Iranian Accents & Dialects

BBC discussion with Shervin Faridnejad, Paulette Samuelian and Khodadad Rezakhzani

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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Thanks BBC. Good topic.

by Khebedin on

Thanks BBC. Good topic. Iranians should keep their accent, they are all beautiful and interesting. So should they keep their dressing code, food, and all their culture


Good idea poorly executed

by choghok on

I am wondering how the host was thinking? How can an accent just vanish because of discrimination and intolerance. If that was the case then Indians would speak BBC English since beginning and Apu would speak like Homer. Accent is because you are used to melody and expressing yourself in your mother tounge so you automatically keep them when speaking a new language.


The thing that could vanish is dialects like Shirazi or Mashadi or Esfehani which are dialects of Persian.