Pollution at dangerous levels

Tehran shut down for 2 days


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That is easy to fix. Change

by mohsenrahimi on

That is easy to fix. Change the auto industry from all gas to Hybrid and electric. That will clean the air and reduce gasoline imports. Also implement and enforce auto emission inspection and fine and impound vehicles that smoke.

David ET

16 Azar

by David ET on

Suddenly they care about the pollution on the eve of 16 Azar! 


What's up again this time IRI?

by kazem0574 on


The pollution is a new IRI keep them off the streets and out of major cities. Every time something is up or they are expecting trouble they pull out the pollution rabbit out of the hat. Everyone stay at home, or go away some place.

Isfahan to Tehran 500km, Tehran to Mashhad 800km etc etc, suddenly there is national pollution problem across hundreds of miles ???????

Its a crock, people in Iran know this new ploy very well now and just go have a holiday.


Another Islamic contribution

by nozarmahallati on

34 years of raping and pillaging the wealth of a nation results in stuff like this.

Instead of 1 for me and 1 for you, its 99 for me and 1 for you when you deal with the filthy akhoond jamaat.

Busher's technology is from the Russia of 1990s.

God help the people who live close by it. 



I think it already has

by MRX on

Words are out that the people living close to these so called nuclear sites are showing up with radiation sicknesses now . Yes Bushehr is going to be icing on the cake. once that leaks out you will have tens of thousends death on your hand on this side and on the other side of no name gulf.


Indeed Faramarz jaan,

by Cost-of-Progress on

Nevermind "our inalienable right..." to nuclear weapons, I mean energy - How certain are we - they - that this powerplant doesn't spew radiation at the first sign of trouble?


Pollution Begins at Home!

by Faramarz on



Just take a look at these ugly, smelly and un-shaved people. Do you really think that they care about anything clean, fresh or beautiful?

Wait till Bushehr becomes operational. That's just an ecological disaster waiting to happen.


It is more important

by Cost-of-Progress on

to know and practice by which foot (right or left) to enter the restroom; more important to insist on women covering themselves; more important to badmouth others for their treatment of other people while you commit unspeakable crimes AGAINST YOUR OWN PEOPLE and a myriad of other assbackward stances.....so.... air pollution? What's that??


why is thjs an issue?

by MRX on

It is obvious that environmnet protection is not an issue in islamic paradise: loss of lake rezayieh, lake baghtegan, zayendeh rood, karoon, caspian sea and persian gulf pollutions, heavy deforestation of the country, list goes on and on and on.....

Also life has no value what so ever in islamic paradise either, so who cares if  tens of thousends or even more people die from pollution related issues?

you guys should stop posting these sort of things, no one really cares!

Soosan Khanoom

That is the real weapon of mass destruction

by Soosan Khanoom on

which the Iranian people especially the ones living in Tehran have been facing within last couple of years .. all thanks to the retarded government and its policies.  Obviously, no one inside Iran even cares to do a damn thing about it ! 


what a shame!