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Interview with women's rights activist &...


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Mash Ghasem

She does knows better, the question seems to be ,

by Mash Ghasem on

do YOU understand?

The term TANAFOR was used by the mojry, i forget his name the screamer, and she was actually very specific in her response and said : " No, that's a  word that you're using, I ( Shadi Sadr) said ZED" which in persian means AGAINST. That's one.

Two) Male dominance and patriarachy is not unique to Iranian society and culture, its a worldwide phenomenon, in Iran like most Middle East , third world countries its more pronounced. Even in advance industrial socities that have progressive legislation in the books there are still many problems ro deal with.

Three)I thought she was actually pretty mild on her renumeration of the abuses Iranian women go through. Do you have any idea how many Iranian women are burned alive by their fathers or brothers? How about all those Iranian women that  burn themselves? ( there are  some memorable poems on them, in this site). No one is saying  these Iranian men are heartless. They probably have too much emotional  attachment, plus a very assertive sense of "ownership": not a healthy combo.

Four) Advance apologies if you thought I was trying to offened anyone , but the  problem remains the same however we think about our semantics or emotions. Iranian men's abuse  of women must stop. Below is link to an article on this topic, cheers


خشونت‌هاى جنسيتى در محيط‌هاى كارى



Shadi Sadr for President.


گوید مهاجرانی


گوید مهاجرانی این گوی و این میدان است
یا اینکه با ما باشید یا جایتان زندان است

گوید که نفت و گاز و انواع باج گیری

حق بیت رهبریست مال بسیجیان است

تردید اگر نمائید بر خبرگان رهبر
خط شما جدا از هر فرد با ایمان است

گوید به شخص رهبر ما را سهیم گردان
آینده شما در تأیید خبرگان است



Watch your language "mash ghasem"

by Benyamin on

and re-watch the whole thing again she said it a few times and repeated it as well.

At any rate, this is not how you go about to fix a problem if the majority of the men are also the abuser. I think Shadi Sadr needs to count her blessings and pick her battle instead of calling almost everyone an abuser.

Most of the abuse is there for lack of understanding of opposite genders and lack of directed and corrective culture not because most men in Iran lack humanity or brain!!!

She should know better. 

Mash Ghasem

Benny, it's you not Shadi , she never used the word tanafor

by Mash Ghasem on

she says she's ZED , against men who abuse women. Aren't you as well? Shouldn't every respectable man also be zed, against women abusing men?

Let's not project insecure male imagination into her most refined, elegant vocabulary, please my nizzle, tesheker, Ya Hack.


Statistical confusion

by Milan on

I'm not a statistician, but have these 70 percent of abused women necessarily received the abuse from 70 percent of Iranian men? Could the male percentile be much lower or higher?


Re: Shadi Sadr???

by Benyamin on

Is it me or she couldn`t remember saying " motenafer=hate" almost 4 times and impplied at least once!!!

She is a good person with good intentions but a lousy politiian!

To say one "hates"(her words not mine) 70 percent of the population is going against everything and trying to fix everything at once and in a very impatient way. She must remember that the biggest hurdle feminists face in Iran or all over the world is not "men" but women themselves. It is women that create and insist on most of the treditions that are out dated and hurtful to women`s rights. I think she should start from women instead of saying she hates 70 percent of men! Because to hate 70 percent of men it means she has left with almost no credibility to forward her cause.


Greatest feminists in the world are Page Three Girls

by ComraidsConcubine on

 They work their butts on for a living

They demand high salaries and never sell themselves short

They make full use of their attributes

They show no shame for their godgiven gifts and why should they anyway

They have wizard financial heads on their peachy shoulders 


They are cute and clever and pretty and full of life and sexy too

They don't take themselves too seriously, but know that their mountains could move many a Muhammed 

They make millions very happy 


they just get better

by ramintork on

Brilliant. they just get better everytime.


Parazit never fails to deliver

by Reality-Bites on

12:15 to 13:20 had me in stitches, just too funny. Great program.


Regarding Violent men

by Doctor mohandes on

She was right on about the attitude that men need to adopt in order to avoid over-endearing supre traditional values. Of course it will create a major conflict with their current set of belief, But they must learn to open themselves up and let the demons flee their souls!!!

I seriously hope non of the men watching this show in iran, really think in those terms....


I tip my hat to Shadi Sadr

by bihonar on

I tip my hat to her. She is wonderful. I am proud of all Iranian women.

Go Girls Go......


Loved Shadi Sadr

by masoudA on

Also loved Kambiz asking her all the crucial questions. 

Babak K.

It was a great program as

by Babak K. on

It was a great program as you usual, but too much concenteration on Ahmadinajad and Khamanei, but too soft on Ayatollah Khomeini.  As my Turish friend usded to say, "if you want to kill a snake crush its head". 

Babak K.


They are getting better and

by vildemose on

They are getting better and better everyday. He is a great interviewer too.

Mash Ghasem

Great story telling, Hossain Kurd Shabestry is proud of you,

by Mash Ghasem on

even better music, more Aghasi, tesheker. Also see Walter Benjamin's "Storyteller." Cut down on the rage, it gets boring, more humor. Shadi Sadr for President, truly against the current. Parazit should invite only Iranian Women Activists for the next six months (at least), finally got the news, cheers

P.S. You should play more Aghasi (with that Arabic accent and hair, just priceless) between your boring interviews, it'll pick up the pace. Some Davod Maghami would be a miracle.Ya hack.

Jahanshah Javid

Rafsanjani & Sadr

by Jahanshah Javid on

Excellent program. Both the Rafsanjani segment and the Sadr interview. I was very impressed by Sadr's common sense. Marhaba to all. And a reminder to producers: Inviting Shadi Sadr on the occasion of Women's Day does not count as a female guest of the show :) The audience needs to see more female guests on Parazit talking about... what the male guests talk about. Something other than their gender.