Farhad Moshiri: Billionaire

Iranian becomes rich helping Russia’s richest man

Bloomberg: In 1989, Farhad Moshiri was an émigré in London pulling a paycheck at Deloitte & Touche when he met Alisher Usmanov. Now, after a two-decade alliance with Russia’s current richest man, the Iranian-born accountant is a billionaire himself.

Moshiri, who owns 5 percent of Usmanov’s Metalloinvest Holding, Russia’s largest miner of iron ore, and 15 percent of Arsenal Football Club, is worth at least $1.1 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Usmanov, 58, rewarded Moshiri, 56, for years of service as an adviser and confidant in 2008, granting him a 10 percent stake in Gallagher Holding Ltd., through which Usmanov controls Metalloinvest.

“He was consulting me for decades on different deals and exercised his option, fairly getting the stake,” Usmanov said in a telephone interview from Moscow. Usmanov and Moshiri both declined to elaborate on the terms of the option.

Metalloinvest accounts for the bulk of Usmanov’s fortune, which has swelled to more than $20 billion through timely bets on tech companies including Facebook Inc. (FB), according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world’s richest people. Metalloinvest is worth at least $16 billion, valuing Moshiri’s share at a minimum of $800 million. The company values itself at as much as $20 billion, Chief Executive Officer Eduard Potapov said in February.

For Moshiri, the road to riches started with a revolution.
Iranian Revolution

“My parents fled Iran in February 1979, just before the Iranian Revolution,” Moshiri, now a British citizen, said by e- mail. “My father was an army doctor who trained as a pathologist and later became a senior military judge. My mother came from Iran’s leading publishing house, Kayhan, which is now based in London.” >>>


Darius Kadivar

alimostofi Jan and anglophile Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

I like you both for very different reasons so I really don't want to take sides.


I just hope you can sort your differences whatever they may be.


It's late here so I got to go to bed.


Best to you both,





Darius jaan you are a fair judge. Thank you

by anglophile on

  There is no personal issue between me and Mostofi. The problem with our resident astrologer is that he takes EVERY CRITICISM of his comments or blogs PERSONALLY.    He knows full well that he has acted improperly here. That is why he flagged my comment. He is not the only friend of Nazanin and Farhad and I know that she is unhappy with people disclosing her private life and that of her husband on a public forum like ours. She may, out of being a lady that she is, say nothing or even laugh it off but that does not excuse Mostofi's reckless and unethical behaviour.     If a comment had to be flagged it is Mostofi's as it has breached the rule of confidential disclosure in a comment.


DK: flagging is used when

by alimostofi on

DK: flagging is used when the party concerned deviates from the topic and gets personal. Or in some instances makes it their duty to get personal all the time. This is the situation with anglophile. Have look at his comments. He has a thing about me and my comments. That is why his comment got flagged. I hope he has enough sense not to keep spamming threads and articles I write. He seems to have a personal vendetta against me. I don't even know who he is. People who have real names have to always watch out for such stalkers.

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Darius Kadivar

Well ... ali mostofi jan ... Flagging won't win you an argument

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I won't interfere between you.

But All I will say is that I don't think Flagging is something which will win anyone an argument !

Both of you have the right to express yourselves. 

I leave that between you two to sort it out ... 

I rest my case,






DK: the flagging was related

by alimostofi on

DK: the flagging was related to other matters and this comment.

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Darius Kadivar

anglophile is right

by Darius Kadivar on

No need to flag him for speaking his mind.


That was most indiscreet of you Mostofi

by anglophile on

To reveal personal details of Nazanin in a public forum! One can never trust a self claimed astrologer. If they needed to come out, they would have done it themselves. No need for your to make yourself "loos."


Good for him

by Reality-Bites on

I'd rather see a (non-IR) Iranian successful than anyone else.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

This is why Iranians will never get any where as a whole  because the majority are nothing but a whole bunch of OGHDE-EE Jealous people that can never stand some one's success. If some one becomes successful they always find something about him to call him a theaf!!!It's sad !    


His wife is Nazenin Ansari.

by alimostofi on

His wife is Nazenin Ansari. Both have contributed so much. An example to all.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Should we congratulate him?

by hirre on

Should we congratulate him? We all know it is impossible to make the big bucks in russia if you aren't breaking some laws, you have to be corrupt some how. So what does that make people who work with corrupt people?



by MRX1 on

Guess it helps to know the right people. He got lucky that he came in contact with this russian dude though his job  and was able to milk the relationship.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

It's always good to see smart successful Iranians!!!



by jmyt17 on


Nice to hear this.Iranian problem. still can not see others successHope some day, all of us learn somethings.Feel sorry for



forget the Moo-Cheen,

by alx1711 on

forget the Moo-Cheen, Russina chicks dig hairy Persians :)


Re protection!

by Arj on

Dear JJ; chances are, he already is protected! Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone up that far!


Buy the man a Moo-cheen

by Milan on

Time to lose the unibrow!

Darius Kadivar

Not to be confused with the Famous Artist ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Not to be confused with a fellow Shirazi Schoolmate of mine... 

Farhad Moshiri (artist) (born 1963), Iranian artist

He is today a world known artist who used to go to the same school as me and my siblings: SICS ( Shiraz International Community School) and now exhibits in Dubai, NY and other major capitals of the world ...

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I hope he wears a bullet-proof vest. The Russian mafia don't mess around when they smell money.


Is there any relation with Bahram Moshiri?

by Azarbanoo on

Look like each other.