F-14 Tomcats

Keeping them flying despite war and sanctions



impressive indeed

by Fair on

As Salty says, it is amazing that this aircraft which entered Iran only about 3 years before the revolution was kept flying all this time and had such a success rate.  Irrefutable proof to all those who ridiculed the Shah for buying "ahan pareh" that depended fully on US advisors and permission.  He did much more than that- he bought the best and most advanced technology, and the training and education to give our people the know how to master this technology.  And this was not just in the military, it was in universities, hospitals, automotive and other industries.  The fact that mullahs did not value this and believed in Abolfazl over technology is a shame and not his fault.

Regardless of your politics, I ask you to give credit to the ingenuity, determination, professionalism, and patriotism that these men have shown- learning so fast and doing so much with so little, defying the odds and stunning the world (including their American instructors) with their achievements.  Just look at their faces and their demeanor, there is a tremendous story in each one.

One day we will have a government that values these people for their service and gives them the credit and authority they deserve, not a bunch of incompetent ideological terrorists like their current IRGC and Basiji thugs. We will be free, and history will remember these valiant people long after it has forgotten the basiji civilian beating thugs.

Also, Bavafa Jan that was great, this reporter was indeed very banamak, I wish he was dogholoo (and probably so does his naneh)!:):)

Payandeh Iran, va dorood bar Iraniani keh be Iran khedmat kardand va meekonand har koja keh hastand.




It is commendable

by SALTY on

 to see them do so much with so little. During the war F-14 shot down 100 plus Iraqi fighters among them were from older MIG 21 and 23 to more advance MIG 25 and Mirage F1. Only 5 Tomcats or (Alicat known to US personnel) was lost in air combat which makes it an impressive Kill ration of 20 to 1. Among the Iranian F14 ACEs the most successful is Major Jalal Zandi, with  9 confirmed and 3 unconfirmed Iraqi combat aircraft under his belt. Another Iranian F-14 pilot, Major Rahnavard, flying alone attacked a formation of 12 Iraqi MiGs (talk about brass balls) over the Persian Gulf in two separate incident shooting down  four Iraqi fighter in one day. Iran used F14 as AWACS because of her sophisticated radar and to defend high value targets such as Khark Island oil terminal. Iran has flown formations of up to 25 F14s in ceremonies. It is thought that Iran still has about 59 operational Tomcats amongst them two squadron of 81 and 82nd TFS. Unfortunately they are no match for what US can muster  against them no matter how good our pilots are..


A Joke and a lie

by mahmoudg on

Firstly, when the US personnel left, they also took all the advanced radar systems on these aircraft.  I remember hearing about it from my uncle Major General Saeed Mehdiyoun.  Secondly, there were only 79 aircraft, some of which have been destroyed in the war, of the smaller number left, one took 13 years to overhaul!!!!  Now we are expected to believe these malarkies in the first place, and in the second the morons in the Islamic Rapist Republic want to go up against the mighty US/Israel airforce with one 13 year old so called refurbished and technologically, 45 year old plane?  I dont think so....... As I have said may times before, many thousands of the Basij have to perish before we can reclaim our land, and its 40 year old military armaments.


Anonymous Observer

by پیام on

I second that. A pity indeed.I know people that are involved in the maintenance of the F-14 in Iran. They tell me quite different things about the shape of these once mighty birds than what is displayed here. Unfortunately incapable people are in charge of running things in Iran and that is not only the case in IRIAF. But that is old news.


مهرداد دلدرد گرفتم از خنده.


خداییش اما اگه واقعا سوارش کرده باشند و سیاه بازی نکرده باشه، چه صفایی‌ کرده.

Anonymous Observer

So sad....

by Anonymous Observer on

Once a mighty air force has been reduced to this...a bunch of out of shape "abdardchis" with their bellies hanging over their knees trying to get 40 year old aircraft ready for flight.  Aircraft that they can never arm.  Yet another show for the gullible...I feel so bad for dedicated professional pilots like Col. Fattah in the video, who are exceptions to this rule and who have to put up with IR's chelo-kabob khor losers depicted in the video on a daily basis.  What a shame... 



by Fatollah on

you devil! LOL! :)


looks like Iran got US spare parts before inspectors got wind

by MM on

The parts have been on sale from 2007-2010 because the US is dumping its F-14 stock.  It looks like Iran recieved some parts before Pentagon got wind of the sales.

Iran Receives Smuggled Surplus F-14 Parts | Arms Control Association


Iran gets military gear in Pentagon sale - U.S. news - Military ...


U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Stop Selling F-14 Tomcat ...


I was impressed

by iamfine on

It is good that the Iranian Air Force can do a complete repair on the F14. What we like to see (hopefully) one day they will be able to manufacture fighters of their own.



by MRX1 on

Khabarnegar loos! seriously unfunny and a boring reporter. Thank god that these things were purchased during shah's time with his blessing otherwise what would IRI T.V be showing us? By the way aren't these the same people who were critisizing shah and former regime for purchasing too miletery hardware? 


This reporter

by Bavafa on

ننش قربونش بره... چقدر با مزه است.

الان ننش نشست و میگه بچم!!!!



Thank you Shah

by عموجان on

Now they better keep it some where safe some one may want to shoot it down