Kamran Najafzadeh

Iranian state TV reporter expelled from France

Press TV: An Iranian journalist has been forced to leave France due to restrictions imposed on him by the French government over his so-called “controversial” reports. “After 18-month of journalistic activities, in a joint meeting of the French Interior and Foreign Ministry they came to the conclusion that 'the IRIBNews reporter has crossed red lines and has stirred hatred in French public opinion,'” Kamran Najafzadeh said upon his arrival in Tehran on Saturday >>>


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Joe L.

by Doctor mohandes on


So what was the medication of choice today my man?

In iran you are free to do what again??? LOL.

WHy don't you go and do all that and then come back and Give us assurance that it is 100% ok to go that way . Ookay there buddy??


Joe L.

good comment alaaf

by Joe L. on

there are no good answer to your question because as you said the wrong move was done by a country that claims to be democracy. not to mention that the french police would treat demonstrators extremely violent even though unlike iran, demonstrators were not stepping beyond the constitution!

and to the comment above you alaaf:

"One difference is that when there is such an expulsion in free countries
like France, you can go to France and openly and publicly question and
criticise the authorities
for their action, and if necessary, even take
them to a court of law."???

not really. they could not take a reporter who questions the french regime (not government; in iran you are free to do as you please, write, talk...against the government), as french do to iran...could they? no and the news above is the proof.  

Joe L.


by Joe L. on



Well alaaf, since you ask

by Reality-Bites on

One difference is that when there is such an expulsion in free countries like France, you can go to France and openly and publicly question and criticise the authorities for their action, and if necessary, even take them to a court of law. Try doing the same in Iran when the IRI authorities carry out such acts and see what happens.

Btw, interesting that you admit the IRI expels and puts restrictions on foreign reporters......


well well well. Look what we have here

by alaaf on

And how's this any different from IRI expelling and putting restrictions on foreign reporters? 


vildmose:"why the Brits allow pressTV to operate in their land"?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Really good question.

 I have the misfortune of knowing a press tv "reporter', as she is related to me (a distant family relation, thanks god...). I tell you, the entire family back home are ashamed of her. She is known to be a ministry of etelaat employee (Ministry of etelaat is the IRI's internal network of spy and torture and execution apparatus).

 I have no doubt every Iranian employee of press TV is an etelaat employee, just like this scum bag who got kicked out of france.

Brits are very careful with their lap poodles. They only put them down when they are sure there is no use, absolutely no use for them whatsoever!

Press TV's turn will come soon, I have no doubt, and when it happens then we know the islamist regime is about to collapse!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Soosan Khanoom

by Reality-Bites on

This topic is about an IRI employee, supposedly a reporter, who's been expelled from France. It has/had nothing to do with Zionists or Israel. So why did you feel the need to bring them into the discussion?


Bon débarras !!

by Shemirani on

He should be ashamed of himself, critisizing France while Iran's jail is full of journalists and students ! What a Hypocrit ! Kash aghalan ba khodetoon sadegh boodi...Yek sundis khor bish nistid !!!

Un charter entier pour tout ces pseudo journalistes et diplomates et bon vent !!! le temps des terroristes est révolue !


ps: yes anonymous were here last day :D (you attacked a wrong target guys its not a pro-regime site )

G. Rahmanian

Oil Money Misappropriated!

by G. Rahmanian on

All these mercenaries are hired, thanks to the oil revenues, to protect the interests of the illegitimate regime in Tehran. In a country with more than 60% of its population living under poverty line, some would do and say anything for little handouts from the mullahs.


Thank you HG. I wasn't

by vildemose on

Thank you HG. I wasn't really sure what cesspool they originated from. Appreciate the correction.


hating Iran and Iranian government is unhealthy

by Khebedin on

some of the comments by some, so called, Iranians are very strange. they seem to hate Iran and any Iranian who dears to talk. I am wondering if these guys are really Iranains or are these written by one person employed by Israel. These guys talk bad about Iranian government regardless of what the government does. It is just all very sad. I hope they will wake up one day to be a better person.

Freemasons Exposed

Here is a thought !!!

by Freemasons Exposed on

May be the Propoganda Machine of IRI and The Zionist Regime work for the same Financial groups based in London & NewYork. I know this is too deep for a lot of sheeples who want simplistic answers, but to answer complex questions one must dig deep.

But Lets start with who BENEFITS??? and what picture is being presented here both in Iran and in the western media?

