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Hardline cleric Mehdi Taeb on Ahmadineja's former top adviser

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What kind of "araajeef" he attributes to Tabatabaee in 2nd video

by Disenchanted on


       Retrad maintains that Tabatabaee kept one eye open while the other eye was being poked by a needle! What an utter B.S.

    Are these same folks who are arresting Anejad's followers accusing them of "Jadoo" "Janbal"?!




by Roozbeh_Gilani on

حالا چرا فحش میدی؟ آخه بچه با هوش، من نمیدونم تو یک ذره عقل داری یا نه‌؟ اگه داری، از خودت بپرس کی‌ این گوساله احمدی‌نژاد و دار و دسته‌اش رو سر کار گذاشت، بجای اینکه بیای فلان جات و جر بدی برای این "دکتر" که به نظر میاد از خودت هم یک ذره با هوش تر هست!



Saeb has blood of innocent people on his hands!

by Benyamin on



Where was Boroujerdi in 1983?

by BaronAvak on

Far worse took place in Iranian prisons in the 1980's and 1990's, when your noble Ayatollah BorouCIAerdi was perfectly fine and dandy with the system.  But now when his handlers declare it is time for another pseudo Gandhi-like pro-democracy cleric to be promoted to sainthood, he appears.  Suddenly, the guy comes from nowhere and starts making speeches in the streets, and in perfect coordination with the media element, where he gets highly favorable, uncritical press coverage in the BBC, Radio Free Europe, and all the usual media tools used for information warfare and perception management operations against Iran.  

By the way, "Roozbeh_Gilani," who are you and why do you purport to speak for all Iranians?  




we do differentiate by drawing a line...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

between the people of Iran that we are part of and love, and their enemies, the ones who come to power through a fake "election" and arrogantly call the people who oppose the the disgraceful fraud as "dust and dirt", and procede to murdering and raping them at kahrizak, Evin and alike for demanding their basic human rights. This is precisely why we support the "cleric" Boroojerdi who despite being part ofd the system, speaks for Iran and Iranians and reject the wanabe little fascist , the civilian Ahmadinezhad and his gang for what they are.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by BaronAvak on

What exactly makes the Ahmadinejad side a "mafia?"  They are war veterans who risked their lives defending the country. While religious, they are also nationalists, and many of them have actually spoken out against forced hijab, seperation of the sexes, etc.  Financially, they drive ordinary cars, live in modest homes with modest lifestyles.  

Compare that with the fat cat clerical elite -  with 7,000 suare foot villas and 12 businesses a piece operating from Dubai, pretending to be men dedicated to God but using religion to enrich themselves and meanwhile set the country back 100 years.  These religious phoneys haven't sacrificed anything yet claim the moral right to rule the country and tell everyone else what to do and what to wear.

At least the new generation of non-clerics paid their dues on the war front, did not participate in the intrigues of the revolution,want to give the youth more social freedom, and are not cooperating with foreign powers under the table.

Can't you differentiate? 


clerical mafia fighting ahmadinezhad's mafia.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 A bunch of thieving, corrupt murdering traitors fighting between each other over Iran's  oil revenue, whilst the majority  of the nation is suffering under increasing poverty, deprivation, religious dictatorship and threats of war..

These traitors all belong to one place: dangling by their filthy necks at the end of ropes at Tehran's  Azadi square, with dollars stuffed into their filthy mouths,  as warning to any future wanabe tin pot dictators. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Clerical Mafia v. ex-Revolutionary Guards with Patriotism

by BaronAvak on

The corrupt, clerical mafia which has cynically exploited the religious beliefs of the Iranian people for sickening Qajar-esque personal gain (in cahoots with foreign powers and at the expense of Iranian national interests), are for the first time in 32 years, under serious attack from within the system. 

The new faction within the IRI government, represented by Ahmadinejad and most of the more principled and nationalist Revolutionary Guards, are just the type of religious (but patriotic) Iranians who spent the 80's and 90's being suckered and manipulated by the corrupt clergy.  They were teenagers during the revolution, were sent to the war front in the 80's, and, saw first hand how the corrupt clergy used them and the Iranian people.  Now, they have grown up and have the power to set Iran right and detach the clerical mafia from the reigns of power in Iran for good.  

The clergy mafia, with the support of foreign powers who'd rather have corrupt (but compliant) clergy running Iran than principled anti-imperialists and nationalists who are harder to corrupt, are attempting to fight back and snuff out this nationalist, anti-mafia good-streak within the system.  And that, in a nutshell, is what this anti-Mashai, anti-Ahmadinejad maneuvering by religiously and culturally backwards, unprincipled, dishonest 70+ year old Shi'a clergymen is all about. 


IRI: The Government of Idiots, by the Idiots for the Idiots!

by Khar on

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Poor CIA

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

بیچاره سیا - مگه آدم قحطی بود؟