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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I think debate over words is pointless. We both agree Reza Shah was great for Iran. Shah was also very good. Now whether they were autocrats or dictators who cares? I never said they were despots; they were not!

The Iranian people showed in 1979 that they were not ready for democracy. Given a chance they picked the worst *** they could find. Then took hostages and made total asses out of themselves. Ruined the whole image of Iran.

I do not care what people call the Shah. He put the right people in jail. And if thee was abuse it was nothing more than practiced by most other rulers. The MKO and Islamists deserved far worse than Savak dished out. Do we agree on that now?


نشریه " آرش "  از

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

نشریه " آرش "  از معتبر ترین و مطرح ترین مجلات خارج کشور

بخوانید و داوری کنید.


و بسیار بسیار برنامه عالی بود. از موسیقی شروع در یاد اسطوره، تا " تای تمامت"  در مورد کودکان.
بد نیست اگرکه  هفتگی  قسمتهای مخصوص تهیه شود در مورد اقشار آسیب پذیر 
جامعه مانند : کودکان، سالمندان، معلولین ،  باز ماندگان جنگ، "شهیدان
زنده" شیمیایی با پنجاه درصد ظرفیت تنفسی شش ،...


خدا بزنه به کمر هر چی‌ آدم دروغگو!


One of them, says Ghelichkhani was a SAVAK agent, and as "proof", points us to some obscure web site! Now this is  like someone else, making the same claim, pointing to this particular lier's claim on this site as a proof!

The other, the  so called "monarchist", claims that shah and his father were good and not into torture and such!

But what I think is pissing off both these liers is not Ghelichkhani's opposition to the Shah per se, as shah is gone and over with. What is pissing them both off, is Ghelichkhani's opposition to one dictatorship being replaced by another, some argue  many times worse. It is Mr ghelichkhani's unconditional support for Iran, it's people and secular domcratic values.  It is the fact Mr Ghelichkhani broke away from Fadayan khalgh Organisation's so called aksariat section, after they ganged up with the traitors of tudeh party, abandoned the revolution and joined the counter revolution, AKA the islamist regime.

And before I go:

Dorood bar Ghelichkhani!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mash Ghasem

Best Parazit program yet

by Mash Ghasem on

From beginning to the end flawless. thank you.


VPK I might answer you later, Its worth knowing definitions

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You say Shah was a dictator and the proof is in Rastakhiz and his other impositions.

If I have time I can come back and give you several different definitions of what a dictator is and is not.  The above acts you mention do not in any way qualify as a dictator, tyrant, despot... which are all different words for the same thing.  

If you'd like, why not get a dictionary, read a chapter of a philosophy book regarding dictatorship and you'll know in depth for certain what a dictator is and is not.

Also read about autocracy.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I generally agree with you. I think Reza Shah was the best thing that happened to Iran. In many centuries. But my family lived in Iran for as long as history goes. My grandfather lived under Reza Shah. 

He used to say: "In diictatore vali mihan paraste". He was right. Reza Shah was a benevolent dictator and that is what we needed. History shows that. We needed someone to put down the idiots who had brainwashed the masses.

Read Kasravi: In Azarbayjan in WWII government was distributing food to people. Mollahs had told people not to register in the census. The result was that insufficient food was distributed. That was the people we had. We needed a dictator to put them right. When you got morons who are watching a well for Imam Zaman you should not have a democracy. Not until people are ready. Maybe they are now but that was then. The Universities were filled with Marxist morons. I know that because of personal experience. We needed Savak to kick their ***. If not they were going to turn Iran over to the Soviet Union. Shah was a dictator and the proof is in Rastakhiz and his other impositions. He messed up. Instead of slowly preparing people for democracy he destroyed the democratic institutions leaving us with Mollahs. So while I praise him I also point out his faults. It is being honest and realistic.



by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Saying that tortures were committed in a few rare cases, without him or his goverments knowledge, against both is will and the laws of the land, by a few bad apples is very different from what you are saying...

he did it.


it occurred yes,

but not in any numbers 

and was immediately dealt with.

