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Audience member asks questions from religious experts

Theologist discusses spiritual feelings of objects and living things.


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by Doctor mohandes on

 With all due respect my Islamically progressive, Super - pragmatic Friend, save the "sermon" for Oon bala. You know balaye menbar!!

Surface change can at times alter to deeper social acceptance but deep rooted changes from level one up will reside as a cultural norm that switches old approach to the new.

Please, Without using Sargord pirouzian tactic and resorting endlessly to citing polls after polls, show me What percentage of the NON_tehranis. NON - shemiranis, I am making an emphasis here so you won't accuse of Thinking as tehranis as only iranians, Who are really in favore of making these deepppp!! changes? How deeeep are we talking here??

Also one more thing:

If you can see the realities that policies bring then you are not blind to dictate what you like but what can be done (realistically) based on what it is. Very important point often missed by emotional bloggers and commenters.

When was the last time that anyone us average iranians with no affiliation or an official position in the government, was able to "blindly dictate" any policy that was or was not realistically desirable?

 I mean since when people were in a position to make a real choice in this matter?

Please . Dooste man, Kafe ro baham nareez, and do not bring in the Concept of emotionality and emotional bloggers doing whatever, and missing whatever into this!!! Thas has served as a nice cover up for you guys has it not?

Ta har chi mishe... You emotional, good for dinner party, bloggers/commenters. !!! have no idea what realities are. ! This is usually how get back to those who do speak of realities. Has your Taaneh touched No fear's Taneh??:))

People want access to Jobs and meaningful employmente and productive life, real changes not some made up, on the surface, recycled-reality! agha jan.

Bazi bazi dige base torokhoda. Let us get real.

hamsade ghadimi

mm, that's also my take. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

mm, that's also my take.  while she was talking with such reverence about all living things and inanimate objects, i was thinking about the mass executions that are happening in iran.  their total disrespect for human life.  however, now they let some lachak be sar (under watchful eye of the mullahs) praise their own way of governance and ignorant thinking.  and they call it progress.


every molecule/soul is sacred unless it speaks against IRI

by MM on

that was my take!


Dear hamsade ghadimi

by Abarmard on

The entire text should give you the reasoning for your suggested quote from my comment. This is not about what is being said but the fact that once the doors for serious religious discussion opens, something that generally reserved for men, the chances to interpret any religious teachings through different lens blossoms.

This is not an argument about whether this is the only way, the best way, or any absolutism. Rather to look at the changes in society, the acceptance of older generation, more religious conservatives to listen to a side that never was broadcast before. It is true that she says what the rest agrees with, but I view this as start.

You may disagree with what is being said. Reality is that I did not listen to the discussion but noted this event as a bit different, since this was a lady in front of other clergies, answering religious questions. I didn't expect for everyone to see it from this angle, yet I wanted to share a view that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.

Surface change can at times alter to deeper social acceptance but deep rooted changes from level one up will reside as a cultural norm that switches old approach to the new. 

Let me give you a short example. In Iran before the revolution, schooling girls was an issue that most smaller cities and conservative families, which were many, had to deal with. Most Iranian religious families would assume that their daughter going to school meant that she would become a sinner, in a sense. After the revolution that portion of the population became relaxed to allow their girls attend school. The reasoning should be obvious to you. School text (detail, like what is being said in this film) was changed to more religious but now open to all. What happened as a result, enrolling girls as an issue was erased from society. Now we don't think that way, whether you are in Zahedan, Borazjan, Tehran, or Mashhad.

You could have advertise this for decades and try to see the reaction of the nation, but since it was rooted and accepted from traditional families (speed of Bottleneck in society) then it became norm and accepted. Argument is not whether this is the best way to go, but to look at the positives that you can bank for future growth. If you can see the realities that policies bring then you are not blind to dictate what you like but what can be done (realistically) based on what it is. Very important point often missed by emotional bloggers and commenters.

hamsade ghadimi

abarmard writes: "The

by hamsade ghadimi on

abarmard writes: "The positive side of these kinds of programs are that now women can sit and analyze text from religious thoughts, something originally done by men. In the long run effect, this gives the half of the population the rights to question, modify, and interpret the teaching from another angle."

really?  this is the positive side of this regime.  that it "allows" the other half of the population (if you believe they're all lachak be sar) to repeat the same 'arajeef' told to the people by the backward mullahs.

this is a glimpse of sense of progress in the mind of progressive regime supporters.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

They are being cloned in the Islamic Republic.


این جونور ها را از کجا میارند ؟؟؟؟



G. Rahmanian

خواهر جان !

G. Rahmanian

نه تنها سنك بلكه رييس جمهور هم درك و فهم ندارد. رييس جمهور كه جاي خود دارد "تحصيلكرده هاي" طرفدار جمهوري اسلامي هم فهم و شعورندارند! 

DC Shirzan

Are you freaking kidding me?!

by DC Shirzan on

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! --- 'sang edrak dareh, fahm dareh, hayat dareh?' ... Who is this idiot? What has happened to our dear motherland!


I also had a pen that prayed to god all the time

by divaneh on

and I had to throw it away because it was making too much noise.


dear all god-fearing, free-thinking, self-valuing Iranians,

by merlin on

here's something markedly different than the anti-Iranian, anti-patriarchal, corrupting, perverting, valueless and so on messages that usually appear in this domain that is run by enemies of its audience, in opposition of its audience wittingly or otherwise. have you ever wondered why, with supposedly almost a million members in this powerful nation, the Iranian community lacks even an iota of political power or influence? further, why are Iran's enemies so powerful in contrast that they seemingly direct the minds, values and behavior of Iranians here and abroad in opposing and destroying almost everything that is inherently and naturally desirable: self-determination, rule of Iran by Iranians, pride, dignity, freedom, our traditional cultures and values that are unrivaled in beauty and power? some of your neighbors literally cheer in your face and pat themselves on the back for the boasted murders of your tribes' scientists and educators. are your people too primitive or base to pursue knowledge and application of nuclear technology? no, clearly, what this tyranny fears is the start of an even playing field. their leashed media boasts daily about bombing and killing entire families waking up for school, work and general service of their communities. this is absolute terrorism. they dont want peace on even terms they want absolute control and power over every aspect of your existence. while they have countless ICBM packed with nuclear warheads, a fine gift from american taxpayers, they propogate propaganda and more destructive attacks against iran for setting up a centrifuge. they fear justice. these are complex issues but realizing that the national community has absolutely no authentic counsel is a good start. The PAAIA is financed by enemies and opponents of Iranians' natural interests. the rosenberg foundation is a good example.


wonder why the falsely

by merlin on

wonder why the falsely named iranian public affairs group actually serves in opposition of iranians? this may help.


as pirouz has stated these groups that are iranian in name only serve the financiers, Rosenbergs in this case.

Immortal Guard

Nice decoration!

by Immortal Guard on

I liked the decoration in the background with the tower behind the window. Nice lightening! Enhances the mood!


And when Neda

by statira on

was killed by the Islamic thugs, the whole world cried ! And if( Ishala) Ahmadinejad and Khamenei die, nobody is gonna cares. Zamino aseman az khoshhali geryeh mikoonand.



by Abarmard on

This is not about religion and what you like to think of it. It's not about you. Read the post again and if you have specific points to make based on the ideas presented, make your case against it.

Jeesh Daram

آری خواهر

Jeesh Daram

یستعون فی سماعک من الدعا و لسانا کثیف فی بیضتین ابیض و السماع السواط الشریف فی البحر المیت

یعنی همانا ماهیان برای مومنین دعا میکنند و طلب مغفرت و در عین حال اگر پایش بی افتد و آزارشان دهید، آنگاه بجای دعا فحش خار مادر میدهند. پس بپرهیزید از اعمال بد و بعدا نگوئید تو که میدونستی چرا نگفتی 


Question to Abar (Whatever) ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Hey Abar, question, is the IRI pay scale for a radical blogger like Fussy Baboon, or No Fear or SP the same as for a more liberal, more "Civilized" one like you?

