Rahimpour Azghadi

Iranian diplomats are ashamed of the revolution, he says


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by Harpi-Eagle on

Hey Ebne Rahim, FU and F your Emam.  Martikeh mozdoor vatan foroosh.  A Hole, the reason you and the rest of IRI should always be ashmed and embarrased is the fact that you traitors torture, rape and murder our youth.  Your jahhanam will be right here on this planet within my life time, gauranteed.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Dear Benyamin and hirre

by Abarmard on

Although you could argue against the system that he represents and he has done wrong, still there are some solid arguments that he brings to our attention.

1-Revolution was because people could not handle the progress in that era-> this is said by many Iranians that I have spoken to. He has a right to challenge that.

2-There are no freedom of International press. This can be argued and has been criticized by most political philosophers in the West also. 

The reason Iran focuses on International issues is because there are a lot of international competition against Iran to influence or keep influencing the region. Iranian government, right or wrong can be argued, sees itself against a giant negative advertisement such as Iranian Threat in the region, Iranian Shia goals to dominate, Iranian Nuclear Threat, Iranian Terrorist support, etc.

against this giants, Iran sees no other option than to provide a continuous explanation to its people for the path that they are taking, where it started and why. This is not to argue right or wrong, but to focus on the answer why Iran zooms in International issues. 

Iranian government has realized that without a strong link with its neighbors based on their equal understanding, and not dictated policies from the West to the leaders in the region, Iran can not successfully move forward as a politically independent country.

In other words, International policies against Iran, is Iran's domestic concerns and influences the progress or lack of it internally.


The narrow mind...

by hirre on

Very manipulative speech, and he is also simplifying the problem a lot... Also as usual everything in Iran (from the rulers perspective) is about international affairs, they always focus the problems on others outside of Iran... They should ask: "what have we done for our people lately?"


this guy needs to aquier brain

by Benyamin on

if everyone reported the same thing from a single even or revolution or incindent that is an indication of that even or incident happening. He is so stupid that he didn`t realized that he just convicted himself to a lie.

Then why do they expect people believe them? as he said it is "ahmaghane" since these guys are the thieves and call themselves the most free society in the world. they are running a dictatorship in the day light and call it a democracy! either they thing people of Iran are stupid or they are themselves stupid enough not knowing that Iranian people are not the one who are  stupid here it is the IRI and all of its "arajeef" that are the end of stupidity. 


آی چقدر بدم میاد


از همشون .. از قیافشون .. از صداشون .. از گرامرشون .. از عوام فریبیشون 

باید ایران رو از فرهنگ اسلامی پاک کرد 


Respect for diplomats

by choghok on

I must say my respect for them has grown a lot since hearing him speak.

I did not get that he says that US being the only country develop and used a-bomb. Would it be less wrong if they have bought the bomb and then used it?

And is he using UN as an excuse why Iran is not democracy? At least in UN you have 4 mandates with veto. In Iran there is only one.