Parazit: Mojtaba Vahedi and Hassan Daei

Intrview with opposition activists and...


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Masoud Kazemzadeh

Enjoyed it

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I liked the program.


Instead of Debating what America Should do!!!!!!!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We should all be acknowledging that the USA and UK love Islam for Iran, the middle east and North Africa and after awakening the reality that this will not change because of their interests, we need to ask what we can do about this and what we can do for freedom and democracy for iran.  We should all be clear the west does not want freedom, democracy and progress for iran, they want backwardness, weakness, poverty and submission for iran. That explains the love for islamists.

This is why we would do a great service for iranians, by discussing why the USA betrayed the Shah and brought Khomeini and is opposed to the democratic message of Reza Pahlavi for Iran, which is why they are really on the side of the Regime in practice.  Forget what they say, look at what they do,


The USA/UK/IRI all have the blood of thousands of Iranians on their hands who were recently executed without a trial and was reported nowhere.


We need to legalize medical marijuana,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

So Mojtaba can get a prescription and slow down alot. These War agenda groupies need to be directly challenged, War Serves no Iranian and is the worst approach to Regime Change.  Agree that flow of communication being un-natural/broken did't serve this interview.


P_T_B_A, Hes actually

by Fesenjoon2 on


Hes actually going to be hired as the fast talking guy who does the "no purchase necessary, restrictions may vary, member FDIC" part at the end of radio commercials. Lol


Breaking news...

by P_T_B_A on

Federal Express is hiring Mojtaba Vahedi as its spokesman.


Re: Vahedi speaking fast --

by Parham on

Re: Vahedi speaking fast -- Look at the muscles he has around his chin and upward!

This show was better than most of the recent ones, somehow it was more "vitaminized".

This is also interesting:

What an idiot that Nima dude! Really!
"The US has been demonizing Iran, blablabla..."
Well of course! They're not exactly a bunch of cuddly pups running the country there, eh?

A note on the side: I just hate the new format of debates networks have established to supposedly make their programs more interesting where people keep cutting each other off -- Baba, let the debate roll, that's no way of doing a show! I didn't get most of what was being said.


Most boring non-debate yet

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Lousy start, great ending. They should do a program just on workers; their unpaid wages, working conditions, and just how the heck, an average worker lives in today's Iran, something like, a day in the life of a worker, a clerk, a teacher, nurse,...

Starting the programs with jokes, instead of the end would be even better.

Vahedi's intro proves, once more, why he's a tacky motor-mouth.

Dr. Daei as a "Krashenas Omor Siasi," that title itself is enough for a Pythonesque skit. Without that wig and denture, he might look a bit different.


Vahedi must be the fastest

by Fesenjoon2 on

Vahedi must be the fastest Farsi talker Ive ever seen.


Babak K.

Thank you Parazit, another

by Babak K. on

Thank you Parazit, another great program.

Hassan Daei and Mojtaba Vahedi  both were great and are.  Both are great Iranian activists who truely care about the future of our country .

Payman Dailami

Warmongers on Voice of America Persian

by Payman Dailami on

Of course when asked directly he would say he is not a warmonger!  He doesn't want every Iran loving Iranian to spit on him! Hassan Daei and his employers are after military action against Iran.  By inviting him on different programs, including this one, Voice of America condones this agenda.

Parazit continues to disappoint.


ثلاثه خبیثه + لابیگران


اونهمه ثلاثه خبیثه اسلامیستها/یهود ستیزان هار و چپولان دست آموز همفکر  اونا  و  لابی هاشون میگفتن این داعیه جنگ طلبه؛ اینکه میگه نیست؛ نکنه ثلاثه و لابیگرا ریگی تو کفششونه.