Caspian Sea Diversion Towards Desert

Government launches $1.5B project

AP: Iran has launched a $1.5 billion project to bring water for drinking and irrigation from the Caspian Sea to its central desert. The TV says the water will be pumped from the Caspian Sea — the world's largest enclosed body of water. After desalination at the point of origin, it will be transported through a 500 kilometer (300 mile) -long pipeline to the central Kavir desert, bringing about 200 million cubic meters (7,062 cubic feet) of water per year >>>


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Arash Kamangir

Manuchehr Khosrodad:Great name

by Arash Kamangir on

I came cross your username (manuchehr Khosrodad). If shah had listened to this great General and had left only 5millions people to live in Iranzamin, we would not have this evil regime now in Iran.

Dr. Mohandes

pesar Amoo Sia

by Dr. Mohandes on

Trust me. The ones whom you are corresponding here have travelled the world over and know what they are talking about.


Mohandes. Paser khale پسر خاله


I thought about it many times.You should see how beautiful it is. But the people the people are the one i don't car for much. I like the people here better they need to read more travel around the world or something. LOL Peace

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

You would be doing us all one big favor if the next time you go to one of those "villages" , just go ahead and stay the heck there. Don't come back. help Mr. romney and maybe obama get this national debt deal under control. They will every piece of help they can not specially from those individuals who happen to share your attitude of admiring monsters who elect to pay peanuts to hardworking people while selfishly choose to keep the biggest piece of the pie for themselves.

just stay there man. find something to do, i don't about teaching their milk-producing cows how to do the macarena in german or in farsi!! and then come here and tell us all about it. Imagine how much money you gonna bring in.

G. Rahmanian

I wonder!

by G. Rahmanian on

I wonder how many billions of dollars IRGC top brass have embezzled thanks to the projects they have full control over!


Amir did you watch the Pole zall video ?

by Sialashgar on

Is the most beautiful freway almost 30 long tunnels under the high mountians.



by JustAnIranian on

The situation in Iran is hopeless. 



IRI's life expectancy & infant mortality are not in the Top 100!

by AMIR1973 on

Sialashgar! A regime that has enjoyed some of the highest oil prices ever for many years has life expectancy, infant mortality, and literacy rates that are not even in the Top 100 among nations, lower even than many countries poorer than Iran. And you come here to vomit IRI trash propaganda about all the great things that this regime of killers, rapists, and thieves has done for Iran?  :-)

G. Rahmanian

IRI will NOT stay!

by G. Rahmanian on

IRI will NOT stay! That is why the ruling criminals are in a hurry to enrich themselves.

Just look at the infighting that has escalated to a point where IR officials are resorting to the vilest language when accusing each other of thievery.

Sooner or later, the status quo will no doubt lead to an implosion from within.


Roads,Electricity,Medical Monthly payments....Evilllllll...Gov.

by Sialashgar on

When went back to our small town in Iran last year they where building the Biggist fanciest Hospital in the middle of the city.My brother inlaw is a doctor he get 30 % more  to go from one small village to another all week and attended to the medical need of the villagers and we have and endless suply of villages where i come from. Even the smallest village had clean water electricity and school not to mention monthly cash direct deposit in their bank accounts.Mostof the where selling their extra milke to govenment everyday a truk came by and pick up the milk almost every family owned a vehicle. My mother grew up in the same villages she told me when she was a kid people only had one shirt and some people didn't even had that...

Evillll Iranian government there are some of the thing i saw 


Another evidence how evil this government is

by Sialashgar on

Just recently they build a freeway going from Lorestan to khozestan it has 30 Tunnels (Freeway pole zall) please watch the videos of this freeway you can also see it on google maps. 



Manuchehr Khosrodad

Its obvious that if the IRI stays, Iran will become a Nigeria

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

There is no magical bottom for Iranians, things can only get worse for people with leaders like this.  With the IRI we are experiencing a neverending decline and squander of the pre1979 generations noble efforts and leadership. How does one apply for and get permits for peaceful protest like one under the banner.

Down with the IRI.  Regime change by the people to a secular system of their choice.

can the regime say to a person organizing such an event, if they do it
openly and publicly, from the safety of abroad and attempt to gain the permits?  One could have a private lawyer, not affiliated with the event, do the
paperwork on their behalf and apply for a permit.  The worse thing that
can happen is the IRI can refuse it publicly, right, I doubt they would send their IRI Guerila Assassins.  Any idea's of what things could happen if we decided to do this?



EDIT: A Big Secret!

by Demo on

Iran's portion of the vast oil reserves (about 4% of the proven Middle East oil deposits) is a big secret that only 'Ya Mahdi' & 'Ya Zahara' know about that! The 'desalination project' is nothing more than a 'cover up' to hide such secrets from our people!



by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Over 50 countries and Islands do desalination work, it makes sense, for example if you put it in chaharbahar, not from caspian.  caspian is a closed body and highly salty, which makes it 1) many times more expensive to desalinate and 2) the real issue harmful to the caspian during bad years when enough water does not make it in and the coast moves back kilometers in shomal. None of the other countries are using desalination from a closed water body like a lake,  If the 4 legged criminals running the country, surrounded by corrupt sales people desaliated from the indian ocean or persian gulf it would make more sense in terms of cost and caspian environment.  Ultimately there is no real hope for Iran as long as IRI stays, they are similar to communism like the USSR/Cuba/Pre1980's china in that they are a downward spiralling black hole for their people.


