Raha Hossein-Pour Motamed: Recites Poetry

Seven-year-old displays impressive memory


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Anahid Hojjati

Great job by Raha

by Anahid Hojjati on

i just have to second what arthimis wrote, she is so adorable and does an excellent job. finally a video from iran that makes one smile.


Dorood bar Raha farzandane Iran zamin

by rain bow movment on

by seeing this clip ,I realized that the  IRI will not last long.

thank you for her parent to encourage her in this path.

I'm so impressed.


So glad to see

by azadi5 on

that this was not some qoran reciting clip. good for all of those participants, and of course Raha.



by cheshmetroshan on

Why is this female child's hair exposed?! Did the producers of the above program fail to realize that they would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor by allowing her to appear? What kind of trashy family did this child come from that would countenance such perversion? Upon which Ayatollah will fall the responsibility of addressing the nation at Friday Prayers about the wanton immorality of this little Lolita's so-called "parents."


It looks like they'll have to make room for yet another lost soul inside Evin prison's cutie patootie ward.



by BabakNeekpey on

Amazing young lady! Dorood bar pedar va madaer ver


Smiling is haram!

by Arj on

Dear Delavar1, creepy as it sounds, there are actually people in the Islamic establishment who would be aroused by a first grader! After all, wasn't Ayesha 7 years old when suited by the 51 year old Mohammad?!


Rahaa, Dokhtar Khanoom No.1

by Arthimis on

Rahaa, Dokhtar Khanoom No.1 (indeed...) for President!!! :-)

Another proof that Persian Literature & Poetry has been the saviour of Iran and Iranians against all those who have tried and still try their hardest to bring Iran down... But NO WAY!!! Until "Rahaa"s are born in Iran, There is still hope... God bless her and them all ...

Raha really made my day  today ,especially... I'm so impressed & speechless with her adorable insight, mind, heart, voice, face and smile... I must confess , despite being against the forced Islamic appearance. I find her so adorable with that little scarf ... So cute... :-))  She is absolutely brilliant, Thank you very much for posting this.

Free Iran and Iranians. 

Jeesh Daram

سرسره ناطرالدین شاه

Jeesh Daram

خانم معلم خوشگل و خوش اخلاق هستند ولی بقول عمو مجید "تو رو حرضیت عباس دکوراسیونو باش"  اون آقا که مرتب هم آقای دکتر صداش میکنن نشسته بالای یک سرسره ناصرالدینشاهی که از فایبرگلس ساخته شده.  آخه هدف از این دکور چیه 


A 7 year old d girl must

by Delavar1 on

A 7 year old d girl must wear Hijab?What a miserable nation we have become. Look at 50 years ago and look at now. Retrograde regression as far as women's right and everything else is concerned.

Maryam Hojjat

Impressive Beautiful, Smart & adorable Girl

by Maryam Hojjat on

God Bless her family who taught her poetry.