House Monkey: Tehran pet

Featured on tv


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Thats not Ahmadinejad

by Liberated on

I thoght this video was about our president but then I saw that it was about a cute harmless monkey.

Mullahs are all dirty and Najes, as far as the medical science is concerned, dogs are not vectors for many disesaes. In fact many of the halal animals like chickens are vectors for avian flue and many viruses and bacteria.  So once again religion is proven to be just a bunch of superstition and not related to science. 

 Say hello to your loving pets and goodbye to outdated religious superstition.



hair color match

by bambi on

It seems that he is using the same hair color on himself & the poor monkey!


Dogs are not Najes

by Gezhap on

It is written in old Persian scripture that without Dog's companionship, man's soul is not complete. That is why these arabs hate dogs.


روی میمون تو دیدن در دولت بگشاید!



بخت بازآید از آن در که یکی چون تو درآید

روی میمون تو دیدن در دولت بگشاید


روز سعدی مبارک!


Arash Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

Monkeys are intelligent and affectionate creatures. It will be an insult to all primates to compare them to Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinehad is less than a monkey. He is not even the missing link as it has been alleged or even an amphibian. He is the lowest life form on this planet. Even less than a bacteria. 


Iranian of the Day

by Demo on

A Tehrani's household monkey?!!


sag najeseh @ 5.00 gets under my skin

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that is like saying   eshq va doosti va khoobi najeseh

Good that owners are responsible and very caring of their pets treating them as a living, feeling, thinking being with blood in its veins.

I agree with the man who said man lezlat mikonam az sag am,

Arash Kamangir

He looks prettier than ahmadinejad

by Arash Kamangir on

No expalanation!!!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

میمونِ بیچاره :( .