Jewish Persian Personal journey in Dance

Flamenco Dancer Leilah Broukhim

DEJANDO HUELLAS (Traces) follows the personal and historic voyage of a Sephardic woman through flamenco dance. Inspired by the story of her Jewish and Persian ancestor and by her experience with the flamenco art form, acclaimed flamenco dancer LEILAH BROUKHIM has created Dejando Huellas: an intimate and original expression of Ms. Broukhim's roots, her personal journey and the history of her people. The result is a moving and unforgettable work of music, dance and art, which reminds us that the traces of our past define our present and our future.


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by Fatollah on

as usual, you'r on sidetracks! Flamenco is Andalusian art. why can't you just enjoy it for once or keep quiet if you don't like it! 


This is my problem with the Jewish art........

by پندارنیک on

..........if you don't admire it, you will be considered an anti-Semite............

Jeesh Daram

Nader Khan

by Jeesh Daram on

نادر: باروخ بروخیم با یهودا بروخیم دو فرد جداگانه اند.  آری از فرهنگ حییم اطلاع دارم ولی باروخ شهرتش بخاطر فرهنگ فارسی بفرانسه و بالعکس بود.  خدا پدر هردو ایشان را بیامرزد


Thanks for sharing

by divaneh on

It explains why Flamenco has always been one of my favourite types of music.

Immortal Guard

Empty vessels make the most noise!

by Immortal Guard on

Empty vessels make the most noise!

Nader Vanaki

جیش دارم مثل اینکه خیلی وقته سراغ کتابت نرفتی

Nader Vanaki

موسسه چاپ کتاب یهودا بروخیم و پسران رو می گی که فرهنگ نامۀ فارسی انگلیسی نوشته سلیمان حییّم را چاپ می کرد.

Jeesh Daram

باروخ بروخیم

Jeesh Daram

امکان دارد که ایشان دختر باروخ بروخیم گردآورنده فرهنگ فارسی-فرانسه باشد