13 Bedar in Paris

1391 - 2012


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Demo, what is the reason of your hostility against Iranians?

by Siavash300 on

As I was enjoying to listen this lovely music and seeing our country men/women under sunshine dancing and having good time, the comment of Groupies, Groupies caught my attention. That is very sarcastic remark against Iranians. I don't know your nationality sir or madam,but 13 bedar is our national holiday.  I am puzzle what Iranians have done to you that you're despising the nation.

Nader Vanaki

زنده باد

Nader Vanaki

و ایّام خوش!


Groupies, Groupies!

by Demo on

'13 Bedar' & putting the clock back @ no way puts an end to these people' "Dar-Bedari!"