Thank Moses

Muslims have to pray only five times a day, not 50 -- thanks to Moses



Equivalent to Islam?

by Escape on

Is there really an equivalent to Islam? Not in my opinion.


Moses to go back and haggle with god!

by mahmoudg on

this god must be utterly stupid to let himself haggle with moses and Mohamad.  What a farce to sit down and listen to these morons. I guess we do have their equivalent in America as well.  Religion must be annihilated before man can find peace on earth.


مجید خان


جواب سئوال شما در قسمت دوم روضه این آخونده که درباره ماه رمضونه. که اون اولا ۱۲ ماه بود که بعد از چک و چونه زدن محمد شد ۱ ماه (اینم توی یک حدیث مشهوره که الان یادم رفته)


What, what, what??? Please

by Arthimis on

What, what, what??? Please speak Persian to Iranians or kindly don't speak...

I mean, look how unfortunate we all are in 2011 with the world heading toward such rapid change and advancements on all levels of life... Yet these uneducated , ignorant Psycho-paths are Ruling one of the most ancient and glorious civilizations on mother earth!!!!

Free Iran and Iranians. 


God was like a mean hearted strict teacher who

by jasonrobardas on

was overloading the kids with too much homework .  Apparantly , he lacked common sense since 50 prayes would not have left time for anything else .



by Shokaran on

گفتن این اراجیف خود حدیثی است تاسف بار...اما مردمی که پای این صحبتها مینشینند و باورشان میشود دلیلی‌ است بر سیاه روزی ملت ما


Man Shneedeh boodam

by Vattan on

Mohamad Chaie va ghahvaeh baraya Mosa mebordeh, baraya hamineh keh tamameh Araba Alan baraya Yahodeya kar mekonan!!!

Worcester Mo

What k..Shaer

by Worcester Mo on

This is so funny....I am waiting for a "logistic/scientific/logical" explanation from Mr Sargord Pirouz about how this conversation was recorded.  Amazingly funny.  


ما جور دیگر شنیده بودیم


ما این حدیث را به صورت دیگری شنیده بودیم که بار دهم که موسی خواست دوباره فضولی کند خدا از آن بالا داد زد: ...کش به تو چه؟ و دیگر هر دو از غضب خدا ترسیدند. 


In Jew ha khoob baladan chooneh bezanan

by KingReza on

In Jew ha khoob baladan chooneh bezanan


نتیجهء حدیث




١) پس بگو این بنی اسرائیل چونه زدن رو از کجا یادگرفتن!

٢) حضرت موسی مسلمون ها رو از حضرت محمّد بهتر میشناخت!

٣) حضرت محمّد از موسی حرف شنوی داشت!

٤) شیخ صدوق هم  به معراج رفته و شاهد عینی این چونه زدن بوده!

٥) فقط آخوند های اصفهانی احادیث مربوط به چونه زدن رو میدونن!

سئوال: چرا ماه رمضون رو کوتاه ترش نکردن؟



Amazing Hadis !!

by masoudA on

The conversation between Moses and Mohammad happened in the third sky - yet some mollah overheared it!!!  definitly believable....


Hadiseh digeh

by ali_aaa on

Ageh Hadiseh pas hatman raste digeh!!!!


sange bozorgh alamateh

by zeebajune on

sange bozorgh alamateh nazadan ast..

Agha mollah bro enghadr namaz bekhoon ta junet darreh..!!