Parazit: 25 Bahman

Interview with Mohsen Sazegara and Maziar Bahari


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Mola Nasredeen

همشیره در خدمتیم

Mola Nasredeen



who said I don't like to watch this program? I watch it here when it has a good guest on but unfortunately the first 15 minutes is the  'Propaganda Montage' hence loud and boring.

This particular program is interesting due to the presence of the guests. Bahari's view point is very interesting.


Mola why do you wach this program?

by IranFirst on

Why do you wach it if you don't like it? You come here every week and say how bad these guys are , why are you wasting your time waching something you hate? I imagine you are not in Iran (where people are forced to wach only few TV programs, Internet mostly IRI propaganda or Islamic junk).


It is a great program, very funny, clever and well produced, I think.


کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند


mola your just like ...

by curly on

the rest of your gang I am not shocked by your reply at all it just shows who you really are!

Mash Ghasem

Mola, you've been spending too much time with your shotor

by Mash Ghasem on

you sound really desperate. Do you tickle your shotor or vice versa?

The Camel that sleeps in front of everyon's house is going to pay you another visit in about an hour from now: in  the streets of Tehran , Isfahan, Tabriz, Kurdestan, Shiraz, Mashahd, ...

Very nice program : Bahari  was good; sazgar a waste of time, as usuall. Play some Soheil Nafici, please.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

but your naked white shoulder does.


so mola!

by curly on

the 1st 15 min tickles your conscious?

Mola Nasredeen

A few notes..

by Mola Nasredeen on

The first 15 minutes

of this program

is propaganda

not journalism



One needs to earn his living

and it also goes

for the Parazit TV.

PS, The interviews start at the minute 15.

payam s


by payam s on

che rabti be khoshoonat dare? Cherto pert. it seems like just about anyone can become an analyst and a commentator on social movements. 



by comrade on

Am I the only monarchist noticing Sazegara's colour? 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



job well done

by mahmoudg on

As usual, you are doing a great job.  Although i disagree with the interviewees.  If we leave the 200K or so Basij alone, then they will participate in a civil war, in the future. 



by jmyt17 on

Just leave all of them with me in One Room without Door.

Rest you guess.


Great program but!

by afshinazad on

I wonder what is about all these BBC or VOA or to be Parazit, have the guest who are part of reformist group, No one is trusting Sazegara and about Maziar Bahari he thinks with soft voice could reach the freedom, this guy was arrested by accident and all of sudden he is commentator and gives speeches and last time I saw him on Farid Zakaria program which they were bunch of IRI supporters and his comment was that regime has a lot of followers especially low income people, when was the last time mr.maziar was visited and asked poor people in Tehran or the country side and villages to find out how they feel. I don't understand this, why every other sane and freedom lovers who really want real democracy and freedom for our country being boycott by these TV stations.I like this Parazit but for sure I don’t like commentators like these two on the program, believe me there are a lot of wise and knowledgeable people could be there to make a difference, not to fill the Air time.




by Benyamin on

These seats have no names.....


Excellent conversation with Maziar Bahari

by Bavafa on

A true patriot with the wisdom of a leader



Khamenei's revenge

by Hajminator on

Last monday, people chanted "Mobarak, Ben Ali ... Nobateteh Sed Ali"

What I heard is that Khamenei was made aware of the slogans chanted against him. With his consent Basijis went and chanted slogans against Rafsanjani, in order to reciprocate. That was a message from Khamenei to the man who brought him to power. The message was, if I go, you go!

A good omen in this fratricidal battle!

A great program! thank you guys. My thoughts go to the two martyrs and their family.

Darius Kadivar

Are we to conclude that Green is turning to Blue ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I liked Maziar Bahari's comments but I find Sazegara is far too optimistic in thinking that the IRI, however dictatorial is some kind of legitimate republican entity like Mobarak's Egypt and that achieving in forcing the regime into accepting the holding of free and democratic elections are the only obstacle to overcome in order to turn Iran into a democratic paradise.


How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !


Sorry Fellows but Get Real ... As much as I fully agree with Maziar Bahari that Violence should not constitute the core of this legitimate struggle for democracy and Human Rights, you also need to realize that Wild Wolves cannot be brought to their senses with some kind of Flower Power Mentality ... At least not this Brutal Regime which does not hesitate the slightest in brutalizing all opposition.

In my humble opinion There are two key problems with the current strategy and not just amongst the Pre Selected Green Movement but also it's supporters:

A) The lack of a clear and unambiguous leadership in demanding Regime Change 

B) Thinking that this crisis is Only a Civil Rights Movement.

Hello ? ... Have we forgotten what this Revolution and the Republic which resulted have achieved in less than 3 decades ? Turn the land of Cyrus and Darius into an Un Iranian and self flagellating entity.

GIVE ME BACK MY COUNTRY: Bold Poem by a fellow compatriot denounces Ahmadinejad's Iran

Words For Eternity ...

Should we remind each other that This is IRAN we are talking about or what was Once Known to the World as PERSIA ... One of the Greatest Civilizations in the history of mankind which has little to blush in comparison to the equally respectable and fascinating Egyptian, Roman or Greek civilizations.

The Iranian nation has not been merely brutalized ... It has been Humiliated to the Very core and through 3 decades of Islamic Brainwashing which amongst other harmful actions has sent millions of our youngsters to be slaughtered in a useless 8 year War.

I am all for Solidarity with the Arab World in what appears as a Spring of Democracy often shaking the most moderate dictatorships.

But just look at how Libya is cracking down on it's opponents and how Egypt's Mobarak handled the transition ? How can we even dare a comparison ?

The IRI regime is an UN Iranian Entity to the very core of it's ideology. Our current dilemma as a nation is no more about trying to figure out if the Revolution was or was not highjacked 30 years ago. It's more about a Revolution which was not to be.

If Moussavi's and Karoubi's past is linked to the ideological foundations of a Regime we wish to change, then I simply wish to ask two simple questions:

A) Who can lead this Political Project we wish to call a Revolution, Regime Change and or Democratic Transition ? 

B) Given the failure of the Revolution of '79 and the ever increasing disappointment with the system born in it's womb. How can we afford building a new Iran based on a vague idea of who we are as a people by overlooking history by ignoring what this regime has done to us as a nation.

I am not claiming that we should hold people responsible be it Karoubi or Moussavi who are in the forefront of this struggle all the more that they should be supported in their current predicament. But can we as a nation escape any form of accountability be it for future generations ? 

I'm afraid the transition in Iran cannot be achieved ( at least in our lifetime) without a common understanding of the genuine nature of the regime we are struggling against and without offering an alternative which is attractive enough to rally Iranians at large but also based on a clear cut and unambiguous platform for change.  

Given Mr. Sazegara's Blue Pullover and green Wristband may I suggest a GENUINE White Revolution to complete the picture ? ;0)


RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy


All the more that I think that is precisely what the Regime and it's supporters fear the most:

ROYAL FORUM: Zahra Rahnavard Monarchist Muslim? ;0)

So why not use this Fear Against The Regime for it may well prove that it is it's Achilles' heel ...

The IRI Giant may well prove to be nothing more but clay ... 

If Not then What do you gentlemen suggest to get us out of the current Politically Correct status quo ? Equally In terms of leadership as well as in terms of a clear political agenda for a democratic future in Iran. 

I look forward to your answers if you are reading this online. 

Otherwise Good Program as Usual ! 



"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow


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Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

The first part of program most likely is very well received in Iran. I suggest to increase the broadcast of this program to offset the BBC programs that constantly attempts to support the Iranian regime.  The second part was unfortunately ineffective.  Sazagara is not a motivator and nor is he a trusted character.  I rather see interviews with Nourizadeh and others who are able to talk sense. Thanks and good job.


Your very Best!

by Monda on

Mamnoon va zendeh baasheen! (Your Part One was Brilliant as well.)

Jahanshah Javid

Thank you

by Jahanshah Javid on

Excellent program. You're an inspiration to millions of voiceless Iranians.


دمتون گرم،


بابا، اشکمو در آوردید!