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Babak Tafreshi's tribute to sky-watchers

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: It seems there’s no shortage of jaw-dropping astronomy time-lapse videos floating around the web, which highlight the gorgeous spangle of stars visible over lovely locales (for instance, in the high Chilean desert, the northern U.S. West, and the mountains of La Palma, in the Spanish Canary Islands). But in a new twist, astrophotographer Babak Tafreshi has aimed his lens at the people who scan dark skies for their treasures with the same gusto as foodies shopping in a farmer’s market. Tafreshi’s newest video is described on his Vimeo page as “a tribute to to all skygazers around the world who enjoy exploring the night sky with their telescopes.” It was released today to celebrate April 2012 as Global Astronomy Month >>>


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enchanting indeed!

by Fatollah on

Thanks for sharing.

Ari Siletz

Beautiful video

by Ari Siletz on

The photographer, Babak Tafreshi, is the editor of the monthly Nojoum astronomy magazine in Iran.


it was great

by iamfine on

enjoyed watching it