Manijeh: "My Heart Will Go On"

Celine Dion song



Wow.. American song with Iranian accent..

by Siavash300 on

Iranian accent is so prominent and vivid. The accent along with Iranian gestures though English lyrics makes the song and singer looks ridiculous and somewhat stupid.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

She is cute!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


And I am not ashamed to say it :-) But the singing leaves something to be desired!

Soosan Khanoom

you guys are so mean !

by Soosan Khanoom on

Acting like a bunch of school bullies and hurting Manijeh's ehsaassaat ... 

House, furniture,Jewelries, dress and make up all match her angelic voice ....


Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz , khodetoo loo dadee

by Anahid Hojjati on

You must have watched this video multiple times to notice items like this. You probably think she is cute and then complain about her here. I am not going to listen couple more times so I can agree or disagree about her rings' size. I don't pay for her food bill and as far as I am concerned, her weight is her business.



by Faramarz on

Her jewelry is plus-size. Look at the rings and the necklace.

You seem to be very obsessed with the people's looks. Sometimes try to be like me and admire people for their inner beauties and in this case, her voice and her talent!

Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz, you come up with weirdest phrases sometimes

by Anahid Hojjati on

plus-size jewelry model? Ha?. I had heard of plus size model for clothes but  not for jewelry.


Souri, Good Catch!

by Faramarz on

The house looks like one of those foreclosed houses in Vegas or Orange County. And I think that she is the realtor and a part-time, plus-size jewelry model for Wal-Mart. I can tell by the way she moves her hands, and not her fingers!


She should consult with an ENT specialist!

by exiranian on

شخصی به پیش یک دکتر عمومی رفت و گفت: مدتی است که وقتی میگوزم نه صدا دارد و نه بو. دکتر در حالیکه دماغش را گرفته بود گفت: شما باید بری پیش دکتر گوش و حلق و بینی. اون در را هم پشت سرت باز بگذاز.



by yolanda on

Here is her you-tube introduction:

"Singing is my hobby, not my profession and this video is not for selling or downloading. I sing with Karaoke music.
I know that I can never sing like Celine Dion. I love all her songs... She sings from her heart"



More money than talent

by choghok on

I think she just wanted to have a reason to show her house on the internet. Either that or she is probably on medication.



by Souri on

The house is probably for sale! It seems to be un-occupied. Probably the husband (or the friend who made the video) is the Real Estate agent and he used this video as a new way of advertising the house.

Marketing did a lot of progress in these new days!


A serious offer

by JavoonDeerooz on

منیژه خانم، اگر به حقیر افتخار غلامی بدهید، قول میدهم در عرض ۶ ماه شما را در لاس وگاس در مقابل اون یکی‌ سلین بوک میکنمتون(احتمالا در آریا) و بازار اون بیهنر را کساد می‌کنیم. لطفا با من تماس بگیرید. - بند تنبون



what's going on

by hazratee on

The weird and unpredictable weather, IRI feud and now this. Something is going on.

hajj khnom


by hajj khnom on

Poor thing. Why?



Anahid Hojjati

This video has sound problem.

by Anahid Hojjati on



Koli Khandidam...

by opinionpost on

Lahjasham farsi bud...



by yolanda on

Souri's and RG's posts cracked me up....

This lady can sing in Farsi too:


Saman Ahmadi

this really doesn't help the cry for

by Saman Ahmadi on

freedom of expression.


Manijeh's 15 disastrous minutes of fame .!.

by Fatollah on

baba! have a little bit of heart ... 


Please answer the phone

by پندارنیک on

It can be Fleet.


ای وای...چی شده ...چه خبره


منیژه جونم کی مجبورت کرد  خواننده بشی...برم پدر پدر سوخته اش رو در بیارم...

منیژه جونم...خوانندگی تو برای دو چیز خوبه...یکی برای خارج از کشور...چون خارج میخونی....یکی دیگه هم

برای عمه جونت

عجب دنیای متوسطی شده ها...





Khoda ro 100 hezar bar shokr

by ali_aaa on

Keh man honar mand nashodam.


Rasti yadam oftad dastmal toalet bayad bekharam emshab.

DC Shirzan

JJ Stop!

by DC Shirzan on

JJ please have mercy on our souls!


Tarjomeh in ahang be Farsi

by bahram9821 on

Tarjomeh in ahang be Farsi az aghaye Nabavi.


Chocolate Puma


by Chocolate Puma on

Ok, this world is hardly big enough for the original horse face aka Celine Dion, an OMOL Leyla Forouhar look-alike is just one Ghorbati too many!!!


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on



she needs to be on American

by vildemose on

she needs to be on American Idol; How did we miss such a stellar talent all these years?? This lady made my day. I needed this belly


مش قاسم


فکر کنم "ایسکه توام بچم ، ارای موتور سواری" یعنی که کاشکی باهات قاطی بشم برای موتور سواری!

ولی ما بچه های تهرون با این لهجه آشنایی نداریم!



by Souri on

I wish I could see the back screen decor, without her disturbing the view...........

Joli decor, indeed!

Jahanshah Javid

i beg you!

by Jahanshah Javid on

please put her on a reality show.