Khamenei: Cut the Bad News

Urges media to tone down arrest reports and negative news

AFP – Iranian media should refrain from naming those arrested by the judiciary, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday, amid recent arrests of members of President Mahmoud Ahmdinejad's entourage. "If a person's crime has not yet been proven, the name of that person (and the accusations) should not be publicised," the all-powerful Khamenei said in a meeting with judiciary officials, broadcast on state television. "I address not only the judiciary, but also officials outside the branch as well as the media," said Khamenei, adding that the public opinion is "unable to differentiate between the accused and the person who is actually found guilty >>>


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Shut UP

by jmyt17 on

I wonder if I tell him SHUT UP! What will be his answer.

One MOre



Since when

by RostamZ on

     This guy became such an angel and progressive. I think he is afraid of something. May be something is coming down the pipe and he is trying to attract people to his cause. 

      I don't think it will work. 


ali geda- e- raghas

by shushtari on

should take his last filthy breath and join his papa- khomeini in hell.

satan can't wait!  LOL


olagh cholagh

by mahmoudg on

baz dobareh shoro be mozakhraf gooyee kard.  I think he gets his insipiration from the Quran, while he is taking a dump in the morning and reading in while in the head.

Mash Ghasem

The uncensured version of this talk

by Mash Ghasem on

And as much as you may dismiss tis montage, this is essentially what he's saying: stick with emam's ... and it'll be fine.

Hoping tis little satire doesn't get censured, cheers



خبر مرگش که خبر خوبی خواهد بود!


"هیچ کس حق ریختن آب روی یک مسلمان را ندارد" ولی بقیه کارها هیچ عیبی ندارد!



by nitemustfall on

He is behind all accusations, arrests and tortures made by his chain of followers. It is all a show, but noone believes him any more. He lost it after 88 Elections.



Innocent until proven Guilty...hmmm

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Funny For A Governmet that knows the result of the election even before people vote, you think they would know guilt even before a person has been accused.

If Ahmadinejad has 12% popular support, this guy has 1.5%.  Clinically Sadists and Masochists mainly.

Sheila K

making public speeches and appearances, interesting!

by Sheila K on

I find it intriguing that he's making more public appearances in the recent weeks while his former puppet Ahmadinejad is missing. We are seeing more of the hardline clerics make appearances which I find it to be a BIG sign of panic and desperation. They've always enjoyed not being seen or identified as much. Now they can't hide anymore. They are aware of people's growing anger against them and they are smart enough to know their demise will come! Not to mention a growing turmoil inside.

Immortal Guard

Fast forward to 2:45!

by Immortal Guard on

These three guys "look" so funny! I mean they look in a funny way!


Poor Khameneii!!!

by Benyamin on

No matter what he does somehow he finds himself between a rock and a hard place!

If he would have accepted the "real" result of the elections then Mir Hosein would have found a way to get rid of him! so what he did? he stole the elections because "Ahmadinejad was closer to him" and now after the stunt that Ahmadinejad and his team have pulled he finds himself between a hard place and a rock once again. If he fires Ahmadinejad that means he was wrong and if he doesn`t Ahmadinejad and his team may take over.

I believe that Khameneii lacks few things that his predecessor had them by his side although he was no angel either.

Khomeini was carismatic, smart and he had time on his side where as Khameneii lacks carisma and he is definately dumber and whatever he liesa bout his Master"Khomeini" has already lied about it so there is nothing new about them!

Khameneii is screwed no matter what way he turns to.

Jahanshah Javid

Shut up!

by Jahanshah Javid on

That's exactly what he's saying. He's been saying over and over again. He wants no bad news, no criticism, nothing. He does not mind if you kill, torture, imprison, beat up anyone as long as he no one hears about it.




ایشون کجا بودند وقتی صدها نفر ژورنالیست و تظاهر کننده و غیره رو بعد از انتخابات آوردند تو دادگاه های نمایشی و هر تهمت بی پایه ای که میشد در مطبوعات و رادیو تلویزیون حکومتی به اونها زدند؟


"Cut the bad news"....

by Bavafa on

I agree completely and since there is no news worse then Velayat vaghih himself, I am all for cutting him lose from Iran.

I wonder if there is any place in the world willing to take this ...



"It would diminish people's trust!"

by ghalam-doon on

"اعتماد مردم را از بین می برد..."

کدام اعتماد؟

پنداری ایشان کمدین تشریف داشتند و ما خبر نداشتیم!