Childhood in Tehran and Abadan

Early 1970s


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Saman Ahmadi

the smell of colors

by Saman Ahmadi on

i passed through abadan, while in maman's womb.  watching the sweet scenes i can almost smell the colors that were, and are, iran. simply precious. thank you.

long live iran and irani. 

Anonymous Observer

The 1979 devolution took happiness away from Iran

by Anonymous Observer on

Khomeini was right.  The devolution was "for Islam," and Islam, of course, is the religion of death, war, endless jihad, sorrow and fear.  Fear from an unforgiving desert God that wants you to be consumed with death and afterlife.  It's the religion of "too sar zani" and "rozeh khooni" and tears, which is the antitheses of the celebration oriented Iranian culture (i.e., Mehregan, saddeh, Teergan, etc.)  That inherit conflict between the Iranian inner culture and the imposed Islamic ideology has been going on for 1400 years.  Post-Islam, the Iranian part of the culture has always been oppressed by the influential clergy and opportunistic kings.  

What the Shah managed to do for a very brief period in Iran's post-Islam's history, was to allow the inner Iranian culture flourish despite the efforts of the mullahs.  And the result was what we used to see...happiness, laughter, optimism and a positive outlook on life.  But just like other futile efforts at doing the same in the past 14 centuries, it failed because of the influence of the clerical class, and the result is what we see today...war, death, sanctions, destructions, beatings, rapes, etc...unhappiness, death and gloom.     

Anahid Hojjati

Can't watch video now but I remember the feeling

by Anahid Hojjati on

I was eight when we moved from Abadan to Tehran. Before that, I remember whenever we travelled from Abadan to other cities, even though I had a good time but when I got close to Abadan, I had a great feeling of coming back home. It felt good coming back to Abadabn. Yadesh bekheir. Yade Bashgah Arvand, Cinema taj on Fridays, the pool, walking to Ferdosi elementary, going to Beriam for fun, yade booye naft, and all other khatereha.



by عموجان on

 That’s how I remember Abadan an oases middle of desert 



Iranians Has so much Love and Freedom to look forward to in past

by AlexInFlorida on

Irans true culture, it's Indo-Aryan Culture, is still so powerful within the people of Iran.  One day it will be Freed from US/German/French/UK backed Islamic Tyranny.

They want their other mullahs in the green movement to win, but we are all awake and know these mullahs too well.

I pray evil loses with the least damage to the people.


Love the Simple joys in life...

by Monda on

Love this post. Thank GS jan! (wish I sill had the super 8's of my childhood)