Iqan Shahidi: Prisoner of the day

Bahai student sentenced to five years

CHRR: Committee of Human Rights Reporters: Iqan Shahidi is a Bahai student from Kermanshah, who was first arrested on 1 March 2010. During his detention, Shahidi was under physical and psychological pressure to make television confessions against himself. He was released on 10 May 2010 on bail of $50,000. On 27 November 2010, Iqan Shahidi was told to present his last defence at Branch 3 of Evin Prison Court.

Iqan Shahidi was contacted on 8 March 2011 to appear before Branch 28 of Evin Prison Court, under Judge Moghisseh, on 12 March 2011. Judge Moghisseh sentenced Iqan Shahidi, who was banned from continuing his education because of his Bahai faith, to a five-year prison sentence, which was later upheld by branch 54 of Appeal Court.

Shahidi's charges were "membership in an illegal group, 'Association Against Educational Discrimination'" and "propaganda against the state." According to CHRR reports, Shahidi's beliefs and person were insulted throughout the trial.

Iqan Shahidi, Navid Khanjani and Sama Nourani were all arrested on 1 March 2010, charged with activities to defend students who were banned from continuing their education, and were transferred to IRGC's Ward 2A inside Evin Prison.


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Anis Cyrus

please share

by Anis Cyrus on


"A real Human being", put behind the bars, by Islamist Facists

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

For absolutely no other reason, than his religious beliefs.

Thank you Adib for sharing your personal insight about this Bahai compatriot with the rest of us.

The irony, no the shame of it all is that on this very site, where the plight of people like this young man are highlighted in this very worthwhile series of blogs, there are individuals who write hate blogs, almost 24/7, against other Iranians, no... other human beings... because  their religion or political beliefs is not approved by the corrupt, criminal rulers of the Islamist regime.

On the other hand, all this , brings to the forth, the  "sharaf" of Iqan  and other political/religious prisoners of the Fascist islamist regime, vs the "bi-sharafi" of the hate mongering Mozdoors....   

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


درود بر تمام ایرانیان مبارز


So many Iranians from all walks of life are standing up to this regime for their right and the rights of their Hamvatan.  Their [basid human] rights are being systematically violated and they deserve our full support in their resistance against this tyranny called IRI.  A steadfast campaign for their immediate and unconditional freedom is a duty of all Iranians.

My hats off to each and every one of these brave souls.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Adib Masumian

A great friend

by Adib Masumian on

This brave young man is a good friend of mine...we have talked over the Internet, I've heard his sweet voice and I've seen his radiant face, not as a still image but as an animated, real human being. He goes around studying in-depth sociological materials with youth all throughout Iran—not by car, but by bus. This is the kind of person that's being sentenced to five years in prison. It's absolutely baffling.

Here is a note he wrote the other day about saying goodbye:

سخت ترین قسمت خداحافظی ها با اوناییه که گریه می کنن و در آغوشت می کشن! آدم نمی دونه گریه کنه، آرومشون کنه، روحیه بده، بهشون بگه بابا چیزی نیست، کلش پنج ساله که اینجوری که بوش میاد از اوضاع و احوال اینقدرم طول نمی کشه، مرخصی خواهیم داشت انشاءالله، عرصه ی جدیدی برای فعالیته، فضایی برای دوستی های جدید و یادگیری توی ساحت متفاوت تریه، فضایی هست که آدم می تونه کتاب بخونه و این عقده ی سرکوب شده رو برطرف کنه :D، زمانیه که فارغ از دغدغه های روزمره می شه دعا خوند و ...

شما اگه بودین دیگه چیا می گفتین؟! 


'Association Against Educational Discrimination'

by Reality-Bites on

That's one IR introduced crime I hadn't heard of!

So if now you "associate against educational discrimination" you are guilty of having committed a crime in the eyes of the Islamic Republic. Unbelievable!