Masters of Improvisation

Venice concert

Hossein Alizadeh on Shurangizan instrument he developed himself, Kayhan Kalhor on Shahkaman, and Madjid Khaladji on Tombak and Zang-e sar angosht:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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Jonny Dollar

by onlyinamrica on

Red Wine is a gentleman with Royal blood in his vanes.

Jonny Dollar

Red Wine, you are one of a kind! You belong to a different class

by Jonny Dollar on

I really enjoy your deep and educated writings, whether torki or parsi, you are very unique. Thank you for reminding many of us how it is to be a good matured-cultured iranian. I don't even know if you are a gentleman or a lady, but what's the difference. God bless!


"God is love!"


Just fantastic...

by KB on

Pure joy.


Breath taking!!!

by Monda on

Thanks GS jan for the post. I'm completely Woken up now!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

آری،کرور حقیقت..زیبا و صد آفرین بر استاد اما چه حاصل که ویدئو‌ها اینجا گذاشته شود و هیچ به دست نیاید و روح و بدن هنوز آلوده گرد و غبار دنیا،برای لذت بردن از این نوای ملکوتی..میبایستی که تو از خاک شوی و پی‌ ز قدرت حق بری ،از خود جدا شده و به علم غیب و حاضر پی‌ بری.وگرنه وقت تلف کردن است و دیگر لطف حضرت عالی‌ مایه دردسر !