Abadani Fans Insult Turks

Aired on live TV without comment or interruption

In a game between Abadan's Sanat e Naft and Tabriz' Teraktor Sazi, Abadani fans shout "tork e khar" (turkish donkey) and hoist a flag showing a red donkey:


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Khar too Khar

by Maast o Deevaane on

I wonder how many Azari/Iranians got blown to pieces and lost their lives to free Abadanis  from their Iraqi cousins during those 8 bloody years?

az maast ke bar maast :(


This is racism

by statira on

and very common in Iran.


i'm not offended

by tabriz_balasi on

trakhtori sazi fans deserve worse !!!


I am embarressed for them!

by Benyamin on

they are turning to huliganism.



by asadabad on

These people are complete losers.  Their "racial pride" is rooted in jealousy given the fact that Turkey was 3rd place in the 2002 World Cup. 

"Pride is the crutch of the insecure."


Sahameddin Ghiassi

تفرقه باینداز وحکومت کن

Sahameddin Ghiassi

نفرت و خشونت  تفرقه و تهمت   این سرمایه استعمار واستحمار بین المللی است که متاسفانه  در دنیای سوم کم بیش پایه ګذاری شده است   حربه دین ملیت  و زبان در دست جوانان ساده دل و کسانی که روی آنان برنامه ریزی کرده اند   دنیا رو به اتحاد و ما رو به تفرقه ؟


only because there were no bassijis around!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

To become the focal point for hate for both abadani and Turks.

Nothing Unites us Iranians more than a common enemy, which we have today in form of the islamist regime and their enforcer thugs the basijis.

Long Live Iran.United! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


JJ jan "Khar is as khar does "shod harf baradareh man!!

by pedramx on

 "Khar is as khar does" shod harf baradareh man!! in ham ke shod tekareh hamon rafdar

Kareh besiar nadoroosti bood rafdareh tarafdaraneh abadani vali khastam yadavari konam ke team Naft abadan ham ke dar tabriz bazi dasht hamvatananeh Azari be hamin gooneh mehman navazi kardan. zemnan enghadr to bazi hafteh ghabl be davar bado birah goftam ke ashkeh aghayeh mayli kohan ro dar ovordan va hafteh ghablesh ham 11000 sandali shekastan va toyeh zamin partab kardan. chizi ke mikham begam ineh ke motasefaneh in yk moshkeleh farhangieh ke dar bayneh tarafdaraneh hameh team ha vojood dareh, hamisheh seda va sima sedayeh tamashachi ha ro ghat mikoneh vaseh doshnam haee ke midan hala indafeh sedayeh abadani ha ro pakhsh kardan eshtebahi... kholaseh khastam begam ke in moshkelh farhangi ro be soorateh koli bayad baresi kard na inkeh faghat az tarafdarayeh yk team enteghad kard.


Going too far for the

by alx1711 on

Going too far for the purpose of entertainmet. This is how you end up with a divided nation.



by پندارنیک on

Long time, no see..........Good to hear from you.....

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

JJ, Were you not born and raised in Abadan?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

What kind of Ham-Shahri of yours are these guys?

Anahid Hojjati

As an Abadani from Lor background

by Anahid Hojjati on

I am deeply offended that Abadanis would call Turks khar.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

This is stupid and racist. We Abadanis have family roots from all over Iran, from all ethnic, and all religious groups. Racism has no place among my Abadani friends.

Football is a friendly and fun sport. Racism and bigotry have no place in sports.





by divaneh on

Lack of civility and brain is the biggest enemy of this country.


Divide and conquer

by choghok on

There was an interesting program about how revolutionary guards almost all of the football teams in Iran including Traxtor. Now how come that the revolutionary guards can catch CIA spies and god knows what in no time but they can not catch people doing this stuff in their stadiums and to their teams? I guess they make a lot of money and use the old "divide and conquer" mentality that works very well with Iranian people.


sanat naft fans are as stupid as trakhtor fans

by spatima on

 I think the spectators of this match have just proven that they are as rude and as racist as trakhtor fans.

I think the problem, more than anything is systematic. racism spreads through official backing. Taking no action against it, is just the same as enforcing it. 


In hope of a Free, Independent, Democratic and Secular Iran



by IranMarzban on

this is very bad but no suprises this is a soccer stadium no diffrence between a soccer stadium and "chale midon" btw turks kinda saw it comming when they used the fake name of persian gulf and brought republic of azerbijan flag in to the azadi what goes around comes around



Jahanshah Javid

khar is as khar does

by Jahanshah Javid on

these Abadani fans have made themselves the biggest fools on the planet. I hope somebody on that Iranian state tv has talked about this shameful episode and called on imposing punishment on the Sanat e Naft team so that they teach their fans a lesson in civility. european teams have often gotten fined or forced to play games in empty stadiums when their fans have shouted racist remarks at black players.