Ghazal: Sanctioned Life

How economic sanctions has affected her life as a civilian

"Sanctioned Life" is a call for participation in the project "Sanctioned," a documentary on the social impact of economic sanctions. The project is not affiliated with any political group or government institution. Send us your story of how economic sanctions affected your personal life, business, or wellbeing >>>


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iraj khan

"there must be a way..

by iraj khan on

for a diplomatic solution to solve these issues between Iran and U.S...Sanctions only hurt people like me..'

She is asking for a solution not more sanctions and war,

thanks for posting it here.



by kazthescribbler on

In fairness Raoul1955, you don't know how up to date that information on this lady's linkedin profile is. 

It may not be lawful for companies to disciminate on race, gender, sexual orientation or disability grounds when employing people, but I know for a fact, (having worked in recruitment) that sadly this still goes on. Companies use all sorts of excuses/ways of bending the rules to get away with it.

A little while ago, I worked for a company whose employees were, in the majority from the US. Whilst I am a very open minded person and tried to take each of them as individuals, the behaviour and comments they made in relation to those from other cultures behind closed doors was appalling.  I have to say, they were the most racist people I had ever met in my entire life. So, sadly this instance does not surprise me at all.

I do not think she is likening her experience to that experienced by those under sanctions in Iran. I think perhaps she may be trying to say that she feels the US position on sanctions actually has a wider effect, whereby some companies and individuals may be using the US political position as an excuse for their ignorance and prejudice towards Iranians in the US.

I ask one question. What has she to gain by lying? 

hamsade ghadimi

what gives? according to

by hamsade ghadimi on

what gives? according to ms. alipour's linkedin account, she currently holds two jobs in the u.s.   


sanctions and job?!

by Fandogh on

One would think having a Ph.D guarantees some degree of common sense, then again... what's the connection between finding a job here in the States and the sanctions in Iran?! and if you think this is the reason for not being employed here, then why not going back?!!

There is absoultly no way that an employee would play the race card, even if this is an issue they are not stupid to tell you right in your face. There are plenty of Iranian students who get  jobs right after their Ph.D while they are still on student or OPT visa, not even a resident. So, take your show to "lala" land! Maybe someone will buy it there. 



One Friendly Advice

by Faramarz on



If you want to get a job in this country, don't write "Marg bar Amrika" on your resume!

A PhD can only get you so far.


do not think so

by minadadvar on

I do not think they rejected you because of your nationality. They must have known that you were an Iranian before you went in for an interview, assuming you sent them a resume and provided them with information regarding your education/work experience in Iran.

I also agree with others that even if they wanted to turn you down because of you nationality, they would never openly admit it.  Too afraid of a law suit.     


Its your regime you fool not sanctions

by seannewyork on

Did anyone have problems getting jobs under the Shah in the US. NO.  Get rid of the regime in Iran and you wont have a problem finding a job.

What a stretch to say sanctions are the reasons you cant get a job in the us.  Sort of a joke. You should have a job in Iran but the regime has sanctioned us for 33 years so our economy and life is horrible and you had to leave iran to get a job.


The Islamic Regime in IRAN must stop the sanctions agains Iranians now.  Thats what your efforts should be about.

Fariborz M

What one thing has to do with another!

by Fariborz M on

I have been in the US for past 25 years.  I work with at one of lead aerospace companies with secret clearance Not even once have I been denied anything because of my background. 

There is no way any company in the US to come out and say "we can't offer you a job because you are Iranian".  I have seen people denied jobs because they did not hold green card or citizenship. 

Maybe that is your case and you just want to believe you did not get a job because you are Iranian.

Sorry, I don't mean to be rude or cold, but we (Iranians) with our choice of government should stop criticizing others.  

good luck.


Agreed with iranvatan

by Azarbanoo on

Besides this young lady can go back to IRAN and work their with her supported regime of IRR. I also think she may not have a legal status to get a job in US besides she seems she does not have problem with IRR/IRI. 


I don't believe you

by iranvatan on

First of all you started by saying the companies in Unted States denied you a job because of your nationality. And they told you that directly since you are Iranian we can not offer you a job.

First Lie: 

Racism and biased  does exist. But that company must be very stupid so openly reject you and deny you a job because you are Iranian. You can sue them for whatever they have. EEOC and US court will slap them with legal monetary fines for whatever asset they have. 

Second Lie:

You earned your PHD, you can also teach and then find a job.

I agree finding a job is not easy but it is not because of you are an Iranian.

Third Lie:

Iranians have been living under pressure fo rthe past thirty years. They have been suffering economically, physically and psychologically.

It is interesting how you as a women try to deny that.


The one gender and group "women" who are treated like third class citizens.

It is not because of sanctions Iranians are suffering. Iranians are suffering from a Fascit, Racist, Apartheid regime, that is corrupt and is made up millions of thugs like yourself.

By the way in Iran, women, Bahai, Jews and other Ethnic minorities are constantly discriminated and harrassed very much like Hitler's regime. 


One Iran for all Iranians


Lovely girl

by Rea on

.... but overall pathetic. 


I am glad Fred is not my

by Khebedin on

I am glad Fred is not my doctor. He would recommend to chop my head, if I would have gone to him for a headach. Some people surprize you by their comments


We are all suffering here!

by Faramarz on



The sanctions are hurting the sex lives of all innocent Iranian-Americans!

Trita, please do something!


I agree she is kidding! ..

by yAghi on

I have been in US over 30 years even in hostage’s time there
was not such discrimination here.  Dear Ghazal, if here is too bad why don’t you go back to Iran? I am sure you will get a job there.


She Must be Kidding!

by Demo on

The US laws prohibits any employer from turning down anybody based on his/her nationality, race, age, color, and etc. There is no way in the world any of the companies she is referring to could have had told her such self-incriminating stories. Absolutely no way.


The proposed simple solution has been ….

by Bavafa on

A collective punishment as it has been advocate to “starve Iranians” or what we have seen taking place in Gaza or prior to that demolishing the household of any suicide bomber in Palestine.  The policy of collective punishment for Iranians clearly is being pushed by Israel on the world they hold hostage and must be condemned.

  I hope those ordinary Iranians like Ghazal who have been effected by this collective punishment from abroad and often times by their own regime, find a way out of this criminal act.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Simple solution

by Fred on

The solution is simple, all Iranians need to unite and overthrow the Messianic Islamist Rapists who for the past 34 years have imposed severe economic, cultural and freedom sanctions on Iranians.

Iran is a rich country, Iran has great potential, Iran has great industrious people,  Ghazal dos not need to work in the US, once the Messianic Islamist Rapist are overthrown, she can easily find a job in Iran. 

To speed up Ghazal’s return to Iran, backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must.