Brutal killing of bear and cubs

Very disturbing scenes of a "hunt" in Iran


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Beside laws, there need to

by koorosh10 on

Beside laws, there need to be education starting from childhood as far as sensitivity toward animals by both parents and teachers at classrooms. There also needs to be laws for how to slaughter an animal for food purpose. I remember one of the worse thing I witness as a 8 years old child was to see a sheep being slaughter at my school yard. I did not want to go back there after that. Finaly my parents agree to transfer me to a new school. But the principals never admit of their wrong doing.   



by Truthseeker9 on

Unfortunately we are not going to get rid of certain attitudes quickly, some Humans will always think they are priority, whereas the hard work of some brave Iranians has proven Welfare of Animals can also be on the agenda in Iran. Take Vafa animal shelter. Who would have thought you could have a Dog sanctuary in Islamic Republic of Iran where dogs are najes! Just shows positive attitude and hard work can bring positive results. It is those types of brave people that will one day fight for Animal Rights in Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

koorosh10 Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Thank you and no problem I am not offended. It is obvious you have good intentions. However I just want to be sure that we put the blame in the right place. I agree there should be laws in Iran to protect animals. But it has to wait until IRI goes. I seriously do not expect IRI to pass laws respecting any life form. However even with laws it is hard to enforce them. I live in America where animal torture is illegal. But it happens. Your own example of Vik proves it. 

I own animals and happen to love and care for my animals. But a psychopath could go buy a dog; take it home and do whatever they want. The only hope the dog has is if someone hears and calls the police. 

Unlike people animals don't talk. Do not go to school or have relatives who check on them. So they are at the mercy of the owner. A shame but a reality. Nothing will replace a kind heart. But sure absolutely we need laws.


To dear veiled prophet of

by koorosh10 on

To dear veiled prophet of khorasan. First of all I apologize if I offened any good hearted and decent person. I was very sad and heart broken by waching this video. Last time I was this heart broken was when I read about Michael Vik the NFL player who tortured and killed many dogs. Even though, I have not seen you in person but I know you are a good person. All I was trying to say was we need to start to have law against animal abuse in IRAN. That does not garantee anything but it is a good way to start. We have law for driving but many people do not respect it. But having a law, at lease will scare some people of breaking it.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not going to show you any law in Iran or anywhere else. It has nothing to do with anything. 

We IRANIAN are very selfish and never want to see our problems

Speak for yourself sir not me. YOU may only speak for YOURSELF. Not for me or other Iranians. It is a great sign of arrogance to speak as if you are "The Iranian" people. Who are you to tell me what "Iranian People" are like. I will figure it out for myself. I have had animals for years and have been kind to them. 

One of the worst characteristics in people is to generalize. Or to claim that we "must admit our flaws to improve". Well if we are to admit a flaw it better be real. There are 80 million Iranian people. You are telling me they are all selfish? What a pile! Don't you understand there are different people. Some people are selfish some not. Some kind some mean. I am not even going to bother writing on this anymore. The degree of ignorance and on IC seems to be going up by the day!

Before long it should be re-named to


To Veiled prophet of

by koorosh10 on

To Veiled prophet of khorasan. Please show me a law in IRAN against animal abuse.  All these countries that you mention have some law against animal abuse. We IRANIAN are very selfish and never want to see our problems. To get better starts with understand our short coming. Other wise we will never find our position in civilised world.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Let us accept that we are not an honerable nation like we think we are.

Sorry to burst this but it is total nonsense. These acts happen all over the world. If you saw what Japanese do to whales. Or Mexicans to bulls in "bull fights" or a vast many other things you will see it is standard human practice. How about clubbing baby seals for their fur. The "civilized" Westerners do this not Iran.

Iranians are no more or less cruel than anyone. I am sickened by mistreatment of animals. But I am more sickened by self abuse which is a habit of some Iranians.