What that shows to anyone with a fair mind is that he was completely opposed to violence. Calling him a snake reveals your true disingenuous nature.  Are you Hezbollah paykar? He Did everything to prevent other peoples crimes, despite abusive nature of some people.  He Did a better job than the rest of the free and developed world. 

But in comparison to some imaginary heaven, he was not 100% perfect.

Wake up!


Paykar Shah in his own words video actually says what i'm saying

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shah says physical torture I don't believe,

translation for you specifically... what occured in Abu Ghraib and Guantanimo by USA did not happen in Iran during his reign. 

Shah says... Maybe in the old days,  (refering to several cases that occured without his knowledge, under general bakhtyar, who was immediately fired from savak and put under house arrest) he broke the law and was punished.

So Shah is saying exactly what I am saying... no tortures... and never lawfully!!!

Those pictures and interviews shown later were pure propaganda, you don't think in your wise democratic mind that the type of people that took over Iran, the clergy, with all ther torture chambers, assassins, terrorists, were capable of putting together people to say lies about the Shahs regime.

Childish, foolish, niave,

Embarrassing I am trying to educate people that are so far in the ditch of their own mind, they don't even want to be free.



Paykar... Why does your comment not surprise me???

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

People that have to lie ultimately show they have no real point to make,

I totally disagree with VPK that the Shah was a dictator, I laugh at people that use savaks history of torture and brutality, yet can't bring up any cases of torture in Savak except lies..(with the exception of the several cases that did occur under general bakhtiyar, during Kennedys Presidency and never after).

You have valuable information for all iranians or you are a liar about your friend and you should be called out on your accusations.  it doesn't take much effort to get a phone number of someone, anywhere in the world.

We have the whole world media, bbc, all US news networks after 1974, like an orchestra, quoting that Savak allegedly tortures and not one single case is ever put forward!!!!! 

We have the Shah himself, in his several days of interviews with David Frost, thoroughly refute those nonsense lies... and yet some how... almost magically... those part of the interview are edited out of the final copy!!!

Then we have cases where US and British personel are torturing dozens to hundreds of people in IRAQ or worse, turning a blind eye as Iraqi's under their command committ attrocities by torturing thousands and there is litle coverage in the media (in comparison to the time of the Shah).  The worlds leading democracies are at torture right now as we speak.

So WHERE are you people of integrity and wisdom that call for democracy in Iran?????

The fact is Shahs autocracy was far more Humane than any of the worlds leading democracies.  Human Rights mattered to him personally.

I repeat my view, while I agree it was partly foreign propaganda that misled people, it was also because of ungrateful, dishonest, gutless and unpatriotic people that called the shah a dictator with no proof or case, blamed Savak for committing crimes that it never did, that we have the Islamic Regime in Power today torturing so many people and committing massive crimes.

Our hopes and dreams for evolving from an autocracy to a democracy over say 50 years have been ruined and we now face a country with absolutely no institutions to build on. 

Which leaves the few of us that care about freedom, justice and truth above all else with no alternative in practice but the autocratic system of Monarchy.  Democracy makes absolutely no sense if it is at the expense of freedom, truth and justice, which is sadly how it exists in most of the 3rd world, with out these qualities.




by Paykar on

Even an snake has a useful function in an ecosystem; we do not crwon snakes. Do we?

The subject is torture, his father did it and he did it.  That is all.


Shah in his own words

by Paykar on

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes Shah was a dictator and so was his father I agree. They both *loved* Iran and used their power to advance Iran. With the Soviet stooges and Islamists we needed a good dictator. And Reza Shah was a good one. 

Shah was a mediocre one but still did a lot of good. Dictator does not men bad for nation. With our an-tellectuals we needed a dictator to slap them down. With idiots like Shariati and Bazargan I am glad we had a dictator.

When the population is uneducated and superstitious they are incapable of making decisions. As was proven by their "choice" of the Islamic "constitution" as they saw Khomieini's face on the moon! The 60's morons did not deserve democracy and proved it by picking the absolute worst idiot Khomeini when they got the chance. They gave up Shapur Bakhiyar for Khomeini. Those people did not deserve the right to vote: they needed the Shah. If IR is your democracy then *** democracy.



Rewrite history

by Paykar on

if you like. I am not gonna give you any name, because of 2 reasons, I have not seen my old classmate for decades, so no contact; secondly who are you to be the judge? 

Shah was a dictator, his father was a dictator; go ahead deny this. One party system is a sign of authroterian regime and dictatorship under whatever ideaology.  Imprisonment and gholchomogh bazi was method of choice for Mir Panj.

 You along with many who wish to return to a system that is historically been dealt with have all the rights to pursue your dreams; even engage in the childish propaganda and resort to exaggerated  cliams.

The population in Iran has moved on, of course there must be supportes of the ex regime, it's natural; but re-establishment of Monarchy seems out of reach.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

There we go

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Shah bashing #?. Don't you guys get sick of it! I don't know if Mr Ghilich was Savak or not. Nor do I care since it was a long time ago. How about now? Bashing each other; bashing Ghilich; Bashing the Shah.

Why don't you people look ahead! I wrote on another blog that we need to learn from history. One thing is to stop bashing one another. Do you want IR to laugh at us while we argue over this. 

Maryam Hojjat

Shah was an Autocrat, well said

by Maryam Hojjat on

I agree with amirparviz.


ahosseini, what causes you to think shah was a dictator?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You say...In those days while all the others including Hejazi were enjoying  fame
and the life of luxury he stood up against the dictatorship of the
Shah. One mistake a lot of people make and that is comparing IR regime
with that of Shah's regime and conclude that the Shah's dictatorship was
good. This is a ridiculous argument. This child was born out of that

How do you define dictator vs autocrat?

Wasn't there an independent parliament, independent universities, independent judiciary?

Isn't it true Shah did not have or ever in all his years exercise absolute power?

Wasn't there Freedom In Iran?  Were people lives not continuously improving?

When I read scholarly articles on how freedom turns to tyranny in any nation, one element in every case that has to occur is that masses have to act irresponsibly.  Surely you were not aware of that fact when you made the comment, that child came out of that mother. 

You can't be honest with yourself if you say that every single person in Iran was perfect and made no mistake... the only person behind 1979 was the Shah.  Just think how silly that statement of false blaming sounds.

He was an autocrat.... which is very different to a dictator.



Also I stated in my post, rare cases were found and pursued.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

" There were a few, rare cases of torture, nothing like the on the scale
committed by US/UK in Iraq, but a few cases, done unlawfully and
reported to the Shah by foreign secret services on political leaders
they were supporting. 

Since it was unlawful, no one would dare committ such crimes with their
superiors knowledge.  The Shah always took crime seriously and pursued
these cases, even if they were reported by foreign secret services
against their anti-monarchy funded groups."


I remember very well when Ghlich was arrested

by ahosseini on


 As far as I remember, he was arrested and when he and Lavasani appeared on TV apologising for what they had done. I think it is wrong to assume that all those who repented joined Savak. It is true in the case of ordinary prisoners. Ghlichkhani was an exception. He was an extremely popular footballer. He didn't have to join Savak so he could come out of prison. He never became part of system, like for example Parviz Nik Khah. The names of Savak members were released after the revolution. I don't think his name was on the list. I think the darkest time of his political life was when he appeared on TV and when he joined Fedaei Aksariat. I think he is a genuine person. In his interview Enayat Fani of BBC he admits he had made mistakes in both cases. I still rate him as one of the good one. In those days while all the others including Hejazi were enjoying  fame and the life of luxury he stood up against the dictatorship of the Shah. One mistake a lot of people make and that is comparing IR regime with that of Shah's regime and conclude that the Shah's dictatorship was good. This is a ridiculous argument. This child was born out of that mother.



Could you please list about twenty of those books?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I don't know if Iran has an, you would have to ask iranians affiliated with the tudeh party, my aunt used to support them after hearing of the many tortures Savak allegedly committed.

Sadly, for most tudehs, life did not go as they planned when they supported khomeini.  More than 10,000 were imprisoned and later under khomeini's orders and Mousavi's signature they were all murdered (regime called it execution) in a matter of days.

By all means, having nails removed is 100% torture.

Who was your school friend, how can I get in touch with him/her, I'd like to arrange to see for myself and have a retired savak official in california answer some questions for me about your friend, this I would consider a big personal favor.  email me direct at subject Paykar.

Otherwise your comment is similar to all these sites that say their product cures insulin dependent diabetes, only when you dig a little deeper and ask to speak with a person that has been cured you end up never being able to get a hold of them.

30 years, a world media, many organizations and no cases found to this day...  We always see the term, the allegedly brutal Savak.  So your friend would be an important person in light of what you say happened to him.

It also reminds me of the billions shah allegedy stole from Iran, after being personally pursued by lawyers, law enforcement, surveylance for years etc etc, no large sums have been found or seized, the net worth of all pahlavi family members combined including Asraf, homes, shares, cash, jewelry etc etc was estimated at under 65 million recently, of which more than 40 million was donated after 1982. Which in light of their families accomplishment for Iran is embarrasing.


Remember Him Well .....

by R2-D2 on

Watched him many times at Amjadieh Stadium playing for Team-e Melli - Always an impressive player :)




"My point here is to remind

by Paykar on

"My point here is to remind people that the thousands of books that were
written by people about being tortured, were pure lies, with a political
agenda to overthrow the regime."


Could you please list about twenty of those books? Shah's regime compared to regime of Allah, was far less harsh on dealing with dissidents on a mass scale; but to claim there was no torture is false. I had a classmate who had a couple of fingernails pulled, I consider that torture. 


"Ghelichkhani was opposed to Shah's tyranny" Shame on you.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

To Still be discussing and insisting that the Shah knowingly had tortures committed by Savak is as shameful as it is a lie.

Highly critical authors against the shah, including milani, who was in savak custody deny ever being tortured. Also current leaders of the islamic regime, who were in savaks custody and interrogation programs also deny ever being tortured, including mehdi karroubi.

So why so many lies and why repeated after so many now know the truth about the standards of Savak?

Some people still believe this tactic will work on the younger generation as it did on the older one. They reason.. if it worked once in getting people to rise against the Shah and in making one of the worse mistakes the Iranian people have made in their history, then it might have some buyers today.

These lies about Shah's Savak torturing people also go against what former savak agents discussed with me in my own personal questioning of them.  So to review, it was unlawful to torture anyone before the revolution and people on the whole abided by the rules.

My point here is to remind people that the thousands of books that were written by people about being tortured, were pure lies, with a political agenda to overthrow the regime.  The Monarchy was not short of enemies.

There were a few, rare cases of torture, nothing like the on the scale committed by US/UK in Iraq, but a few cases, done unlawfully and reported to the Shah by foreign secret services on political leaders they were supporting. 

Since it was unlawful, no one would dare committ such crimes with their superiors knowledge.  The Shah always took crime seriously and pursued these cases, even if they were reported by foreign secret services against their anti-monarchy funded groups.

When I think of all the Good the Pahlavi's did for Iran and what is going on to Iranians at the hands of Mullahs it shows me what nasty values you prescribe to, to not even pause and reflect at the disgusting situation your lies helped create in Iran in 1979.  You clearly don't have the ability to regret your actions, however harmful they are to others, while you live in freedom and hear of iranians being cut, beaten and raped in every province. 