ماهی اوزون برون




دیگه این رژیم تنها چیزی رو که خراب نکرده بود خاویار و ماهی اوزون برون بود که اینهم رو حالا دارن ترتیبشو میدن.


shameless theft of Iran's oil revenue in full public view.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Just under a year since the environmental disaster of drying up lake urumieh, caused by the Fascist regime's mismanagement of our water resources, led to widespread riots and killing and jailing of our azari compatriots, we are now witnessing the begining of another fairy tale "project", engineered to channel more money to the foreign bank accounts of "revolutionary guards" leaders, and cause another potential environmental disaster in the northern provinces of Gilan and Mazanddaran. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

iraj khan

Other countries are doing it too

by iraj khan on

Here are a few:

United States, China, Bahrain, Israel, Spain, U.K, ..

Desalination will be done before the water is transferred to other locations.

The impact of Desalination on the environment, sea, and ocean is being studied.



Interesting n informative

by Rea on

However, the last I read about the Caspian Sea:


Somewhat old but ... 

Edit: any update on the issue ? 

Dr. Mohandes

A few points here

by Dr. Mohandes on

Ghalamdoon: we don't need anyone's god damn permission for wanting to do something gooful and useless, oh sorry...bad angalisi there. Good and useful:) Our permission has already been granted. Or better yet we were born with it!

2- Faramarz! Silence! I happen to own a few shares of something, something in that Koompany. It is all about Bizz dig...?

3- Anglophile. This has already been tried of course, but not to the extent that these super geniuses are willing to take it. Dude. they are just gonna pour some water on top of some good for nothing, god damn, stupid dirt. okay? Is that so wrooong? what eeez de big deeeeelll? :)))))))))

Now please guys. engineers need some peace and quiet. Shhhhhh!

Dr. Mohandes

God damn

by Dr. Mohandes on

Try to do something nice for the people of the country of our birth and see the hatred and venom unleashed on you.

Allright biys...Mamoor and Republicanist...take it away from here...

I am just saying.


A Moronic Project, By A Stupid, Incompetent, Moronic Government

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Taking water out of an enclosed body of water that is not be replenished as it is even without desalination work?????  Hmmmmmm, why does such a strong Olag Smell surround our 4 legged IRI officials???  What a Source of National Humiliation this IRI.  Destroying Lake Orumiyeh isn't enough for these long eared mullahs. It's bad enough with a huge brain drain that anyone with a future and that is young and that has the means is trying to escape Iran, now the IRI is trying to do something aimed at destroying what couldn't run away.  If the sand could leave Iran with this type of mismanagement it would literally flee. Sad. 


پروژه دیگری برای شرکت خاتم الانبیاء سپاه


Here are some other major accomplishments of IR engineering!






Some thoughts indeed!

by anglophile on



Can anyone cite a precedence of a similar project anywhere in the world? Or are we, as usual, the first in doing something dumb?


So, did they ask the Russians how they feel about this project?

by ghalam-doon on

On the other hand both Russians and this crowd know very well that this project will make many very rich and will be abandoned as soon as Prez AN leaves the province.

I really LOVED the way that guy was trying to explain this project from a printed out map. Very hi-tech!


Allahoma sale...


Some Thoughts

by Thought on

It is not possible to transfer water shared by multiple states without any kind of negotiation.

It is not possible to start a mega project (or even small one) without study plans.

It is not possible to go to a region and bring a few workers to start a project that was not discussed any time during current administration’s term.

It is not possible (or cost effective) for Iran to bring the saltiest water on earth and make it drinkable.

It is only possible that the government wanted to tab into a large fund and create a fake project by paying the startup cost and once the funds are in designated places, the project will be forgotten.

If Iran was to truly tab into 20% of Caspian waters then countries, engineers, and planners would be involved along with companies that provide such technology that Iran is lacking.

Thoughtful addition: Caspian sea is 92 feet below the sea level that adds to many other challenges in pumping the water to central Iran. The Russian use of Volga river that contributes 80% of Caspian water source is the main cause of shrinkage of the body of water, making it politically challenging to withdraw from it.


bringing water to desert

by azadi5 on

It's a nice thought, but wouldn't that water evaporate once it got to that area, before anything substantial could be done with it?

Dr. Mohandes

Did i hear some one say Mazandaran?

by Dr. Mohandes on

I Once heard that Our Fellow Gilanestanis call A King size bed Ma vo zan daran!!!

Long live Gilanis. Long live Ladies!



by Demo on

Please see the comment here:


Perhaps the following 'current news' is a better 'diversion' topic: