Philosophy of Sigheh

Rahim Poor Azghadi lecturing youth on temporary marriage


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Hirre

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This rule seemed logical over a thousand year ago in "arabia" when the husbands of women lost their lives in ...

If I am right this happened in Iran in 1980s. Not so long ago right? As long as we got military gun dealers we got wars. Don't you worry about sigeh. Maybe USA should allow it with all the wars planned ...


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


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I already wrote about this. Sigeh must be made to be gender neutral. Then it will be fair and I don't have a problem with it. Prostitution is the oldest profession. Why do you think Mohammad "married" his boss? For looks? I don't think so or how about this: 


It is all the same. Just the table are turned when the dude it taking the rich lady! 

Sigeh is about the only thing I truly respect Islam for: honestly. Now as I said: make it gender neutral; throw in some opium; hash and legalize alcohol then we are good :-) Let the good times roll!



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This rule seemed logical over a thousand year ago in "arabia" when the husbands of women lost their lives in e.g. a war, then another man could accept that women into the family or else she would most likely not make it in society... Fortunately nowadays women don't need men to survive on a daily basis, but nobody cares to update this rule in Islam...


I would rather Iranian women

by Simorgh5555 on

I would rather Iranian women walked round naked prostituting themselves on Jordan street in Tehran rather than be forced to cover themselves in an ugly black outfit being told that they are sexual property of some Haji twice their age. Even a prostitute has more self-respect than an archetypal Muslim woman who is subjugated and even beaten by her husband to obey her.
Death to the Islamic Republic. Women rise up against Islamists. Burn.your Hijab.


Seegheh: the shariah way to have extra curricular activity

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       w/o getting sentenced to be stoned! (for guys)!

       Sorry ladies, may be next century!


Temporary Family

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What does Temporary Family mean? Only in IRI Temporary Family is promoted. And if it is not for men that are already married, so how come Mohammad, Ali, Hassan, Hossein, and the rest of them all had a few siegheh on the side, if it was not for thier sexual desier ?


به امید روزی ،،

sam jade

که مادر و خواهر خودت را صیغه کنند ، برو این نسخهٔ را برای اونها  اول بنویس ، بعدش بیا به این دخترها بگو که مادر و خواهرت اصلا تحقیر نشدند بلکه مقدس تر شدند ، بی‌ ناموس حرامزده، ،


Re perception

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Dear Divaneh, if by "perception" it's meant her bank account and the jewelery box contnets, it may stand for something! Though not all cases result in happy endings, such as that of Shahla Jahed's!


Dear Arj

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Temporary marriage improves the perception of a woman because you know its not a permanent one. I hope that helped.

G. Rahmanian

اخه اين هم شد حرف؟

G. Rahmanian

اين دجال متظاهرخجالت نميكشه؟ اين بيشرماني كه ايرانيان را با جرثقيل و سنگسار بقتل ميرسانند نبايد در باب انسانيت وعزت واحترام سخنوري كنند!

afshin jam

Gender Discrimination?

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فرمودند..." .....ازدواج موقت که در اسلام هست....." فراموش کردند بگویند ؛
ازدواج موقت فقط در اسلام شیعه هست.

آقای سخنران فراموش کردند بگویند، که آیا در اسلام زن هم ، همچون مرد حق دارد   "
در شرایط خاص ...به هر دلیلی‌ ، وقتی‌ یک کسی‌ به بون-بست خورد، مشکلی داشت ،
ازدواج دائم امکانش نیست، .....یک خانواده موقت تشکیل بدهد " و این قانون چرا فقط
حق مردان است؟


Fire escape!

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And how exactly is the "emergency" temporary marriage supposed to improve the perception of a women as a sex object from the male POV?!