Iranian Special Forces Trained in U.S.

Training Iranian Imperial Army Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg


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No One Really Survives a War!

by SALTY on

Very interesting clip. I still remember my first jump i could feel my testicles next to my tonsils. It's hard during the day but it's 100 times harder at night. I have done many jumps and to this day I can not understand people who do it for fun.  I did not see anyone  glorifying war here. It's good to remember our national heros like Khosrodad, Jahanbani or Rahimi (Johnny Dollar as you can see by the examples above Generals do get killed too). It's better to remember these heros than some Arab guy that was killed during a power struggle nearly 1400 years ago!


"Not so fast! Don't glorify war! War is hell! "

by Bavafa on

The best comment on this tread so far.



That first guy...

by Parham on

... sounds like he has received a few kicks in the testicles.

Jonny Dollar

Not so fast! Don't glorify war! War is hell! I was in 1975 war!

by Jonny Dollar on

I witnessed many deaths of my friends. Worse of all, those who lost limbs ( i got 6 wounds, one almost paralyezed me, but i still have problem). I remember, the shiraz army hospital was hell -rows and rows of injured soldiers. In fact, my brother was a surgeon.

The sad part was that we were told a different story as to why we went there. It wasn't till I was in the US and research that I found out why we were there! very disappointed! 

In one of our missions, when jumping from helicopters we lost 12 young men, some of them my friends! Generals don't get killed, the soldiers do.and 28 injured and wounded. Yes, we had a good army, but it is always easy to stay on the side and say: LENGESH KON! The memory of those guys still hunts me. Why did they have to be killed? You don't kill one, you kill the entire family and friends!

I am lucky to be alive. For those of you who always cuss islam at the same time praise the old army, you don't understand. Faith, islam, or jesus, etc. is what gives you courage and strength! Every soldier needs that! I know logically, you can question that, but human needs it at time of despair. At least we accomplished our mission! You cannot sing DUFF and defend yur country! 


Peace! Shanti!    "God is love!"


Bitter sweet!

by Milan on

Interesting in every way, especially seeing the young Khosrowdad, who so Naamardaneh was thrown to the Islamic Hyenas.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Some men are just larger than life, Khosrowdad one of them!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

One day, when Iranians cleanse themselves from the filthy mullahs and their diseased ideology Islam, statues of Khosrowdad and men like him will stand up all over Iran and their heroic lives will be celebrated!


Khosrodad was a Legend, one of the Top Generals we had

by AlexInFlorida on

Khosrodad at 18.12 on the clip became so famous, after taking on soviet rebels in Oman, losing very few people and capturing ther weapons.  He also secured the persian islands of tumb bozorg and koochic for Iran.

His forces by themselves could have taken out Saddam unfortunately we had a few lessons of our own to learn about Arabic Culture sucking the life blood of Iran. 

Who can blame Iranians.  Koran was in Arabic and most people did not know they were worshipping the works of a child molestor, crook and dictator.  Thanks to IRI we all know the true Islam as well as how we feel about it in our country.

Look at what we discovered about Islam!!!


poor thing....

by shushtari on

general khosrowdad is at the 18:12 part of the clip!

he was murdered by khomeini on the 1st night of the sham trials!


I wish the shah would have unleashed these special forces on the mullahs and their british masters! too bad



Dear Tapesh!

by Monda on

I found our neighbor back in the day, in this clip!!!! Thanks for sharing this gem of a clip :o)



by rend on

Dardo balaaye Captain Wyeman bekhoreh to saret! :)