Video: First attack on U.S. embassy in Tehran

Incident ten months before occupation and hostage-taking

The Guardian: Gunmen launched an attack on the US Embassy in central Tehran yesterday morning (15 February 1979), providing an example of the gun law that many fear is here to stay for some time. Trapped inside the Embassy during the attack were Ambassador William Sullivan, about 100-150 of his staff and two journalists. Although the Embassy sustained damage, only one person, an Iranian waiter, was killed. Four Americans were slightly wounde >>>


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Glass of brandy (double)...

by Siavash300 on

"Glass of brandy (double), mixed with  equal amount of boiling water and spoonful of honey..." Gilani

I started to hesitate that you are really psychiatrist. Psychiatrist never advise on alcohol !!


Anonymous Observer

I will take the advice RG

by Anonymous Observer on

I believe that I  may have some brandy in the kitchen cabinet.  Will let you know how I make out.

Good night. 


Doctor Gilani's prescription for cold:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Glass of brandy (double), mixed with  equal amount of boiling water and spoonful of honey. Then off to bed!

Just my home made medicine. I suggest strongly you follow your physician's prescription. But please  take a good rest, it seems to be the best cure. You were right not going for  run.

Good Night buddy.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

Roozbeh Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

We all know the resident poetic scientist. :-)

As far as running to get rid of a cold, I used to the same thing, and stopped when I was given the same advice by my doctor.  It's actually  a bit more dangerous in my situation because I have a heart issue as well.  And rest is  what I do these days also.  I did feel better today and wanted to go out for a run, but it's pouring rain out and it's a bit chilly (low 60's to mid 50's).  Even though I like running in the rain, with the leftover ccold and the chilly weather, I decided to call it off and shoot for tomorrow.  


Poetic Scientist on This Site!

by Faramarz on

The only poet and scientist that I know on this site is Anahid. I think that I caught a glimpse of her with an AK-47 and a peotry book in front of the US embassy in that video!

But she has since moved on, so all is well.


"poetic scientist" ...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

That's funny AO. :)

I hope you are feeling better. BTW, I used to get rid of my flu by going for a long run (raising the body temprature). It actually worked every time. But I stopped doing it since my Doctor warned me that a side effect could be a cardiac arrest! 

I just rest these days. You should do the same.

Take care

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

I believe that some of those thugs have since moved to the. U.S.

by Anonymous Observer on

And are regular commenters on IC. One of them may even be a poetic scientist. :-)


it was a plan to severe ties with america

by shushtari on

and keep it like that forever.....since any relations with the us, and the influx of goods and economic and cultural influences would have surely thinned out the mullahs' grip on power, and they would be gonners a long time ago.

that is why idiots like t. parsi and other 'advocates' of relations with mullahs are wasting everyones time.....the onlly time we will have relations with iran is when the akhoonds are exterminated 


This, Jeesh Daram, was

by Schahram on

This, Jeesh Daram, was always my strong suspicion too. 

Jeesh Daram

آمریکا از پس انگلستان برنمیاید

Jeesh Daram

در این روز تاریخی دولت انگلستان به آمریکا ثابت کردکه در مورد ایران ارباب اصلی و تصمیم گیرنده انگلستان است و نه دولت آمریکا و نه ارتش آمریکا. در این روز انگلستان نشان داد که در عرض چند ساعت قادر است و میتواند نیروهای جیره خوار خود در ایران را برای هر کاری آماده و بسیج نماید و حتی سفارت آمریکا را نیز اشغال کند.  از آن روز به بعد آمریکا در تمام امور مربوط به ایران تصممیات را ناچارا به انگلستان محول کرد و قرار شد طبق قرار داد گوادلوپ ایران همچنان مستعمره انگلستان باقی بماند و در عوض آمریکا قدرت را در عراق بدست گیرد.  آمریکا بلافاصله به صدام حسین نزدیک شد و باقی ماجرا را همه کم وبیش مطلع هستید.  سال آینده در سراسر انگلستان سفلیسیون سیاستمدار آغاز دویستمین سال بدون وقفه استعمار ایران را جشن میگیرند 


A big mistake, sure. But

by Schahram on

A big mistake, sure. But far more interestig would be to find out, who had worked with part of the US-together on Nov. 4, 1979, when they succeeded. 

Maybe it meant nothing, but Robert Ode writes in his diaries, that on Nov. 3 he was surprisingley informed by his Chief, that the consular section would be closed on Nov. 4, to repaint the section because of the revolutionary paintings. He did not know about that, but for sure it made it very easy for the "Students" to seize the embassy. 

What a "luck", that they choose the next day for the raid. 





Poosteh Pesteh

che sya bazi jalebi

by Poosteh Pesteh on

fantastic game they shoud make it on ps3 and it can sell at 59 doller .so easy


This is when Iran lost

by عموجان on

It’s best ally and friend in the modern world. America was treating us like Germany and Japan after WII except they didn’t invade or bomb us, not like British or Russian invade Iran when ever they felt like it (I can’t believe love of Todeh for CCCP). It is interesting how Mullaha for personal profit made enemy out of America and those who educate in America went back to Iran and bought Mullah’s BS.  And still America is the first choice for young generation of Iranian to go to for better life, eat your heart out Mullah.



huh, thugs of Khomeini

by alx1711 on

huh, thugs of Khomeini ruling the street, as it is today.

I guess he changed his mind after this and ordered the raid on US embassy.