Shah's Departure

Iranian state tv's documentary on the last days of the monarchy



arthimis jaan....

by shushtari on

mokhleseem, LOL ;)


Shushtari jaan, I agree

by Arthimis on

Shushtari jaan,

I agree with all you wrote, but joon madaret beh Jaad maa (Qajars) enghadr fohsh nadeh... LOL 

Despite perhaps many wrong things during the reign of Qajars, They are the ones who paved the way for Patriot Pahlavis (Both father and son) You know it and I know it! By the way, please remember that Our vast natural resources (OIL & GAS) were only discovered by British toward the very end of Qajars and beginning of Pahlavis, thus Iran had no financial strength like it had during Pahlavis and now during these Anti-Iranian Mullahs and Basijis....!!!!

I wrote a blog (in my English capacity last year, please read few historical facts about my dynasty too, Thank you...)


True learning of historical facts are a duty of all Iranians, otherwise we let these I.R. criminals rule and commit crimes against humanity and Iran forever!




mash mamad....

by shushtari on

with your way of thinking, it's no wonder iran is so screwed up!

here are the facts-(BTW, your 'source'- fardoust- is the biggest traitor in iran's recent history- so for you to quote his silly book says a lot about YOU):

without reza shah's hard work and patriotism- you and your jad o abad would not even have a last name!- in the mere 16 years when he had to chance to rule iran, iran was transformed from a backwards, gajar-infested country to having universities, railroads, women's rights, and thousands of other contributions- that make iran what it is today


your line is funny as heck: 'put in by the british to protect their interests!'

my goodness, you need some serious remedial learning in history!- iran was about to be split up- with the british literally threatening to cede khuzestan, unless reza shah abdicated-

what do u suggest he should have done?!  have iran split apart by the brits, russians, and the americans??!!

he was the most anti-british patriot we have had! unlike khomeini! 



and here's one last pointer for you- instead of reading the writings of a known traitor, who is rotting in hell, go read dr milani's book on the shah- and see for yourself! 


fussyGORILLA! Your username

by Arthimis on

fussyGORILLA! Your username indicates your level of understanding!

I'm glad I got the attention of you and people like you! Because some sane person, somehow has to prove to you what few hunderd  millions of other people in Iran and around the world already know and were able to distinguish after 32 years especially.... Unfortunately, based on your intelligent comment, it seems you are falling in the category of people who never learnt or were so hateful, jealous, envious and  brainwashed and whom suffer from massive inferiority complex!!!

Sir/Mam, where have you been hiding yourself, not to notice thousands of documents about his whole life story plus all his clips avaiable Youtube to see and hear  +  so many other different sources NOW available on the internet, where are you hiding, in Bora, Bora Afghan Mountains???

Are you one of those hateful, jeaulous and envious people who are terrified of "Superior Class and Education"???

First of all, based on Universal proof available globally for even a 4 year old child to comprehend Shah's level of education and class was recognized not only in Iran , but in most civilized and democratic countries and amongst their nations!!!

Everyone in the world knows that Shah was initially educated in Switzerland and later , he was constantly educated by the highest educators in the world at his private disposal, HELLO, he was a KING you genious!!!

32 years after, still when I go to Europe and France especially, I meet with people who were bewildered by his class and education, but NOT an so called Iranian genious like yourself, Right? (I laugh at you, the world laughs at you...)

Note: You don't have to go far my dear Gorilla, just comapre Shah with your loving Antari-Nejad and his Phd!!! 

Bring in thousands of scholars and qualified judges from around the world and show them both, Shah (RIP) and your Beloved Antari (PHD) Larijani (PHD) and let's wait and see they choose which one as a better educated man! Shall we??? You want to bet here on my genious gorilla???? Don't make people laugh at you, not even behind your keyboard, I am serious!!!

Conclusion, There are somethings in life (CLASS, CULTURE, CONSCIOUSNESS AND HUMANITY) that money can't buy you, even if you rape people, steal their money and graduate from Harvard and Stanford universities!!!

Gorilla, I'm done with you and people like you... Educate yourself , the RIGHT way if you can!



Poosteh Pesteh

Golden drime

by Poosteh Pesteh on

Back to 1979 when american with the help of england france and israel disided to overthrow shah And inside iran toodeh mojahed and others with some reson they all were drimming allbalo gillas

Darius Kadivar

I don't believe in "People" I believe in "Individuals" ...

by Darius Kadivar on



by fussygorilla on

just reading the first half of the first sentence, "he was extremely educated' tells me where you are coming from therefore not worth my time reading the rest of the trash.  Just one question: what kind of education did he have? which university? in what fireld? where did he get his Ph.D.?  Outrageous claims. He did not even finish a high school level education and remained as illiterate (almost) as his dictator father. He was certainly no nationalist or patriot othewise he would not sell out his country to the U.S.

Mash Ghasem

Stop insulting Iranian people

by Mash Ghasem on

What is obvious is the commonality between Monarchist and Hezbollah crowd, since both deem Iranian prople incapable of thinking for themselves and acting on their own.


