Dogs: Taken Away from Owners

Vice squads crackdown on pets

The Iranian Society for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals report that last week about 20 dogs in Pardisan Park in Tehran were confiscated as their owners walked them. Iran's government considers keeping pet dogs un-Islamic, but has mostly tolerated it. Film by uploaded and shared with permission. Read more on Global Voices.


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Payam S

by AMIR1973 on

You forgot to mention this is Orientalist.


Payam S. A society is

by koorosh10 on

Payam S. A society is judged by how it treats its animals. This is what the great Ghandi said. It is not their fault that their owner took them out and dispaly them in public. By the way in case you did not know dogs are alot more usefull than you think they are. We use them for teraphy. They are great companion. They are alot more loyal than many human including friends and relative. I personally was very sad when I lost my belovet golden ritriver Polo. I was as sad as if I lose a family member.     

payam s

So what?

by payam s on

There are other more urgent matters such as child workers, street children, exploited women, unemployed men and women, workers who are unpaid, folks who depended on the subsidies to survive, the impoverished working class, the oppressed minorities in Iran, drug addicts; none of whom could ever afford to purchase one of these ridiculously useless dogs as a pet. They can hardly feed their children nevertheless feed a stupid dog. These dogs are essentially a way in which the afluent classes in Tehran ostensibly demonstrate their priviliged and westernized lifestyles.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

I suggest you do not leave your GF alone with your dog. They can be even a better friend to Women than to men:))

I know . i know what you meant.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Holy crap, Must you relate every single thing that goes wrong in there to the "betrayal" and "deprivation" of whatever that was good that was on display by Mr. shahanshah aryamehr and the gang?

Perhaps Mr. reza should start sending letters to the International canine organization, asking them to mobilize the canine population in exile and inside the county to collect donation and send it over to his office in Virgina?


Woof Woof! we want reza!


Dogs will be dogs

by Milan on

They would all be adopted in 5 minutes if they were goats wearing bright lipsticks.



by jmyt17 on


Doge = loving animal

IRI=Akhoond = Dirt






Islam has always hated Dogs

by Manam_Babak on

And here is why, Persian army had dogs trained to help them in battle filed, and was able to inflict real pain to Arab soldgers, from then on dogs were najes. As ignorant as this Mullahs are, they still folow 1300 years ago rull to fear dogs. I love my dog, and I don't call him Mohammad, or Ali, cause I don't want to humiliate him.

Oon Yaroo

Well if people didn't name their dogs Ali, Mammad, Hassan, Hosse

by Oon Yaroo on

,..., Mehdi, etc. maybe and just maybe the authorities in IRR wouldn't round them up and confiscate them!



Who let the dogs out!

by Faramarz on

Dogs are great and they are man's best friend.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سئوال اَساسی‌ این است:آیا این حیوان (سگ) در جامعه‌ای چو جامعهٔ ایران جا افتاده است یا خیر ؟


sign a written document promising not to walk their dogs in

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


Dogs are social animals they need to be taken on walks daily and to see other dogs and people for their health.

betraying the best we had (in comparison to the alternatives), the late shahs team, for the anti-progress anti-peace & anti-human rights alternatives who called for revolution in 1979, even resulted in harming dogs and yet the shameless politics against Irans 2500 year political & cultural institution continues by some despite its lack of support among the majority of Iranians who have seen and experienced the results of supporting alternatives.

Anonymous Observer

Islam hates puppies

by Anonymous Observer on



by Truthseeker9 on

You can only imagine what the owners, let alone the pets, are going through. I wonder what will happen to these dogs. Does anyone know?  :( 

Actually just found this


"Reza Javalchi, the SPCA spokesman, told RFE/RL’s Radio Farda that the dogs will likely be kept in the detention center for a while and then released after their owners sign a written document promising not to walk their dogs in public." 



Excellent quote

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

When a man is sympathetic toward animals he will have mercy on other people too.Our
main goal is not to save a single animal, but to revive a culture and
line of thought which is present in society, but is largely ignored;
that is, paying attention to all creatures.

quote is from //


Dr. Mohandes

Souriiiii jaaan

by Dr. Mohandes on

your ten days went by so fast!:)

Glad you made it safe home. Here let me say something to you in french:

 M'osieu Delatour il un agent de voyage! Vous Vous appelez comment? je ma appelez doctor mohandes. je sui canadian....oops sorry...american...ahhhh... iranien:)

as our teacher always says: suiavant? repete?

as you can see i am able to leave comments again. I had to get under the hood and tweak around a few things and now i am back baby:)

Say hello to the family.


HI Dr Mohandes

by Souri on

I Just came back home yesterday. Hope all's well with you.

I got a bad flu in Europe. 

Stay well.

Dr. Mohandes

They have started already!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Promoting those donkeys and even monkeyes around the country. poeple in the know would know exactly where to look for them. That is right!

Well, at least, these dogs got one thing going for them and when these bastards kick the dust and become extinct, they can always go and pee on all over their graves.



I posted this video on a blog I wrote yesterday

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


this is very upsetting to me as a pet lover.




by Azarbanoo on

THey do not leave even animals alone.


marg bar sag

by azadi5 on

probably will be a new slogan at namaz jomeh :)

maybe they will start promoting islamic pets like, donkey, goat, sheep, or cow so people can parade them around in the streets of tehran :)

Personally I think this is just another way for IRI thieves to make money. Once those dog owners pay the fine, they will most likely get their dogs back. But, they may be sexually abused while in captivity. I wouldn't put that passed beyond their captors.