Rafsanjani Curses Mike Wallace

Murmurs "Your mother and sister..." when asked about vice squad abuses

مایک والاس، خبرنگار سرشناس آمریکایی که چند روز اخیر درگذشت در اواخر دوران سازندگی با آیت الله هاشمی رفسنجانی گفتگوی میکند. رفسنجانی وقتی با سوال والاس درباره ازدواج موقت و رابطه دخترها و پسرها و مشکلات مرتبط مواجه می‌شود زیر لب می‌گوید: "ای خواهر و مادر..." دقیقه ۳ و ثانیه ۱۸



Guys this wallace was a sorry servant of the mass controlled

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


We need to focus on each other and help raise Iranians collective conscience.  Or else whe the IRI is done, and that day is not too many years away, we will eventually face problems that could lead Iranians to betray their most patriotic iranians again like in 1979 



The Terrorist Mullahs are best @ Biting the Hand that Feeds them

by Mohareb_IRANI on

Death to RAFSANJANI, Same basterd who has arranged for DIALOGUE with the Fascist Rapist TERROR CELL OF ISLAM and Boss of Tereeta Taazi 

Arash Kamangir

only shia can bring about such a nasty being!!!

by Arash Kamangir on

Iranians have no doubt that Rafsanjani is among the nastiest mullahs in IR. The idealogy who has shaped up this mans thoughts must have been itself one of the nastiest idealogies existed on Earth ( should we call shia a religeon or a cult ?!)


I'm bugged by Wallaces Attitude, as if he knows exactly

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

what crimes he has been involved in to help his govt in smearing the late shah on human rights issues, by bringing the extremists to power and stationing many military bases in the region.  The US/Iran Policy since Carter, US To IRANIANS: get your filthy Iranian hands off our Oil, you saw what we did to the shah when he tried to develop Iran and have the ability for iran to compete with the USA for its own resources.  The USA will not stop her desire/need to dominate your region, so you better get used to that. 

I wonder When Iranians will learn the truth about the Shah and about the USA?  (at least enough to know he was not a dictator and he cared about Improving Iranians human rights) Isn't this important to know, if Iranians were to want find out what they need to focus their energies on, to save Iran from US Policy? 

The US opposed the shah and the iranian govt  on everything they were doing to progress Iran economically, developmentally and help Iran be more independent straight after 1953.  After giving the shah political support in 1953 (because they were common enemies against communism and the US needed the shah for awhile for stifling the spread of communism).  The Shah used US support to defend the constitution and law of Iran, against Mossadegh breaking the law and usurping power by refusing to step down as P.M. when the shah had fired him as was his constituionally guaranteed legal right, after parliament had been dissolved by Mossadegh. The USA refused the sale of many vital industries to Iran for years, which iran later developed with help from others after US contracts were not honored.


You see how wallace treated rafsajani in the last 10 seconds

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

ten seconds of this Interview???? in contrast to how he treated the late shah!!!!!  If this is the result of any us policy i feel sorry for the many that are not aware of what the USA is doing to iran and dominating our region like africa sending people backwards and suppressng them, with an insistance to control the oil industry and a say in how to limit and mismanage Irans economy and development, to keep Iran soooo weak you can access Irans resources indefinetly at the expense of the inhabitats and not to their benefit.  We especially like how you invented dictator out of the blue for the late shah who  was primarily concerned with the development of Iran in opposition to your aims for Iran (you repeatedly warned Iran and tried to stop her industrialization and requested to interfere in here economy and the shah opposed you on these issues) I remember his even stating in a speech that Iran is not the toy of powerful countries to be interferred with and then you misrepreseted him and supported khomeini.... such friendship! 

And to this day USA do not wish to change here interests or politics or accept responsibility for USA deliberate actions, because you intend to continue this way, unless you are stopped.  And most likely you have beome aware that you won't be able to keep this up forever with a weaker USA in a world with extremism, colonialism and military alliances don't ever end well for the leader.


He is a perfect representative of the thugs ruling Iran

by asadabad on

Ignorant, vulgar, violent, and primitive all rolled into one!


Our National Religion is made of Murderers, Thieves & Liars

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

With no program to develop and educate people its no wonder the USA/UK love Islam in Govt for Iranians and in contrast hated the late shah.  Islam in Govt, which is extremists in power, meets the USA's #1 Goal for Iran.  Our corrupted Religious Authorities are loved by the west.  And so far we see what difficulty the people of iran have had in doing anything about this. I wonder if Iranians can succeed without standing behind their own culture and time tested ideals, which is the source of their unity and the roots of their successes over the millenia?  So far Iranians have not made enough effort as a whole society to making progress in this regard.



Rafsanjani is a FOX indeed

by Azarbanoo on

I hate akhoonds all types of them.