Hanjereh Talaie: "Golden Throat"

The "New Iraj"


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

از لهجه ایشان مشخص است که اهل کاشان و حوالی هستند،نجف ابادیها از کی تا به حال این چنین لهجه‌ای دارند ؟!


نازه نفست!


صفاتو عشقست جوون!

Adib Masumian

Absolutely beautiful

by Adib Masumian on

A duplicate video of this exists on YouTube at this URL:


On that page, someone left the following comment that I thought would be of interest:

ایشون یکی ازهمشهریان نجف آبادی منه؛بهش میگن ایرج؛حیف که چون پول وامکانات نداره باید برای دوستاش بخونه

It's such a shame when people have so much talent but no access to the means to make better use of it...I wish this man all the best and hope that one day he really will be the next Iraj.