Farshad Mahjoor: Jumping off Skyscraper For Charity

To raise $230,000 for Outward Bound Trust

Businesswire: Fasha Mahjoor, founder and CEO of Phenomenex, a separation sciences company, will leap off the 87th floor of The Shard in London, Europe’s tallest building, on the 3rd of September to raise funds for The Outward Bound Trust. Alongside a handful of other adventurous philanthropists, the group will abseil/rappel down 1,056 feet (the highest ever attempted by any civilian) all in support of the educational charity. Mahjoor’s goal is to raise a minimum of $230,000/£150,000/€190,000 of which he has personally donated the initial $32,000/£20,000/€25,000 www.mahjoor4charity.com

پایین آمدن از بلندترین برج اتحادیه اروپا from Sara Dehghan on Vimeo.


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by deev on

LOL @ tallest building in Europe = 87 stories!
God bless super-sized America!


Way to go!

by bitamg on

Love this story and admire this man's courage and dedication to giving back....wishing him the best in this endeavor and more! 


Safe and fun rappel....

by Bavafa on

Keep up the good work specialy in your social and educational charity.  It is a noble deed.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory