Ahmadinjead: Emam Zaman Commander

Presenting Ahmadinejad as the reincarnation of Shoaib Ibn Saleh, Emam Zaman's commander


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Multiple Personality Disorder

یا امامِ زمان! به دادمون برس!

Multiple Personality Disorder

اینا دیگه چه ‌خُلهائی هستند.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Of course that is something made to make fun of Ahmadinejad ........No one believe these craps ....... in terms of his pictures added to make this video.

But what that is really painful is the narration and so called Ravayats that the state TV is feeding to the people on a daily basis concerning Emam Zaman ....  that is not made up ... those were taken from actual TV program ... that is what makes you want to just shoot yourself !   

by the way we all know about the " Haleh yeh Noor " event in the U.N ......  so this guy is actually seeing something ......  : ) 



by shahabshahab on

-The producer is not to blame. Obviouudly they have a nice plan to dupe the Iranians. . Instead,, we shoiuld blame the audience , who acually listened to this garbage, and even beleies it .


Islamic Walt Disney presents

by Milan on

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me

A-H-M  A-D-I  N-E-J-A-D


Soosan Khanoom

Galam doon

by Soosan Khanoom on

I was too young to vote ...... the cutting age at that time for this was 16 ...so I could not ....I remember how people were excited over it and i even remember there were only two things in the ballot to choose .....The question was " Jomhouree Islamee " the choices were " Yes "or " No " .......  That was the first ever refrondom after revolution ..... there was no cheating at that time and the majority voted yes .....

my father use to tell me " Dhoktaram you do not know these Akhondha .....under their beards is written made in England .....  

but many did as i said majority did vote....... now we can learn from the past ..

We are ready for democracy more than ever ....... we are 30 years a head of any country in the region ........ we can make it happen and show the world  that how it should be done ..  leaving under Monarchy and mullahs and putting up with all the bull shits that were fed to us now we shall adore and worship the freedom that we are going to earn soon IA 


He will be approved by Siyyid Khorasani!!

by ahvazi on


I guess Siyyid Khorasani is Khar-Mainei :-)


Were we duped?

by ghalam-doon on

I mean those of us who voted for an Islamic Republic. What were we thinking?

I know, I know. Now everybody claims that they voted against this regime.

The question is where will all this end?


who has made this garbage??

by vildemose on

who has made this garbage?? Israel can use this against Iran when they call Iran a messianic nation hell bent on capturing jerusalem.


به عبارتی میتونه درست باشه



گفتم شیخا چرا ظلم زیاد

  گفتا که ز بهر عدل باشد و داد

گفتم که ظلم را چه ربتیست به داد

گفتا ظهور حضرتش باید یاد



گویند که او شعیب است


گویند که او شعیب است

بی‌ ایرادو بی‌ عیب است

فرمانده سپاه است

یار امام غیب است





hatman yeh chizayee az Obama ham too ravayat oomadeh, begardin peyda misheh. az Harry Potter ham hast!

G. Rahmanian

ايا روايت موايتي

G. Rahmanian

در باب قدوقواره شعيب هم بدست امده يا نه؟ در صدر اسلام بدليل عدم وجود مسلسل و بمب و موشك وغيره اصولاً سرداران ازهيكلي درشت و بسيار قوي برخوردار بودند. اين مرتيكه دجال كوتولو و ضعيفه. حتماً اشتباه شده!


Going back in history

by Reality-Bites on

Islam has long been past its sell by date.

What might've made sense for the backward nomadic tribes of 7th century Arabian Peninsula, does not make sense for the modern and complex world of the Global 21st century.

Believe in it if you wish, that is your personal choice. But if you think it can be reformed, then you are deluding yourself. You can't reform the unreformable. It's out of date and out of synch with the ever changing needs and complexities of today and the demands of humanity for more for more openness, freedom and tolerance.

Time to let it go.



by alx1711 on

What a loud of Garbage. Even a Donkey can laugh at this.

 After hearing this and looking at A-rabic (Tazi) text i had a urge to go to the Toilet and (you know the rest)...



God Damn

by Ensan on

I am sick to my stomach and ready to throw up. Last time I read about such things they were talking about 1933 when Hitler took over Germany. You all know what happen to Germany afterwards. Poor Iran, poor Iran


I thought....

by iamfine on

I thought the 12th imamalready came "Bahaullah." I am confused. Is it going to be a bigfight between AN and Bahaullah for this position- your thoughts

Soosan Khanoom

well said dear Amir

by Soosan Khanoom on

"Islam as it is practiced in so called Islamic countries today, is so much of its track that it will only take a renaissance to put it back on its original track"

Indeed brother ...indeed  

we are living in the darkest time ... it is the worst of time ...... we are so in need of a  renaissance  ..

there is nothing here but Zar, Zoor, and Tazvir 


what a bunch of B.S

by Amir19 on

What a bunch of crap. Everything about 12th Imam is a man made lie to fool the masses. Islam as it is practiced in so called Islamic countries today, is so much of its track that it will only take a renesance to put it back on its original track which promotes worshiping God alone and getting rid of all the Imams and saints and superstitions.  If watching clips like this depresses you, do what you can to get rid of the Satanic Republic of Iran! Join the movement and be positive. The victory is near. 


EZ Solutions!!

by Demo on

Even the writers of all those rubbish stories ("Rava-yat") had never thought their garbage would be used like this on 2011! These talks are all about deceiving the masses for an EZ (Emam Zaman) miracle to happen soon to bring them eternal prosperity & happiness!

PS: Since AN is the "man" side of "Za-man" then who is going to be the "mam"  side of the "E-mam?"


what a load of crock.

by azadi5 on

really? I mean really??



by Onlyiran on



2500 years of civilization

by shirazi73 on

2500 years of civilization and we have this idiot running our mamlekat. There must be somebody watching this garbage. How did we allow our country to get to this. I dont know if I should laugh or cry.