But rest assured the future of Iran belongs to neither of these two bankrupt, undemocratic ideologies, but democracy of Iranian people, Tunisia is only an example.


Down with Islamic Republic.

Down with Monarchy.

Long live Democracy ( Mardom Saallaarry)


Shah of Iran (RIP) was an

by Arthimis on

Shah of Iran (RIP) was an extremely educated, classy,civilized and Patriotic human being that was unlucky enough ruling a very back warded, religious, fanatic and superstitious nation (those who revolted and sided with a very seriously known psycho-path, Khomeini and Co)

He and his father Reza Shah (also RIP) tried their hardest patriotic, human and civilized way to educate those Iranians, but obviously it back fired on so many levels... Apparently the kids of those shallow generations and the following ones had to pay the ultimate price and punishments for their idiotic parents, but then again that was what was needed for our poor younger generations (The Burnt ones and their children) to learn this awakening lesson the very hard way...Our ignorant and heavy religiously infested previous generations (that some still live...) PROVED To Younger Iranians and the entire world that their DOGMA and RULES OF LIFE is nothing short of sheer IGNORANCE and INSANITY in this SACRED MOTHERLAND, IRAN with a CLASS and HISTORY/ CULTURE that is admired by the majority of civilized, cultured and democratic nations and counties around the world....

That's what Pahlavis tried in their best capacity to Teach Iranians , but this ignorant and Iran hating people had to teach their kids violently and criminally what Pahlavis wanted to teach the proper and civilized way... Were they perfect? Of course NOT. Did Pahlavis make mistakes? Of course they did... But they were not criminals like the so called regime and people who took over and occupied Iran for almost 32 dark and unbearable years...

My family and I are direct descendants of Qajar Dynasty! Pahlavis did not massacred us like "Khomeini and I.R. did and still do...!!!!!

In fact, they let us work and succeed on so many levels... Yes my own family lost a lot of land in Khorasan Province, but that was fair.. My own father went into Shah's Army and became a highly ranked officer with great education and prestige leading a respectful middle class life style with lots of hope for our beloved country's future.. We accepted and respected that fairness for the Good of our country and people...

Moreover, Shah DIRECTLY ordered The Army, Shahrbaani and other Iranian security forces to NOT KILL demonstrators for the sake of humanity and love for his people and Iranian prestige .... Anyone who calls him a "Coward" is an absolute idiot,(referring to all those who supported and brought in Khomeini and Co to power...)I'm sorry... I had High ranking family Army generals (besides my own father) who served under Shah and later got massacred , imprisoned or escaped the country.... That (Shah's) Army could fight and resist  "THE SOVIET RED ARMY" invasion!!! You think it could not resist bunch of "Marxist Islamist, Mojahed, Chereek, PLO, CIA, MI6 trained kon nashors"??? Please Think!!!!!!

Some Shah's generals even begged him to authorize an all out punishment of all those who were on the streets calling "Marg bar Shah" and ,,,,,, but he (The Shah) himself rejected such forceful measure, because he loved Iran and Iranians like a father likes his children , even if they are ignorant,crazy and even criminals... HE DID NOT WANT TO RULE BY FORCE unlike the criminal I.R. people and regime that followed to this day...

You think Shah didn't have the power and FORCE to kill at least few hundred thousands and delay the whole process of I.R. occupation??? Please stop being so stupid people (again referring to I.R. supporters...)

Conclusion: Iranians (good and bad...) had to learn a valuable lesson the very hard way as we see it still to this day...


Iran before any religion and ideology for Iranians.

Free Iran and Iranians. 

Dariush Kabir


by Dariush Kabir on

By the way thanks for the links, very informative.

Dariush Kabir

Darius Kadivar

by Dariush Kabir on

I agree with you that it is the people of those country who made their system democratic. We did the same in our history not too long ago. At the end of Ghajer, our people kicked the Shah out(I think it was Ahmad Shah) and put the Mullahs back in their place (Sheikh Fazlolah Noori was hanged). Unfortunately the road to democracy was blocked by Reza shah(the big dictator and then his son the little dictator). I absolutely agree with you that the vote to IRI was moronic, but what do you expect from people who were kept under the complete censorship, our heroes and intellects were Shariati and Castro, and Che, Emam Housain, here comes Khomieni.

Darius Kadivar

Cause you think European Monarchs became Democratic overnight ?

by Darius Kadivar on

It's the People who made the Monarchy Democratic Not the Monarch:

RESTORATION: Britain's 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'

But that requires a People who are "Smart" and Not ... "Morons" :

Iranian masses VOTE for Islamic Republic in Referendum 1979



Dariush Kabir

He could have been smarter!

by Dariush Kabir on

At the time that shah should have acted with courage and defend historical monarchy in Iran, he turn to be a puppet. He will be jugged in history in regard to being responsible for ending monarchy in Iran, a system of government that goes back for centuries. He could not understand the changes that was happening in the world and effects of it on Iranians, he could have been smart and keep out of politics and stay as a monarch as a symbol of unity of Iranians(like monarchy system in Europe or Japan). Shah acted like a dictator when, there was a strong need for democratic system of government, and acted as puppet soon as he was told to give up and leave, he was gone. The Islamic dictatorship could have been avoided if Shah would have been a bit more smart in his vision for Iran.

