and behavior? And yet here we are doing it ourselves.

It does not matter whether this was in Iran or not. I personally see this as a form of protest against the values of the criminal regime in Iran. They want to force people to abide by their rules, they want women to stay at home and be "good Islamic wives". They do not want people to be happy and creative and.......But the majority of Iranians have decided to resist them by doing exactly what the Islamists ban or forbid. It is called civil disobedience. And in Iran it take "balls" to do it (forgive me for using this expression in the lack of a better one).

Each of us seems to have a little Shah or Khomeini hidden inside of our head and it shows its ugly head every now and then. All of us do not need to think and behave exactly the same way. 

Get off your high horses and lighten up.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!



by Daadaash on



according to khayyams poem Gorilla

by choghok on

lets say she is a prostitute, are you as infallable as you want us to think. why all this name calling and talking about pre revolution. this is pretty much post revolution, and the people there are all revolutions fruits. I think by the way they look you can say it is in Iran, but am not 100.

And again, you have strippers all over the world, and by seeing the number of iranian hajis going to thailand they appreciate this art so what is to complain when thanks to revolution we get self sufficient even in this business? 


What is Point

by jmyt17 on

 Simple question :

What is the point?



by fussygorilla on

did you refer to this woman as a "lady"?  Why isn't anybody in the room looking at her dance?  Looks like a montage of the blonde whore dancing and the background.  anyway, the question is why is this trash posted here? what is the point?  My be this is supposed to show how "modern and advanced" Iranian women before the revolution used to be?



by yolanda on

My guess is that this lady got paid for doing this!


who says this is in Tehran

by Amir19 on

This could be a video clip from any Persian party gone wild in any part of the world. Who says this is from Inside Iran? I'm not saying this could not happen in Iran.  I don't understand why cheezy clips like this should be posted on a reputable website such as!?