IRI: Syria Resisting Israel More Important Than Freedom

Foreign Ministry official: West can't stop Syria from resisting Israel

Press TV: An Iranian Foreign Ministry official has downplayed the Western efforts to push Syria out of the forefront of the 'axis of resistance' against Israel, Press TV reported. "The US and Israel want to...detach Syria from the axis of resistance; if not they want to change the regime in Damascus," said the Director General of the Iranian Foreign Ministry's Persian Gulf and Middle East Department, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, a Press TV correspondent reported >>>



some one needs to teach'em

by alx1711 on

some one needs to teach'em how to shave...



What a dog

by asadabad on

That thug has a tired, weathered, and dirty look--just like all the other officials in the Iranian government.  They know that they're lying through their teeth and they know that their days are numbered. 

Every day they talk about "Sunni and Shia brotherhood" while they murder, rape, and torture their Sunni brethren in Syria.  I can't wait for the Iranian people to overthrow these animals and give them what they deserve.


Attention Dear I.R.

by Arthimis on

Attention Dear I.R. !!!

Libya ----> Syria -----> IRAN!!!

"Domino Effect" is in process! lol :D)

See you in Tehran & have a nice day, while you are still alive! ;-) 



 It was actually pitting

by vildemose on

 It was actually pitting shia against the sunni in syria by the IRI that mainly did the most damage to Assad regime and it might even lead to its demise. The IRI thinks everyone is stupid and can't figure out their real intention in the area. Even the Palestinians and hezbollah know that the IRI is exploiting them and there is no real concern about their plight.

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Jeesh Daram

وزارت امور خارجه

Jeesh Daram

ما کاری نداریم که وزارت خارجه نظرش راجع به این مسایل چیست، مشکل اصلی ما این موی مکش مرگ مای سر آقایان سخنگویان آن وزارتخانه است که گویی فقط افرادی را استخدام میکنند که اسمشان عربی کامل باشد و موی سرشان روی پیشانی آشفته!..... وای مادر، آدم دلش غش میره اینارو میبینه،  بلندشو یک کمی پشگل ماچه الاغ برای بچم دود کن تا خدا نکرده چشمش نزنن


The divide!

by Arj on

IRI is only against Shia/Sunni divide where Shiites are in minority (Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia...), but for it if in majority as in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain...


Look who's talking........

by پندارنیک on

It takes a ton of shamelessness when an IRI official accuses the West of trying to split the Shias and the Sunnis. I mean it.......