VPK you say There is hangings; rape; torture.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

FYI, for me animal rights are high up there, I can not neglect the change of circumstances for animals from shahs time to IRI. We even had a program started to not kill the beluga fish, but capture them take the eggs by surgury and release them to live their lives, this the IRI ended!  This video is so terrible it gets me out of bed screaming attack. 


I could not watch this film but will say ...

by Truthseeker9 on

I think it is
because of culture and upbringing - some feel humans have a right to do
whatever they want to animals, because we are more advanced intellectually or some Holy
book says we are superior and more entitled to this planet. It is hard for some people to change, and to
recognise that animals can feel pain and loss, and should be treated with respect.  Just because we are
stronger does not mean we should treat them with cruelty.

Animals are vulnerable, defenseless and completely in man's power. What do you expect in a country like Iran where Human Rights are poor? Animal rights are meant to set limits to human behaviour, but we don't have any in Iran because animals are not respected. 


These evils SOB beleave that

by koorosh10 on

These evils SOB beleave that a bear cub blood will be good for some sort of sickness. They should go after the people who though them this garbage as well as them. Our society will never get any better as long as there are garbages like this being though to people.  


These sort of barbaric

by koorosh10 on

These sort of barbaric things is been happenning in IRAN for many many years. Does not matter who is in charge of government people need to be civilized and sensitive toward volunarables including animals. Let us accept that we are not an honerable nation like we think we are.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I hate IRI; I really do. But let us not blame every single evil on IRI. People do cruel things to animals all over the world. Far worse things are done. IRI has no need to beat bears to intimidate political opponents. There is hangings; rape; torture.

Regarding training they got enough in Evin to last them a while. No problem getting more for it. This is just a regular run of the mill cruelty to animals incident.


These men were charged with animal cruelty before.

by عموجان on

But why still IR letting these men have gun for hunting? that's what the head of Iranian Animal Right was telling Radio Frada reporter, in Esfahan

Why the surprise, Islamic Republic likes these men to be in tip top shape, this is thier training ground, very soon they be doing it to human with Mullaha watching. They didn't release this tape for nothing.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Rea is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The so called "civilized" Norwegian and Japanese are killing whales. Others club seals for their fur. This had nothing to to with a "culture of terror". It is normal human behavior. Happens all over.

I don't like IRI but not every bad thing is their fault. Many acts of horror happen because of them. As Rea said people in Asia eat dogs: is that the fault of Islam? Folks stop blaming every single thing you hate on IRI.

Dear Jason: By Gandhi's measure America is not very civilized. Do you know how they treat cattle; chickens. How about Bull fighting in Mexico is that the fault of Iran.


A measure of civilization

by jasonrobardas on

"You can measure the degree of the civilization of a nation by their treatment of animals "  Gandhi


Rea spoken without pausing to think.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The reason politcs comes into it is because this sick disgusting **&* is another normal day in IRI.  Where as before "when the shah was in Iran" at least some form of imperfect justice did exist and so this *&*& would hardly ever occur and if it did, it would be pursued by the authorities not encouraged by them. It's beyond Nostalgia, it's a yearning to restore freedom. To be able to choose with out coercion, manipulation and deceit which we enjoyed before 1979.

It's also a request to those that betrayed the shah & iran to hold their heads down in shame for what they accomplished.  Every time we see an injustice occur under the IRI and sadly there are many cases, it is an opportunity to go beyond the excuses used as justifications and to question the values of those who participated in betraying Freedom through deception.  Today the Truth is as clear as the light of day, yet the truth alone can not mend the disgraceful character of some who have yet to show they love Iran.


(وحشی گری در دست ایرانیان هست و بس)


ملت عقب افتاده در تمام زمینه ها، انسانی ، فرهنگی، اجتمایی...و...و...و...(وحشی گری در دست ایرانیان هست و بس)


My last 2 cents

by Rea on

Tried to watch @maghshoosh' video, stopped into 5 secs, too much.

