National Rugby Team

Almost reach Asian championship finals

Wikipedia: The Islamic Republic of Iran Rugby Union was formed in 2000 as a part of Baseball Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran became a fully fledged member of the International Rugby Board in November 2010. Rugby union was first introduced into Persia by the British military, and it was not uncommon for rich Persians to send their children to British boarding schools. Aadel Kardooni, an Iranian who emigrated to the England in the 1980s played for Leicester Tigers and represented England A. He was the first Asian to ever play professionally in Europe. In more recent times, it has grown through university contacts and has now grown to over 1,000 players, both men and women >>>



Iraninans could be V good at Rugby

by KB on

Growing up in England I played Rugby for school, University and local clubs. I came across a few good Iranian players which was odd as vey few Iranians knew what rugby was. They still often think its American football.

The best Iranian player by far was Adel Kardooni who played for Leicester as a scrum half in the late 80's. He even represented England A's on several occasions.

I genuinely think Iranians, given chance, could be very good at Rugby. Its the "team" version of wrestling so its right up their alley.



Of "almost"

by پندارنیک on

I've almost always  been fascinated by the healing power of this magical word which makes almost all our wounds lickable.



by IranMarzban on

cool did not know we had rugby team.  kashki mibordan