Those of you who continue this path after doing some research and facing the truth based on multiple sources, are all guilty of being gutless traitors by Iranian standards, forget western ones.

You force other iranians come to the conclusion that now is not the time for democracy in Iran, because with democracy if you put garbage in, you get garbagge out and these comments are undisputable proof that far too many Iranians just don't have the values necessary to create a successful democracy with or with out a shah.


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Defending a Hero, Condemning SAVAK and IRI's MOI

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Paykar jaan,

Khabaronline is Ali Larijani’s site. Larijani is one of the top leaders of the terrorist regime. The terrorist regime uses Keyhan, IRIB and many other venues like Khabaronline to spread LIES and disinformation on the opposition figures.

Ghelichkhani was arrested by SAVAK. He and his family were under pressure. SAVAK and the terrorist regime’s Ministry of Intelligence use all sorts of tactics against political prisoners to forced confessions and forced apologies in writing and/or on tv to discredit them. Then, the SAVAK and IRI’s MOI use those forced confessions and forced apologies to portray the person as collaborators. When a political prisoner under duress writes a letter of apology, his letter of apology does NOT make him a collaborator.

We need to condemn the SAVAK and IRI’s MOI for these. Nothing any political prisoner under pressure says or does is what they actually believe. Human beings are made of flesh and they have loved ones. We should not expect every person to be able to be burned alive and not submit to false confessions. We have to condemn SAVAK, IRI’s MOI, and all those like Saeb who use and abuse these. SAVAK, IRI’s MOI, Shariatmadari’s Keyhan, Seda va Sima, Larijani’s khabaronline and other such sources should be condemned.

Such tactics by IRI’s Ministry of Intelligence has many benefits for the terrorist regime. First, it undermines any person who opposes the regime. Second, there are REAL actual agents and collaborators of the IRI. By throwing mud at ALL activists, then the people would be confused who is real agent of the terrorist regime, the falsely accused by others, and who is being victimized by the regime’s operations. Third, by spreading false accusations against true opponents, then the Ministry of Intelligence and their supporters could say any and all beliefs and opinions about everyone is false (this helps the actual supporters and agents of the reigme).

The terrorist regime’s Ministry of Intelligence engages in these activities to harm the opposition. It is the responsibility of the opposition (pro-democracy, socialist, etc) to fight against the activities of the terrorist regime’s propagandists.



Masoud Kazemzadeh

Saeb's LIES

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


What you wrote is absolute LIE. Mr. Ghelichkhani was never ever SAVAK informer. Ghelichkhani is a man of utmost honor and integrity. He opposed the Shah’s tyranny and was imprisoned by SAVAK.  He paid dearly for his OPPOSITION to the Shah's tyranny.  He did NOT sell himself to the monarchy.




Ghelichkhani bio:



 يکی از مهمترين اتفاقات در زندگی وی، دستگيريش در بهمن ماه ۱۳۵۰ توسط ساواک بود. پرويز قليچ خانی به دليل گرايشات ضد رژيمی و همچنين مطالعه چندين کتاب ممنوعه سياسی که عمدتا از منابع مارکسيستی، چينی بودند، مورد بازجويی شديد قرار گرفت. خبر دستگيری وی و مهدی لواسانی بخاطر فعاليت های سياسی در ۲۱ بهمن ۱۳۵۰ منتشر شد


"هيچ ايرانی در اينکه پرويز بهترين بوده شکی ندارد. پرويز را آن موقع پرويز کبير صدا می زدند و فاصله اش با ديگر بازيکنان ايران کيلومتری بود.