What I don't understand is people bringing the IRI into the issue here.

Dogs are being killed in the most horrible manner in Asiatic countries (meat has to stay tender), cats' fur is being used to fabricate collars, sharks are massacred and thrown back into the sea while still alive, tigers are killed for their supposed magical effects on men's virility, French goose is stuffed until its liver explodes. Etc, etc.

Yet none brings politics into it. Except here.


People have warned me that

by Simorgh5555 on

People have warned me that  airstrikes targeting the Basij and Revolutionary guard could lead to the death of innocent civilians. If any of these 'innocent' civilians is like the hunter of these beautiful bears then I hope they get their heads blown off - along with all people who support Sepah and the Revolutionary Guards. 

Iran is like a bautiful Persian carpet which needs to be swept clean and then start again. Clean out the garbage, the weeds in the form of murderers and people who destroy the environment and kill these wonderful animals.



Full video of torture killing of bear & cubs

by maghshoosh on

One can only lament that the mama bear didn't get to make a family meal out of the sadistic hunters.

Alternate link:  //


What do expect....

by Daadaash on

From a Regime that doesn't give a crap about human life, you expect it to value an animal's life???  Wake up and smell the coffee, my friends.


Would I get flamed by admin if I call him ....

by Bavafa on


Akhe mage marizi?  How would you like it if some one does this to you and your family?

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



I just have one thing to

by koorosh10 on

I just have one thing to say. Shame . Shame on those people who did this and shame on those people in charge who did not punish them. There is a thing that says what goes around comes around. Those who did this barbaric act will pay a huge price in their life.


lets but it this way till

by calais on

lets put it this way, till the day IRI hasent turn iran to arabian desert they will not be at ease. first the lakes now the animals. whats next the trees and then final step is the people.

In Terms of medicine,
Arab and islam are like a cancer for a peacefully world,
it promotes not only fanaticism, but also affects other cells vigorously,
thus, removal of such malignant cancer
is a must.



by yolanda on

IRI is screwing up everything: human rights, animal rights, and environment (Urmia lake)!


really disturbing, i hope

by alx1711 on

really disturbing, i hope thet burn in hell for doing this and end up in jail.

how stupid are they, illeterate bastards.


Dear Delavar1 "One battle at a time!"

by aliash on

The fact is that this poor bear and her cubs are also a part of Iran.  If you care about Iran you should care about the whole of Iran! The people, the land, the environment and the culture (whatever is left of it!) 

The disaster that is ruling Iran is destroying everything.  As free people, with access to information, we should be concerned about every aspect and fight one battle at a time.  Maybe the environment is a good beginning!  It certainly is a major front.  The news that is coming from Iran these days is about one environmental disaster after another.  If this is a battle that we can safely fight, then we must do it.  In either case one thing is for sure, just because crime is being carried out against people it does not mean that it is okay to kill innocent animals and destroy the environment!  Remember one battle at a time! 

Viva Iran


Are you guys kidding me? We

by Delavar1 on

Are you guys kidding me? We have a theocratic terrorist regime in Iran that has been executing, Stoning to death, hanging, raping men and women prisoners in Iran for the past 30 years and you are more worried about Brutal killing of bear and cubs ?


Sad, really sad

by Rea on

Mind you, not uniquely Iranian. Different species are being hunted all over the world. Many are at the brink of extinction.

Anonymous Observer

Speechless as to the cruel nature of this crime

by Anonymous Observer on

As someone who has spent most of my adult life studying and protecting animals in general, and mammals in particular, I find this gut wrenching display of cruelty beyond belief.  

On another note, I do have a suggestion for these "brave" hunters who target defenseless and endangered animals:  next time you go hunting, call me.  I will bring my Glock 9mm (which is now equipped with a laser targeting system) and will take the side of the animals.  You can have your hunting rifles.  Two to one in terms of weaponry.  Let's see who wins.  Happy hunting!