Zakaria: The shape of a deal with Iran

Turkey Talks

CNN: I've been following the tense back and forth with Iran very closely. I continue to believe it is the single most dangerous crisis that we confront today. And I'm struck by the pessimism surrounding it. Everyone seems to believe that whatever the momentary ups and downs, there is unlikely to be a deal between Iran and the great powers that will avert war and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. But that's not clear. There is a path to a deal, if, as with any successful negotiation, both sides can come away with something >>>


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Arash Kamangir

There is no deal

by Arash Kamangir on

IR can only dream of a deal! It is all about drinking the 2nd grail of poison by 2nd supreme leader!

Mardom Mazloom

Some thoughts ...

by Mardom Mazloom on

1. Does the regime want the bomb?

Absolutely! If not why had it to enrich uranium secretly in Parchin, and elsewhere? 

2. Why mullahs are seeking the bomb?

To dissuade the west to not attack their regime!

3. Should Obama rely on Seyd-Ali's Fatwa on nuclear Bomb?

Hey! Seyd Ali ain't even a "Marja'". Other mullahs inside Iran don't give sh.t to Seyd Ali's purpose it's not Obama to start, Should he?

4. Would the negociations end to something reasonable?

Did they in the past years? 




LOL! Of Course - You Invented All & Everything Mythical!

by ShirOjan on

Please Mr. Al Gore, move over - Now you have a serious competition.

The INTERNET too? In addition to all other self-serving and utterly RACIST modern and ancient MYTHS among which are the MYTH of the Scroll of Esther that your Bibi took to Obama this last month as "a PRESENT" and said "even then as now those Persians wanted to kill us." LOL! This was so lame that most Israeli commentators critisized him for "showing bad form and style." As if a good and decent behaviour and above all, HONESTY is this maniacal creature's forte.

Notwithstanding that Persians know the first recorded "Through Deception They Made War" Holocaust on Persian Elites resisting the recently freed slaves from Babylon's take over of the Empire.

What a striking parallel to the 9/11 False Flag PsyOp by the Zion-Con Shysters' final take over of the American Republic!

We still like innocent Jews! And made Iran a safe haven for them for 2500 years!

Light of TRUTH and PEACE!               United we'll Never Be Defeated!


The US can't make way in negotiations with IRI

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Problem the USA faces is it is going in an unlawful direction in what it wants from the IRI, yet not from Israel.  One rule for one & another rule for another.  How to pressure IRI to change course and impose inspections for the IRI, while in contrast giving Israel a pat on the back and a different set of rules to abide by. How can the IRI hold power in Iran with its own followers if it sells them out in comparison with Israel?  So IRI won't make a deal. 



by shushtari on

right on buddy.

when was the last time an akhoond told the truth???!

they are full of it- I hope this falls apart so they can be toppled very soon 



by مآمور on

There will be sticky point in the negotiation, that is the request for easier and faster access to the Iranian nuke sites will be tied to Israel also opening up its atomic sites to the inspectors as far as Iranian side is concerned.

It will be fun watching 5+1 putting pressure on Israel to come clean!!

I wear an Omega watch



by Sialashgar on



mr shirojan: i on behalf of all you described as "ZionShaysters"

by mousa67 on

am very much looking forward to your next blog and participating in it.

and if i might add you and your friend mr. demo are  prime examples of  ones who make good use of their undeniable right to cyber space as their dream world. the right which is fully koshered and approved not only by  us , but also by our 5+1.

and thank you mr sialashgar you are a quick learner. i might have a job for you post islamic regime :) 



Wait Wait Mousa I ll anwer him for you

by Sialashgar on

The internet is your undiniable right and you are only brave because of we gave you internet from Israel ! andI am an American but also an Israeli and i own two flags i just love flags they are very helpful on 4th of jully and my moslam neighbors are all cowerds and do not own any flgas...


Can a Non-Islamist Libertarian Tell the TRUTH about the ZionWest

by ShirOjan on

and not be immediately stereotyped as an "Islamist"  or an IRI fanatic by the Zionist Power Configurations (ZPC)?

These "ZionShaysters"  have peneterated and subverted all of the Western institutions over the past couple of centuries. Now, through their Color Revolutions and "Arab Spring" and out right military adventures wish to impose their "CONTROL" on the REMANING SOVEREIGN NATIONS.

Obviously, they are so full of themselves that their Self-evident CRUDITIES of Mind ,Emotion and soul (if they believe in having it which they do not!) in their MYTH-MAKING and perpetuation of them have become CLEAR to the awakend majority of the population worlwide.

Therefore the ultimate crudity of military aggression and the WWIII as per Kissinger's pronouncements need to take place.

BTW,  Demo,  "The Holocaust Within" is a good sub-Heading for my next blog  "9/11, Zion-Con Piracy" :-)


Reality Check

by Faramarz on


Before the Regimi crowd here start opening their bottles of cheap Champagne (Andre sparkling wine), here are some points to consider.

The Regime, being in a tight spot because of the sanctions floated these ideas.

1. They are open to forego 20% enrichment as long as they are guaranteed the fuel rods for the old facility in Amirabad that provides isotopes for medical purposes. What drove them to that point is that while they are capable of producing 20% enriched uranium, they cannot safely produce the fuel rods that are needed to run the old reactor and not make the poor patients light up and glow!