متاسفانه با وجود اينکه فوتبال ايران در سه دوره المپيک از توانايی های او بهره برد ولی نتوانست در جام جهانی ۱۹۷۸ استفاده ای از پرويز بکند. ظاهراً دليل اصلی آن هم مشکلات سياسی او با رژيم پهلوی بود


اصغر شرفی کمک مربی تيم ملی نيز در اضافه می گويد: "يک آدم معمولی نبود که مسائلش هم معمولی باشد. اگر فقط به فوتبال توجه می کرد، همتايی نداشت و کمک بزرگی برای ما در آ رژانتين می شد. متاسفانه از نظرعقيدتی مورد تائيد آن فدراسيون نبود." وی مدتی بخاطر زخمی شدن از فوتبال دور افتاد اما مهمترين واقعه غير ورزشی در زندگی وی، فعاليت های سياسی وی عليه رژيم شاه بود که موجب برخورد شديد ساواک و فدراسيون فوتبال در رژيم پهلوی با وی شد.


پرويز قليچ خانی تصميم گرفته بود، در اعتراض به سرکوب آزادی در ايران، ديگر هيچگاه در تيم ملی ايران بازی نکند. در سال ۱۳۵۶، زمانی که در تيم ارثکويک سن خوزه کاليفرنيا بازی می کرد و قرار بود که به عنوان کاپيتان تيم ملی ايران در جام جهانی آرژانتين، شرکت کند، تصميم داشت که در اولين بازی تيم ملی با آتش زدن پيراهن تيم در زمين بازی به افشاگری سياسی از رژيم شاه و اختناق و شکنجه در زندان ها بپردازد. در مشورتی که با وکلای حقوق بشری که توسط کنفدراسيون دانشجويان ايرانی در خارج کشور تدارک شده بود، وکلا به وی هشدار دادند که بخاطر حکومت نظامی و ديکتاتوری در آرژانتين، آنها نمی توانند هيچ ضمانتی از سلامتی وی و يا عدم تحويلش توسط دولت نظامی آرژانتين به رژيم ايران بدهند. با توجه به اين مسئله وی سرانجام تصميم گرفت که در يک مصاحبه ی تلويزيونی که از شبکه های تلويزيونی آمريکا نيز پخش شد، اعلام کند که به عنوان اعتراض به شکنجه و اختناق در ايران، حاضر به شرکت در اين مسابقات نيست. او طی انتشار جزوه ای که در اواخر سال ۱۳۵۶ در امريکا منتشر کرد، علت دستگيری و چگونگی فشار برای مصاحبه تلويزيونی در سال ۱۳۵۰ را به طور کامل شرح داده است.

پرويز قليچ خانی در اواخر سال ۱۳۵۷ و چند ما به پيروزی انقلاب به ايران بازگشت. از همان اوان با سازمان فداييان خلق همراه شد. در دوران دو دستگی اين سازمان به فداييان اکثريت پيوست و به همراه اعضای ديگر در ۱۶ اذر ۱۳۶۰، به همراه گروهی موسوم به همين تاريخ از فداييان اکثريت فاصله گرفت و مخفی شد. تا فاصله خروج از کشور دو شماره از نشريه ورزشی و فرهنگی، به نام " بيداران" را با همکاری محمد مختاری و مسعود نقره کار منتشر نمود. در اواخر سال ۱۳۶۲ و به همراه دستگيری و کشته شدن تعدادی از رهبران گروه موسوم به فداييان ۱۶ آذر، از جمله شهدا هبت معينی چاغروند و بهروز سليمانی، رژيم به خانه خانوادگی وی حمله برد و اين بار و برخلاف رژيم شاه، خوشبختانه موفق به دستگيری وی نشد. در اوايل سال ۱۳۶۳ به خارج از کشور گريخت، در ابتدا مدتی در ترکيه بسر برد و در کمک به فراری دادن مبارزين سياسی فعاليت داشت و سرانجام به فرانسه رفت و از آن زمان در اين کشور به عنوان پناهنده سياسی زندگی می کند




In conclusion, Ghelichkhani was opposed to Shah's tyranny.  He was harshly repressed by Shah's SAVAK.  He was sympathetic to Fadaian.  After the split in Fadaian, he was sympathetic briefly to Majority.  In 1981 he opposed Fadaian-Majority and left the group.