All 3 Saami Religions suck (Judism, Christianity, Judism Copy (7th Century Version, meaning Islam)

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland



by MRX1 on

you people want a jeffersonian secular modern government. Every day you feel more sorry for shah of Iran. ppor guy what he had to put up with for so many years.


"Abarjahl's" Misleading

by Demo on

The “shedding of tears” by the sky & the earth (similar to many other poetic expressions) as described by the verse 29 of section 44 in Quran is expressed in a figurative manner and is purely allegorical as verse 7 of section 3 of the same book explains the difference between clear & allegorical divine writ messages.

PS: Why is it nobody asking these so called “experts in religion” about VF’s??? grounds for imprisoning/killing of fellow humans for the mere crimes??? of expressing their opinions & for fighting in the “justice 4 all" causes?   


I am going to watch my porn

by عموجان on

at least it gets my blood going this is for dead people

stupid Islam. 


enough is enough !

by Shemirani on

Middle ages till when ??? aren't you tired of this silly talks :(

32 sal CHARAND SHENIDIM bazam tamoomi nadarad ! S.O.S


At least these guys are ahead of the evangelist

by KingReza on

...and allow a woman to answer a theological question.


The positive side

by Abarmard on

The positive side of these kinds of programs are that now women can sit and analyze text from religious thoughts, something originally done by men. In the long run effect, this gives the half of the population the rights to question, modify, and interpret the teaching from another angle. Given time, I see this as a positive development not clearly seen by those who focus on details of what is being said rather than what is happening.

With the Islamic Republic, the focus on entire society and their religious/traditional views are revisited and the society is moving forward creating values and discuss issues to bridge the gap between old and new. Another way would be to erase this method and fully modernize the society by the image of what modernity is suppose to look like. 

This way, in the long run, the effects will not vanish. The speed of progress that is based on the bottleneck of the majority in a traditional society, will allow the lasting foundation of the pillars of modernity because the most traditional potion of social groups are aligned to accept the gradual changes without seeing harm in their values.

However, those who seek faster changes will suffer. Regardless of the path taken, one side or the other is slightly pushed aside. The question is which side is the majority, and what creates a more stable way to modernity?

Even in the case of sudden revolutionary thoughts that changes the perception of the entire society, one can step back to see the pillars that were put in place in order to have change as normal gradual process. Therefore, a sudden change, can be argued, is only successful if the society has taken the proper steps in order to adapt modernity. Otherwise most likely the society will step back and start where the pillars were before the sudden change.


Just a thought...

by Raoul1955 on

On Iranian woman's hijab: The crow [LOL] has to use one hand to hold her hijab in place.   Someone has to tell these people that they can use a safety pin, or better yet, there are buttons and other devices to keep their hijab on.
These folks look so depressed.

hamsade ghadimi

in her defense, if fish

by hamsade ghadimi on

in her defense, if fish didn't care for us, they wouldn't pray for us. 

fussy, why ask televangelists who believe in jesus as emam zaman.  we got our own emam zaman.  he's even closer to us: hiding in a well in iran. that was just a suggestion, don't go ape shit on me now.




aaha! pas molokoolha and ashya tavanayee tashkhise khoob az bad darand, va mahiha care about us. Thank you very much!

Ali P.

همه موجودات شعور دارند علم دارند علم دارند ادراک دارند

Ali P.

Well use it!

One doesn't know to laugh, or cry, for the land, where this lady is a college professor!


Now she got the answer!

by majidmajid on

Amazing stupid discuss!!.......Even she had prepared the answer from page and book,before!!


religious questions?

by fussygorilla on

Someone should tell these people to ask their questions from the American Televangelists. They have answers to all questions.  after all, they represent Jesus until the time that this God returns to earth!