Preemtive war rings a bell???
And to MR Israel Lover, Israel is the biggest Terrosrist Entity in the World, their record speaks for its self, both in terms of their brutality and their lack of respect for human life!!!

G. Rahmanian

Thank You Mr. Sarkozy!

by G. Rahmanian on

Unfortunately, for deacdes Europeans turned a blind eye to the criminal activities of many IR operatives and death squads. Dozens of Iranians were murdered by these mercenaries in cold blood.

It is time for the Europeans to realize that their leniency towards the Islamic Republic's criminals under any pretext will only have more appalling consequences for tens of millions of Iranians in Iran and in exile!

IR agents sound so comical when they speak of freedom!

hamsade ghadimi

vildemose, i think you're

by hamsade ghadimi on

vildemose, i think you're under the impression that press tv is broadcasted from england.  if i'm right, thn you're mistaken.  press tv has a branch in london that gathers news from western media and sends it to iran.  they also have a branch in beirut that send news from the rish o pashm countries.

Soosan Khanoom

the IC site was down

by Soosan Khanoom on

the IC site was down .......

i got several blogs with the Shahyad pictures on one page  and some error and in the corner it was written dec 1969 ........ I did not much pay attention   

now i do not understand your gender related question?

are you asking me ?   like did I ever mention that I am not a woman? .......  i am just confused ....... what are you talking about?


Anahid Hojjati

Soosan khanom is correct

by Anahid Hojjati on

It was 1969. IC looked spooky like that.



by Doctor mohandes on

69 you say ,,, ey?? not too shabby there girl:))

You are the man. or the woman:)

Soosan Khanoom

DK Jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

I think the website was down .......  I had the same experience but the year was 1969 .......... 

I am not sure why yours was 1999 ......... may be it has to do with that prince song : ) 


I think it went on for an hour or so  


Soosan Khanoom

by Doctor mohandes on

Who flashed whom back in 1999? and is she or can she flash again??:))

come on. come on. Somebody. I need Infromacciones por favorito.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Just a flash back .......

party like its 1999  : )



by Doctor mohandes on

BUt did Iranian.com go through a hiccup attack or have a nervous breakdown (read hack/take over) this afternoon? I don't know if i was the only one experiencing it.

I saw the name Ananymous with a Dec 31, 1999 date all over and clicking on anything would display a big old "error".

Any observacciones on that?


He's right

by KingReza on

European countries, especially France, do not grant freedom of speech. If Iran is ever to become democratic, I wish for its system to be closer to that of United States than Europe.

Nader Vanaki

بیچاره نجف زاده

Nader Vanaki

تازه داشت به زبون فرانسه آشنا می شد و می تونست یه اتوبوسی سوار بشه و خریدی برای منزل بکنه.  حالا باید علاف خیابون های تهران بشه و توی پیاده روهای شلوغ پلوق، سوآل های بی مزه و خنک بپرسه و تحلیل های آبدوغ خیاری از مسائل روز به صدا و سیما تحویل بده.  مردم کوچه و بازار هم چقدر متلک بارش کنن!  من اگه جای نجف زاده بودم به آمریکا پناهنده می شدم و با قیافه ای که داره سعی می کردم در هالیوود نقش بدل Homer Simpson رو بازی کنم.

Soosan Khanoom

ELS dear

by Soosan Khanoom on

They are both " beereekht " and " kachal " 

and God bless you and me and no one else  : )


has this been posted previously??

by vildemose on

WikiLeaks: Iranian Assassination Plot In Southern California


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

"What is the difference between Press TV and Zionist..."

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

The Israeli media people are good folks. The IRR media people are terrorist! There are many more differences too... IRR reporters are Kachal, Bereekht, smell awful, and yucky in general ... Israeli ones are the opposite!

God Bless Israel! 


Great News!!!!!! He's probably a terrorist anyway

by Onlyiran on

The IR should not be allowed to have reporters in other countries for two reasons:

1) it does not allow reporters from other countries in Iran;

2) it does not allow free speech in Iran (therefore, it should not be alowed the benefits of free speech).

All IR "reporters" (who are probably spies and terrorists anyway) should be deported from other countries! 


Thank you Red Wine et al

by All-Iranians on

Soosan Khanoom

What is the difference

by Soosan Khanoom on

What is the difference between Press TV and Zionist controlled media? 

They are both biased ........   either keep them both  or send both away ........ 

I am neither IRI nor Zionist defenders ........  I am just tired of double standards .........  

Who even trust any news agency these days  !