He has for a long time now been a supporter of progressive causes.  He strongly supports Mossadegh and Fatemi in his journal.  He is a progressive, anti-dictatorship, and anti-totalitarianism.




سخن خود تو كجا شنيدي، اونجا كه حرف مردمو شنيدي


نه عزیز جان من در دو تیم بازی نمیکنم،من میدونستم این آقا قلیچ ما سازمانی بود اما شما چیز دیگه گفتید،حالا من برای شما مدرک گذاشتم با حرفهای خود آقا قلیچ،باز هم شما چیز دیگری میگید(فرح دیبا هم قبل از ازدواج از اعضای حزب توده‌ بود)حالا من قسم حضرت عباس را باور کنم یا دٔم خروس را.این عزیز میگه من بودم شما میگید نبوده؟پیشنهاد می‌کنم شما با خود ایشان تماس بگیرید و مشکل را حل کنید.چون برای من ساواکی و پاسدار،بسیجی‌ یکی‌ است.





نمیدانم، شاید من اشتباه می‌کنم،اما میتوانید این سایت چک کنید

I think you are the one who plays on the both teams. If you do not know for sure of the accusation that you make; how can you be adamant in advising us regarding Mr Parviz Ghilchkhani?


Mr. Javid: Do you have proof of his accusation? If not your conscience should direct you to remove his baseless allegation.


He along with a few others

by Paykar on

He along with a few others were arrested by Savak in either 76 or 77. He was active against the previous regime when he left Iran for San Jose; I saw him participate in Ehya's( leftist student organization) convention in Dec of 1978. There were over 4000 people at that convention.


Edit, I have the date of his arrest wrong. See MK's detail post.


Thanks Massoud.



Well, every thing on IC is possilbe

by Bavafa on

All it takes, a few keyboard stroke and a mind that doesn't mind to slander.

We often hear about members that we don't share a view as agent of XYZ and now we hear of Aghaye Ghlich-khani as ex-Savak member.

It is a good thing JJ does not require nor penalize us for our cheap shots. If he starts charging 5 cent for each baseless accusation, some of us will have second thought in fear of losing our $$$

I don't know if Aghaye Ghlich-khani was an ex-Savak member or not, but absent of good proof I will treat it just as other typical accusation on IC.



هم آش معاویه را می خورد، هم نماز علی را می خواند!


نمیدانم، شاید من اشتباه می‌کنم،اما میتوانید این سایت چک کنید:



من هیچ مشکلی‌ با او و امثال او ندارم،اما خیلی‌ سنگین است یک مامور انتظامی از یک سیستم دیکتاتوری بخواهد یک سیستم دیکتاتوری دیگر را محکوم بکنه.همه سرکوبگران،همه شکنجه گران،همه متجاوزان تا زمانی‌ که قدرت دارن میتازند و میسوزانند،اما در زمانی‌ که هیچ شدند آن چنان خوار و زبونند که خیلی‌ از ما باز فریب می‌خوریم.این انسانهای ضعیف بهتر است سکوت کرده و در کنجی با خودشان خلوت کنند.فکر می‌کنم این بازی برای این عزیز با وقت اضافه تموم شده. امیدوارم همگی‌ پایدار باشید و با احساسات تصمیم نگیریم با واقعیت تصمیم بگیریم.


Saeb is out of order!!!

by Benyamin on

Saeb, you owe an appology to "Naser Hejazi
" and Mr. Ghlichkhani both. You claim that Mr. Ghelichkhani was a spy and yet you know that and "Naser Hejazi" didn`t? that means you claim you are smarter than "Naser Hejazi" since they were friends and in contact.

Beh haghe cheezhaye nashnideh