2. They are willing to discuss uranium enrichment to only 3.5% and just enough for domestic use (i.e. Bushehr plant which is being supplied by the Russians) and are also willing to discuss putting the centrifuges at Fordo on “Hot Stand-by” vs. complete shut down. These are tactical maneuvers to buy time and create fissure in the west and can be reversed immediately.

In return the US signaled that they are willing to do the following.

1. Recognize the Islamic Republic and declare that they will not militarily undermine the Regime. Well, the US government going back to Clinton has recognized the Islamic Republic and Obama while keeping all the options on the table regarding the threats that the regime poses to the world has never advocated a Regime change through military means by the US.

2. Recognize the Regime as a political power in the region (a political power and not a military power).

Now, there are two sticky points about the nuclear negotiations. First the Regime needs to come clean on its weaponization program in the 90’s and up to 2003. In other words, it needs to say, “Goh-Khordam, Ghalat-Kardam, Digeh-Nemikonam!” Secondly, it needs to open its military sites to intrusive inspection. Both these issues are very critical to the survival of the Regime and by accepting them, you might as well kiss the Islamic Republic goodbye!

Now, can the regime, even if they comply with the above, expect a “Grand Bargain” and the removal of the sanctions?

Well, as long as the Regime is on the top of the terrorists’ list, because of its activities in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no way that Obama in an election year can undo the sanctions.

Therefore this is an exercise in futility that allows the US to tell the Russians and the Chinese that we really tried but failed and for the Regime to try unsuccessfully to divide the west.

Next meeting on May 23rd in Baghdad.


mr. sialashgar:name calling on internet is your undeniable right

by mousa67 on

so is acting big and brave on internet :)

the rest, the nuke thing, you just got "istambooled" :)

and yes. we do have very high "unimployment" in israel these days. LOL. 


 Sialashgar reminds of

by vildemose on

 Siahilashgar reminds of me of Sadaam's Information Minister:

"In an age of spin, Sialashgar offers feeling and authenticity. His message is consistent -- unshakeable, in fact, no matter the evidence -- but he commands daily attention by his on-the-spot, invective-rich variations on the theme. His lunatic counterfactual art is more appealing than the banal awfulness of the Reliable Sources. He is a Method actor in a production that will close in a couple of days. He stands superior to truth."


September 23 - Furloughed Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.) gives new interview with Abu Dhabi TV in which he makes maybe the first accurate statement of his public career: "Saddam believed that he will lose the war if it erupts." What a shocking prediction.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


We have Israel right where we want it.

by Sialashgar on

Every year more and more Isolated and hated there was a tim ewhen Hollywood used to celibrate the birth of the Israel but know days they all distence them self from it. Israel has a negative immigratin more jews leave israel then coiming to Israel. High inflation High unimployment evevn their mammoth porn industry is slow this days and most of their imported Russian courtesan are out of work. And Everyday the pro palestinian voice is getting louder. You can run zion but you can not hide your days are numberd tik tak tik tak.........  


Why don't you move to Israel ?

by Sialashgar on

And leave our Star and strips flag out of It.
Haven't you stolen enough secrets
from US. and give to china,Russia and other enemies of us to help the miscreant Zionist.


mr demo: i the "hated jew " proudly display a israeli flag

by mousa67 on

next to stars and stripes on 4th of july outside my house.

do you even dare to admit outside the internet forums that you are a jew hating islamist let alone display the flag of the islamic republic of iran?

but keep using the internet for venting out. it is after all your "undeniable right", and is granted by us . LOL. 

Oon Yaroo

It can't get any more obvious that Zak and the American left

by Oon Yaroo on

It can't get any more obvious that Zak and the rest of the American left want IRR to stay in power!

Hey Yo, Zak, Iranians want IRR in its entirety gone!

Do you need some Q-Tips?

If Q-Tips don't work get them ears of yours de-waxed using a hose or something!


The Holocaust Within!

by Demo on

An uncle Shamu's call from the dark side: "The Anti-monastic Secularist Occupiers plotted 911 for our American cousins to occupy Iraq & Afghanistan as the first step to rule over the Islamic countries but now mixed with our anger & frustration we are regretting that much as the whole world is turning against us so rapidly."


looks like islamic republic was "istanbooled" to the tilt.

by mousa67 on

by our american cousins. or as my uncle shmuel (god bless his soul) would say:

"we invented both nuclear bombs and internet. but allow islamists only the use of internet to vent out their anger and frustration. "


Help Iranian people by killing them (collateral damage)


That's the neocon motto, espoused by rabid messianic Likudniks.

Republican جمهوریخواه

Nukes Я Us

by Republican جمهوریخواه on

Now it looks like Iran and the US (who else?) have reached a deal under the auspices of 5+1 or whatever the number..........and that's that.........get over it..........


Grand bargain

by Fred on

Islamist Rapists want guarantee to be left alone to rule over Iran. That is what their lobbyists say.

If the sane world does not help Iranian people to topple the Islamist Rapists, it will come to regret it.

Messianic Islamist Rapists are after "managing the world."