Shahpasand Cooking Oil

1960s commercial with young Googoosh


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Misinformed view.

by AlexInFlorida on

Shahs modernization was anything but false.

It was totally unlke the USA also.  For example in Isfahan they wanted to produce high paying work for many based on training and education and built a steel industry, but instead of just employing 10,000 people which is what the industry needed, they employed over 100,000 because the real goal was to educate the people ad raise standard of living for all. to provide all people with work who wanted it and leave no person behind.  USA was 100 years ahead of Iran in terms of expansion and they are at a completely different stage, almost incomparable.

We had economic expansion in every area too, education reached even the most remote areas, literacy went from 9% to over 80%.  Health care would have been 100% free like Europe in 1982 as the country was working on the project for 10 years to be able to afford it.  Sadly people screwed each other with lies that created revolution.

He brought More Freedom than what people knew what to do with.  People with the support of the USA who backed Khomeini used their Freedom to hang themselves.

USA did not want to see Iran so independent and strong and picked a great guy to help them dominate the entire region. 


Nostalgia again!

by fussygorilla on

Another feature of Iran's false "modernization" by blindly copying the American corrupt capitalism by the rich through exploitation of the masses of the poor. Wasn't that why the revolution occured? 

Googoosh a "singer"?  Pardon me but she was no singer just someone who would do anything for a "buck"!  She had no voice just silly cheap jestures, imitaing singing.


God bless Lajavardi

by farrad02 on

Those entrepreneurs were all about producing, progress and creating jobs for the youth of Iran. I know there were also mistakes made during the Pahlavi years. But there is no comparisonat all! The level of mismanagement and corruption in the IRI regime is unparalleled and unseen in iran's history ever before!


Amazing. RIP Mr. Lajevardi.

by vildemose on

Amazing. RIP Mr. Lajevardi.



by P_T_B_A on

Mr. Lajevardi who was an industrialist and owned a number of factories and businesses including Shahpasand cooking oil prior to the '79 revolution, passed away last week in Arizona.  Unfortunately, nearly all of those successful ventures fell apart as a result of IRI's mismanagement.  He was a servant of his country.