Darius Kadivar

You wanna System with Checks and Balances ? OK Consider this ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Dr. X


by Dr. X on

People want Shah above Mullahs? How about neither? How about we vote people in and out of office in a system where there are limited terms in office and there is a system of checks and balances? Whether you want to put a crown on someone's head or a turban and leave him in power for life with final say in everything, how does that contribute to democracy?



by Ensan on

Although I am not a fan of royalty and all that nonsense, but I would have praise a hair of shah to these disgusting mullahs and religious fools.


Patton: "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country!"

by Faramarz on


General Patton: "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."



Try to figure out where your country is and your allegiances!

Clarity of vision makes one's life simple!


General Petraeus: "Well, they certainly can be bombed."

by Faramarz on

General Petraeus on the complicity of the IR Regime in the murder of Americans:

"What we have got is evidence. This is not intelligence. This is evidence, off computers that we captured, documents and so forth ... In one case, a 22-page document that lays out the planning, reconnaissance, rehearsal, conduct, and aftermath of the operation conducted that resulted in the death of five of our soldiers in Karbala back in January."

General Pertraeus on how to deal with I.R.

"Well, they (I.R.) certainly can be bombed. The level of effect would vary with who it is that carries it out, what ordnance they have, and what capability they can bring to bear."


General Patton: "Americans won't tolerate a loser"

by SargordPirouz on

But certain Iranian self-exiles sure will, judging by some of these pro-wussy'shah comments.

Mash Ghasem

Islamic Republic: a direct result and product of Monarchy

by Mash Ghasem on

You people are so confused and memory -less. Give you a couple of months and you forget all  your history.

First of:

A) If Shah's father ( Adolph Reza Khan) had so much " cojones" how come he was so easily removed from Iran to South Africa in a day, with no resistance or struggle from Mr. Adolph Cojones?! Because just like his son he was an imposter, and a lacky of foreigners: put in there by the  Brits to protect the interests of the Brits.

B) Wasn't SAVAK working hand in hand with Hojatieh and other religious forces against the Nationalists and others ?( read Fardost's book)

C) Who was responsible for buliding of all those Mosques, Mahdieh, Hossaineh ( Sepah Mazhab),... while every other single institution of Civil Society in Iran was either destroyed or under attack?

Down with Islamic Republic.

Down with Monarchy.

Long Live Democracy, ( mardom saallaarry).





when I see that dog khomeini's face

by shushtari on

I cringe every time!

how was it that this devil's plane was not shot out of the sky or why wasn't he snuffed out in iraq??

unfortunately, shah did not have the cojones of his father.....

and we see what happened when the mullahs took over- they exterminated and murdered everyone that was a threat to them...

had the shah done the same in the early 70s.....iran would not have been pushed to the brink of extinction under the mullahs 


The famous slogan...

by Daadaash on

Marg bar ma keh goftim marg bar shah!

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

God bless HIM Shah of Iran. His departure

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

was the start of chaos and mayhem not only for Iran and Iranians but also brought destabilization for that region and the whole world to this day when you have to spend 2 hours to go through the security check at the airports.

The animals who took Iran in 1979 over have been killing, destroying, and plundering Iranians and they are not content with just Iran and therefore they are pushing their criminal ideology around the world backed up with the infinite petrol dollars they are in control of.

That's why it is more than ever imperative that the Western countries impose even stricter economic sanctions augmented by sea, air, and ground blockades and surgical strikes against the IRR regime's sensitive centers and residential sites.

The only language mullahs and their supporters understand is the language of force. Let's speak to them with force then!


People Want Shah above Mullahs

by AlexInFlorida on

Pahlavi Haters are in the minority.  Lovers of Iranian Culture are once again in the majority.

People will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of what monarchy can do for Iran.

Lawful, patriotic Iranians will soon have their day.

For now lets watch Iran go further down the road of Dictatorship, Repression and Corruption so people will not make this mistake ever again.

There will always be Pahlavi haters, the question is will Freedom Lovers stay silent or will we rise to the call of Freedom.


the darkest chapter of Iranian

by mahmoudg on

history was opened in 1979, and has lasted thus far.  It looks though, that Iran is on its way to yet turn another page in its history.  One which will be free of religious bigotry and backwardness, and one wihere the Mullahs will no longer have any political, religious, or cultural power.  The light of the Arya is on its way back to Persia

Dirty Angel

"Fur. You deserve it."

by Dirty Angel on

1982 anti-fur commercial.Warning: quite bloody.



"It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat.  But only one to wear it."

And another forty psychotic sycophants, hailing how cute it all was: 

vallahe  alla o hellolovello hazrat!


"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"